Pyrogenium spp.


Mehrere Mitteln

Tissue gas: the name given by mortuary workers to the action of Clostridium. perfringens on dead bodies.

Fischpyrogen. aus Salzwasserfische Quelle:

Malaria officinalis. (Malar) = pflanzliches Pyrog.

Oscillococcinum. (Osc) Siehe unten

Oxy-sc. (von Farokh Master gebraucht komplementär zu Pyrog.)

Putrescinum = Sepsin

Septimaecin (Septi) = Sepsis./= Form Blutvergiftung Siehe unten

Sutoxol, Heel (= Pyrogenium. suis)


Pyrogenium (Pyrog) = verfaultes Rindfleisch o. Eiter eines Abzesses/= künstliches Sepsin/= Pyrexin

Sepsin ( = Pyrog) wahrscheinlich Ptomaine (Leichenalkaloide)/entsteht bei Fäulnis der Eiweißstoffe infolge der Wirkung besonderer Bakterien (auch

verwesenden Leichenteilen).


= Bapt. + Fieber;                                                                                                             [Dr. Swan]

Krankheit: High fever. Chill & violent shivering

If left untreated, the bacteria can produce toxic effects:

        Septic shock


        cold pale hand and feet

        restless and irritable

        rapid shallow breathing

        delirium and some time loss of consciousness

Person of any age can get affected, children and elderly people more prone; it is commonly treated by using Intravenous drugs;

Akut: = Ars-ähnlich; alles = HART/UNruhig/frostig/Durchfall, nach Schmerz in Beinen plötzliches Fieber + Wohlempfinden/Infektion (bläulich verfärbt/SCHMERZ);

Positiv: Ausgelassen (in Dämmerung 18 h.)/Redefluss/fröhlich;

Negativ: A. Wundes Empfinden/schnelles Wundliegen + muss bewegen zur Erleichterung, B. Ausscheidungen stinken/constipation from impactum of fæces in fevers/

stool large, black, carrion-like odour of bodily emaciations, secretions, and excretions, C. Erschöpft + unruhig (= > Bewegung + muss bewegen/> Schmerz),

D. Wohlempfinden während Fieber, E. Chill begins in back, between scapulæ/general CHILL of bones and extremities/Puls im Vergleich zur Temperatur niedrig o.

hoch (Unruhe + hoher Puls), hohe Körpertemperatur, F. Knochenschmerz, G. Spürt Herz („Als ob vergrößert“) + klopfen/pulsieren + schlaflos, H. Fever starts with

pains in the limbs;


Kann zwischen Träumen und Wachsein nicht unterscheiden, Angst, geistig aktiv (nachts), Redeschwall, schnelles Reden/Denken, liebt heiße Bäder, schmerzhaftem/herunterdrängendem Uterus,

<: nachts/Kälte/Blähungsabgang/liegen auf schmerzhafte Seite; Heart's action and cough/motion (eyeball/cough)/in a warm room/sitting up in bed; rising. (Cough > sitting

up/< lying down); Erbrechen.

> Bewegung/Hitze (drinking hot water/hot bath)/Druck/tightly binding head/stretching out limbs/walking about/turning over/changing position; 

septische Abszesse (mit Blutvergiftung in Vergangenheit)/Bauchfellentzündung mit Abflussöffnung + MENGE Eiter (Calc-s)/Lungenentzündung/Atemwegen-/Haut-/gynäkologische beschwerden

Pyrog. wenn ein gut indiziertes Mittel versagt o. Wirkung nicht tief genug greift;

Lame bruised feeling all over the body and the discharge is very offensives.

Ursache: History of sepsis;

[Ghosh’s Rare Nosodes]

Low Puerperal Sepsis

[Elaine Lewis]

All discharges are horribly offensive (breath). When your patient has really bad breath, of course you will think of Mercury; but, also think of Baptisia and Pyrogen.

I had a Pyrogen flu once.  I hadn’t been able to find a remedy until I actually made the statement to myself, “The bed feels too hard!”  Yes, Arnica and so does Pyrogen! 

I took Pyrogen right away and recovered fast!

I’ve found this is a great remedy for gum abscesses, and think of it also for fevers after surgery.  I went to take my friend Margie home from the hospital about a year ago. 

She was running a fever. I said, “They’re going to release you with a fever??!! Yikes!”  Yeah, well, this is “modern” medicine for you! I gave her Pyrogen 1M and she was

fine after that, fever all gone.


    Active mind, making speech and article at night

    Desires to be rocked.

    Bed feels too hard to sleep, restless and delirium with fever.

    Delirium that his part for the body are scattered at bed, “As if he is covering the whole bed”.

    Disgust at his own body order

Feels if crowded with arms and legs


Cannot tell whether dreaming while awake or asleep.

Full of anxiety and insane notions


Delirium; on closing the eyes

Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions; about self - body; size; self seemed too large/surreal happenings to body; covered the whole bed/circumstances;

imaginations of wealth

Insecure, uncertain, scared; anxiety

Talking, conversation – talkative/talks to himself

Thinks he is very wealthy


Fan-like motion of alae nasi

Bursting headache with restlessness.

Constriction, tension (see also pulling, pressing); like wearing a skull cap

Movements of head; rolling head

Pain, headache - back of head (occiput) (on coughing)/pressing (see bursting, pulling); as if in armour/like a cap/pressure

Pulsating (pressure)

Skin and scalp; perspiration; scalp

Painless throbbing

Eye: Swellings

Tears; sensation of tears, but none present

Nose: Movement of wings of nose; fanning

Sneezing; from uncovering; hands

Face: Movement of wings of nose; fanning

Sneezing; from uncovering hands

Mouth: Breath horrible.

Tongue – Cracked/brown (centre)/red/yellow/smooth/shining/glazed/glossy/red and DRY/clean, cracked, smooth, as though varnished

Odour (halitosis, bad breath); putrid

Taste – putrid/sweetish/terribly fetid

Teeth; deposits on teeth during illness (see mucus)

Nausea and vomiting

Throat: dry, articulation difficult

Pain burning - during cough/larynx (during cough)

Stomach: ntolerable tenesmus of both bladder and rectum


Thirst - after heat/during chill/during heat

Vomiting; after drinking; “As soon as water becomes warm in stomach”

Vomiting – blood/like coffee beans/like coffee grounds

Bloated, sore, cutting pain.

Gastro intestinal tract:

    Tongue: red dry, clean, cracked, smooth “As if varnished”, brown streak at center.

    Coldness, chilliness in stomach. Vomiting of water as soon as it gets warm in stomach (persisting brownish vomiting, offensive smelling bile or bloody

vomiting or like coffee ground)

    Diarrhoea with fever due to septic condition (black-brown stool)

    Very offensive carrion like smell, some of the time complains of haemorrhage from anus.

Kidneys: suppression of urine

Rectum: Constipation - inactivity of rectum/insufficient, incomplete, unsatisfactory stool

Diarrhoea - from noxious fumes/from septic conditions (bad drainage)/painless/with fever; from childbirth/with severe fever

Haemorrhage from anus

Involuntary stool (on passing flatulence/while urinating and going for stool)

Stool: Constipation, with complete inertia; obstinate from impaction

Diarrhoea; horribly offensive, brown-black; painless, involuntary

Black (like balls)/Brown/Hard/large, black, carrion-like, or small black balls

Odour – offensive/putrid

Urine: Albuminous (white, thick) (during and after delivery)

Odour; offensive


Sediment - red; hard to wash off/rings/sand; red (brick-dust)/sticking

Female Organs: Pelvic calculi

Septic puerperal infection

Puerperal peritonitis, with extreme fetor

Fever at each menstrual period, consequent upon latent pelvic inflammation

After-birth - offensive smelling/scanty/strong and sharp (acrid)/suppressed (from cold)/thin

Period; short duration; one day only

Vaginal discharge - bloody; after period/offensive smelling

Inflammatory exudate

Menses horribly offensive

Post-operative cases, with overwhelming sepsis.

Septicaemia following abortion

Uterine hemorrhages

Fever at every menstrual period, menses bright red and clotted.

    Menses too short, it may only last for a day.

    Septicemia may cause abortion.

Respiration: Rattling

Cough: Movement

On becoming warm; in a warm room

Open air

While lying down

Expectoration: Night

Noticeable smell; offensive smell


Thick (and sticky)


Chest: Pain in region of left nipple

“As if heart were too full”


Always can hear her heart beat

Coldness in region of heart

Fullness of heart

Lungs; tuberculosis; last stage

Pain burning during coughing

Conscious of heart.

Pulse abnormally rapid, Out of proportion to the temperature

Heart: Tired feeling about heart

    “As if heart is enlarged and full of blood”, “As if the heart is pumping cool water”.

    Puls increased out of proportion to increase of temperature.

Back: Pain; stitching, sudden, sharp, shooting; lumbar (lower half of back); coughing

Limbs: Bed feels too hard Great debility in the morning

Aching in all limbs and bones

Coldness; upper limbs; hands

Numbness (see tingling); hand

Pain – aching [during chill (bones)/during fever (leg)/lower limbs; thigh (during fever)/walking/during chill/during fever/in bones/knee (cap bending/walking)/

lower leg (during chill//from warmth of bed/sitting/during chill/walking/warmth of bed)/movement (beginning)/sitting/thigh (during chill/walking/sitting)/warmth (of bed)]

Perspiration; hand; clammy

Shrivelled (shrunken); fingers while perspiring

Swollen; foot; fluid accumulation

Numbness of hands, arms, feet

Soreness > motion Rapid decubitus of septic origin.

Throbbing in vessels of neck

Sleep: Dreams all night.

Seems to be in semi-sleep

Dreams of business

Sleeplessness, insomnia; night; from thoughts; from activity of mind

Chill: evening/At certain time of day or night; from 19 h.


Beginning in back (between the shoulder blades)

Chilliness (see also whole body; temperature); with perspiration

Desire for warmth, which does not relieve

From environment; sewer gas

Periodic - recurring daily/recurring regular and distinct intervals

Shaking, shivering, rigors (evening)

With perspiration

Fever: Latent pyogenic condition

Fever – septic/hectic/continued

Chill begins in back

Coldness and chilliness

After eating

After exertion

Aversion to uncovering

Chilliness from uncovering (during any stage of attack)

External heat; with chilliness

In women; from childbirth

Infectious fevers

Intense heat

Intermittent, chronic

Perspiration with heat

Septic fever (see infectious, continued, from childbirth, etc.)

Stages of chill: heat and sweat; heat followed by chill

With chill

With chilliness (continues long into the heat/from putting the hands out of bed)

Great heat with profuse how sweat, but Sweating does not cause a fall in temperature.

Temperature rises rapidly

    Violent chill begin at the back felt in between the scapula.

    Sweating does not cause any relief in temperature.

    This medicine is best indicated in break bone like fever.

Perspiration: Latent pyogenic condition

Septic fevers

Chill begins in back

Coldness and chilliness

After eating

After exertion

Aversion to uncovering

Chilliness from uncovering (uncovering during any stage of attack)

Continued fever

External heat; with chilliness

Hectic fever

In women; from childbirth

Infectious fevers

Intense heat

Intermittent, chronic

Perspiration with heat

Septic fever (see infectious, continued, from childbirth, etc.)

Stages of chill, heat and sweat; heat followed by chill

With chill

With chilliness (continues long into the heat/from putting the hands out of bed)

Great heat with profuse how sweat, but Sweating does not cause a fall in temperature.

Temperature rises rapidly


    Small cut or injuries become swollen and inflamed.

    Ulcers with bloody discharge.

    Lymphangitis with red streak on the skin.

    Bed sore during fever;


Wounds; dissecting


Abscesses (burning/glands/recurrent)

Blood vessels; septicaemia (blood poisoning - chills, fever, must lie down, inflammed lungs, liver, kidneys and other organs)

Eating and food; bad meat


Pain; sore, bruised (externally/internally/from movement/in parts lain on)

Pulse – fluttering/frequent, accelerated, elevated, exalted, fast, innumerable, rapid/irregular

Sensitive; bed feels hard

Temperature (felt and effects of temperature) - after becoming cold/cold feeling, lack of vital heat/cold in general/cold, wet weather/from becoming cold

Touching cold things


Weakness (see lethargic, weariness); from perspiration

Ursachen: Vergiftung [Ptomän-/Blut-/Leichen-/Faulschlamm/septisch (nach Geburt)]/Malaria/Missgeburten/Wunden/typhoid fever/dissecting wounds/Tierbisse;


vegetable Pyrog =                                                                                                                         Malar.

Symptoms much like Bapt, but if the temperature rises HIGH Pyrog,                                    Bapt.

Pyrog = ruheloser + hat keine Erleichterung durch Bewegung                                                Merc.

RuheLOS                                                                                                                                    Rhus-t.

Redselig                                                                                                                                    Lach.

Empfindlich auf Zugluft                                                                                                             Nux-v.

Heftige Gliederschmerz, Bett dabei zu hart, ruhelos wegen dieser Schmerz, > Bewegung Arn.x


Komplementär: Anthraci (= C). Ars. Bapt. Bell. Bry. Canth. Cars. Hep. Lach. Malar (= An/= vegetable Pyrog). Nat-m. Nit-ac. Oxy-cs. Phos. Psor. Rhus-t. Sil. Sulph

(Pyrog = An).


Folgt gut: Cadm-met. Echi. Stram.                                                

Gut gefolgt von: Bell-p.


Intermittent: Phos.


Vergleich: Anil (= Ars-ähnlich + bläuliche Haut). Bac. (enthält Pyrog + Strept. + Staphoc.). Malar. (= vegetable Pyrog).

Fischpyrogen Nos. = Pyrogen aus Salzwasserfischen Quelle:

Endotoxine gehören zu den Pyrogenen, können bei Kontakt mit Schleimhäuten und bei Übertritt ins Blut Fieber. erzeugen/sind „Wie Impfung“ gegen Allergien. Enthalten in Tub-k.

Ol-an. Hufen/Klauen von Hammeln/Rindern verarbeitet zu Knochenteer

Oscillococcinum (hergestellt aus Herz + Leber von Cairina moschata ähnlich Pyrog/siehe unten).

Prot. (= Hauptbestandteil Pyrog). Sepsin. Septacaemin (siehe unten). Staphcoc. Streptoc.

Pyrogenium suis. (= Sutoxol).

Meeresgruppe. () Fischpyrogen. () Pyrogen. ()

Gangrene: Rhus-t. + Echi. + Ars + Pyrog + Cadm-s.

Septisches Fieber: Ars + Antrhraci + Pyrog

[W.A. Dewey]

Ars.: Dry gangrene in old people, soreness and burning > warmth, restlessness.

Sec.: < warmth, thus differing from Arsenicum.

Secale corresponds to senile gangrene with tingling and formication. Gangrene of toes. The skin is wrinkled and dry, shrivelled and cold, no sensibility, black and free from fetor.

Blood blisters which become gangrenous.

Lach.: Gangrene following wounds.

Crot-h.: Hot, bluish, moist gangrene, the limb being covered with black blisters and much swollen, emitting a foul odor.

Carb-v.: Carbuncles and boils becoming gangrenous. Not restless, as Arsenicum. The parts have a livid purple look, are icy cold. Also suits moist gangrene in cachectic persons whose vitality is weak.

Secretions foul, great prostration.

Arnica may be useful in gangrene following contusions.

Siehe: Anhängsel (Dr Robert Séror/Erika Price)+ Pyrogenium Anhang 2 (George Henry Burford/Dr. Dorothy Shepherd)

Pyrog. can resemble Bell. with a red face/HOT skin. Pyrog = more mentally alert/less delirium.

Pyrog. (restLESS/offensive odour) difficult to differentiate from the Phosphorus group.

Pyrog. resembles Ip. very closely in uterine haemorrhage/when Ip. fails Pyrog.

With Rhus-t: < beginning movement/> continued movement.

- Allen: Fevers from septic onset. Bapt./Echi./Rhus-t. when failing

- Septic fever. 1st in septicemia (puerperal/surgical)/fevers caused by sewer gas poisoning/surgical infections/dissecting wounds/blood-poisoning/absorption of pus/chronic complaints following septic conditions.

- Complaints from cold, damp weather/from getting cold.

- Blood poisoning (diphtheria/typhoid/typhus/malignant disease)

- Puerperal fever.

- Influenza with fever, violent pulsations, intense restless - constant movement.

- Abscess (whitlow) (Crot./Lach/Anthr/Sil/Ars/Hep/Pyrog/Tarent-c). Varicose ulcerations Pyrog when other remedies fail.

- Perforated appendix + sudden drop in temperature and rise in pulse rate (before surgery).

 - Septic miscarriages. American use for Pyrog in sepsis after delivery + offensive discharges/where part of the placenta is retained.

- In uterine bleeding. blood bright red + tongue clean + nausea. When Ip fails.

DD.: Ail. Ars. Bapt. Eup-per. Kreos. Psor. Rhus-t. Sulph.

Siehe: Anthracinum- + Nosoden allgemein + Anhängsel (Dr Robert Séror/Erika Price) + Anhang 2 (George Henry Burford/Dr. Dorothy Shepherd/Ellis Barker/H.C. Allen/A. Gladstone Clarke/E.B. Nash/H.C. Allen/A.C. Cowperthwaite/William Boericke)

Acon (Unruhe/Fieber/Bett = zu hart) Pyrog Rhus-t (> Wärme/Bewegung)


Arn (Bett = zu hart) + Eup-per (Knochen steif + „Wie zerbrochen“) + Ars (Angst/Unruhe) + Rhus-t (> Bewegung) = Pyrog


Bry Pyrog (Ursache: Sepsis irgendwann/Stell/Seneg  (Bronchialasthma = < Ruhe/> Bewegung + Husten/Asthma = < Bewegung) Rhus-t


Pyrog (verrottetes Fleisch) Lucillia-s (verdaut nur faulendes Fleisch/scheidet Allantoin. aus/= antibakteriell) Schlangen/Helo [scheiden Enzymen (= oft Gift) aus um Nahrung vorzuverdauen].


Unverträglich: Fieber + gequältes Empfinden


Antidotiert: Brucel. Sepsis,                         Beugt vor: Sepsis.

Sepsis: Bor-ac. (vaginal).

Antidotiert von: Bell. Calc. Calc-s. Sulph.


Wirkung: typhoid




   *   Inflammatory conditions and sepsis with fever and restlLESS

MIND: - -    -   RestlessESS (Ars/Eup-per/Rhus-t).

   -   Loquacious, can think and talk faster than ever before.

   -   “As if covering the whole bed”; body scattered. Feels as if with arms and legs. 

   -   Delusion: wealTHY.

   -   Feels she is one person when lying on one side and another one when

       lying on the other side. Sees a man at foot of bed on closing the eyes.


   -   Chronic complaints since serious infection. Post-operative cases with serious infections.

   -   Horrible OFFENSIVE discharges.

   -   SORENESS, bed feels to HARD (Arn/Bapt/Rhus-t).  - -   Burning pains.

FOOD AND DRINKS: - -   > Drinking very hot water.

HEAD: - -   Throbbing of arteries of head > tight band. - -   Bursting headache + restlessness.

MOUTH: - -   Tongue red, shiny. Coated

STOMACH:  - -   Vomits water when it becomes warm in the stomach (Bism/Phos).

ABDOMEN:  - -   Soreness, can hardly breath.

RECTUM: - -   Diarrhea: horrible offensive, painless, involuntary.

   -   Constipation: complete inertia, black balls (Op).

COUGH: - -   Cough < motion/warm room/lying down; > open air, sitting up.

CHEST: - -   PULSE,abnormally RAPID, OUT of proportion to temp.

   -   CONSCIOUS of heart. Palpitations < motion. Always can hear heart beat.

BACK: - -  Chill begins in back/between shoulder-blades. - -  Throbbing of neckarteries (Glon).

FEMALE GENITALIA: - -   PUERPERAL INFECTIONS. Serious infections after abortion.

   -   Menses horrible offensive. - -   Fever at each menstrual period (Rhus-t).

EXTREMITIES: - -   Soreness, aching in all limbs and bones. Soreness > motion (Rhus-t).

PERSPIRATION: - -   Profuse hot sweat + not >.

SKIN: - -   Every injury inflamed.



Mind: Full of anxiety and insane notions

Cannot tell whether dreaming while awake or asleep.

Feels if crowded with arms and legs


Thinks he is very wealthy


Painless throbbing

Fan-like motion of alae nasi ( Lyc./Phos.) Bursting headache + restless.

Breath horrible/taste terribly fetid

Nausea and vomiting

Throat dry, articulation difficult

Tongue red and DRY, clean, cracked, smooth, as though varnished

Can think and talk faster than ever before.


Delirious on closing eyes; sees a man at foot of bed. Whispers in sleep. Sensation as if she covered the whole bed; knew her head was on pillow, but did not know where the rest of her body was. Feels when lying on one side that she is one person, and another person when turning on the other side.

Head: Staggers „As if drunk“ on rising in morning.

Dizzy on rising up in bed. Pains in both mastoids, < r.;

Throbbing: dull in mastoid region/great throbbing of arteries of temples and head/every pulsation felt in brain and in ears/throbbings meet on top of brain/painless throbbing all through front of head; sounds like escaping steam. Frightful throbbing headache > from tight band. Excruciating, bursting, throbbing headache with intense restlessness (often + profuse nosebleed/nausea/vomiting). „As if a cap were on“.

Rolling of head from side to side. Forehead bathed in cold sweat.

Eye: L. eyeball sore, < looking up and turning eye outward. Focusing eyes.

Ear: Loud ringing, like a bell, l. (also r.). cold/red, „As if blood would burst out of them“.

Nose: Nose-bleed: awakened by dreaming it and found it was so.

Sneezing every time he puts hand from under covers at night.

Nostrils closing alternately. Cold nose. Fan-like motion of alæ nasi.

Face: burning/yellow/RED (circumscribed on cheeks)/pale/sunken/bathed in cold sweat/greenish/chlorotic.

Mouth: Tongue: coated white in front/brown at back; yellowish brown. Tongue: coated yellowish grey, edges and tip very red; Tongue clean, smooth, and dry; first fiery red, then dark red and DRY; smooth and dry; glossy, shiny; dry, cracked, articulation difficult.

Bad taste in morning. large, flabby; yellow brown streak down centre.

Taste: terribly fetid, „As if mouth and throat full of pus“ sweetish. Breath horrible „like carrion“.

Throat: Diphtheria with extreme fetor.

Stomach: Coffee-grounds vomiting

Vomits water, when it becomes warm in stomach.

No appetite or thirst. THIRST for small quantities, but the least liquid was instantly rejected. > Drinking HOT water. thirst during chill

Belching of sour water after breakfast. Nausea and vomiting. Vomiting: persistent; brownish, coffee-ground; offensive, stercoraceous; with impacted or obstructed bowels. Vomiting and purging. > after vomiting. Urging to vomit; with cold feet. Feels too full. inflamed

Abdomen: Full feeling and bloating. When lying on l. side bubbling or gurgling sensation in hypochondria, ext. back to l. of spine. Pain in umbilical region with passage of sticky, yellow stool. While riding in a buggy aching in l. of umbilicus; < drinking water; > passing flatus down ward. Sore so severe she can hardly breathe, or bear any pressure over r. side. cutting PAIN r. side going through back, < by every motion, talking, coughing, breathing deep; > lying on r. (affected) side; groaning with every breath.

Bloated, sore, cutting pain.

Intolerable tenesmus of bladder + rectum

Durchfall; offenSIVE offensive, brown-black; painless, involuntary

Constipation + complete inertia (Opium); obstinate from impaction

Stools large, black, carrion-like, or small black balls.

Post-operative cases, with overwhelming sepsis.

Anus: (Sweat about anus removed; fistula relieved.)

Stool: Two soft, sticky stools, 8 - 9 h. Involuntary escape when passing flatus. Profuse watery, painless with vomiting. Stool horribly offensive, carrion-like. Stool very much constipated, large, difficult, requires much effort 1. balls, 2. natural with streaks of blood, 3. anus sore.

Constipation: hard, dry accumulated fæces; stool large, black, carrion-like; small black balls like olives.

Urinary Organs: Got up 3x at night to urinate. (Bright's disease of kidneys.).Urine albuminous, containing casts; horribly offensive, carrion-like.Frequent calls to urinate as fever comes on.Intolerable tenesmus of bladder; spasmodic contractions, involving rectum, ovaries, and broad ligaments; [cured in a case of Yingling's with Pyro. cm Swan (and higher); patient's next period came on naturally and painlessly, whereas before menses had been painful and extremely offensive.]

scanty (only passed 2x in 24 hours).

Urine: yellow; after standing, cloudy with substance looking like orange peel; red deposit on vessel hard to remove; deposits sediment like red pepper.

Female genitals: after-birth suppressed (from cold)

Inflammatory exudate

Pelvic calculi

Septic puerperal infection

Puerperal peritonitis + FETOR in female

Septicaemia following abortion

Menses horribly offensive/Uterine hemorrhages

Fever at each menstrual period, caused by latent pelvic inflammation

Puerperal peritonitis with extreme fetor; a rotten odour.

Parts seriously swollen (Bright's disease).

Menses: horribly offensive; carrion-like/last but one day, then a bloody leucorrhœa, horribly offensive.

Hæmorrhage of bright red blood with dark clots.

Septicæmia following abortion; fœtus or secondines retained, decomposed.

(Has cured prolapsus uteri, with bearing down, > by holding the head and straining, as in the act of labour). Abscess of l. ovary, acute throbbing pain, great distress, with fever and rigors (Pyrog. CM, Swan, produced an enormous flow of white creamy pus with general >).

Lochia: thin, acrid, brown, or fœtid; suppressed, followed by chills, fever, and profuse fetid perspiration.

Male Sexual Organs: Testes hang down relaxed; scrotum looks and feels thin.

Neck and Back: Throbbing of vessels of neck running up in waves from clavicles. Weak feeling in back; stitching pain on coughing.

Respiratory Organs: Wheezing when expiring.

Cough: with large masses of phlegm from larynx; < motion/in warm room;

Burns in larynx and bronchi; = pain in occiput; = stitching in small of back, only noticed in the chair;

Coughs up yellow sputa through night. Cough > sitting up/< lying down.

Expectoration: rusty mucus; horribly offensive.

Chest: Pain in r. lung and shoulder, < talking or coughing.

Neglected pneumonia: Cough, night-sweats, frequent pulse, abscess had burst discharging much pus of mattery taste (rapid recovery under Pyrog. CM).

Sore, purple spots on it.

Pain in region of l. nipple, „As if in heart“; increased action; pulse 120.

Heart tired „As after a long run“; increased action < least motion.

Every pulsation felt (painlessly) in head and ears.

„As if heart enlarged“; distinct consciousness of heart.

„As if heart too full of blood“.

Feels as if the heart were pumping cold water.

Violent, tiresome heart action.

Palpitation or increased action without corresponding increase of temperature.

Palpitation < by motion. Loud heart-beats, audible to herself and others.

Could not sleep for whizzing and purring of heart; when she did sleep was delirious.

Cardiac asthenia from septic conditions.

Pain in region of left nipple

Pulse abnormally rapid, out of proportion to the temperature

Extremities: limbs - pain during chill/movement/lower limbs (during chill/walking/warmth of bed)/

thigh (during chill/while sitting)/aching (during chill/while walking/leg/lower leg during chill/aching in all limbs and bones/soreness > motion

Hands/arms/feet numb

Throbbing in vessels of neck/in bones

Bed feels too hard (Arn) Great debility in the morning

Dreams all night/seems to be in semi-sleep

chill; evening/begins in back/in bed/shaking, shivering, rigors/same time daily from 19 h./coldness and chilliness

Aching: in bones; all over body as from a severe cold; with soreness of flesh, head feels hard; > motion.Cold extremities.Numbness of hands, arms, and feet, extending over whole body.Automatic movement of r. arm and r. leg, turned the child round from r. to l. till feet reached the pillow: repeated as often as she was put right (cerebro-spinal meningitis).

Pain in shoulder-joint; in front, passing three inches down arm.

hands cold and clammy. Dry eczema of hands.

Aching above knees, deep in bones, while sitting by a hot fire; > by walking. On going to bed aching in patella; > flexing leg. Aching above l. knee as though bone broken. Aching above knees in bones, > stretching out limbs. Tingling in r. little toe as if frost-bitten. Feet and legs swollen (Bright's disease). Feet numb.

Sleep: Slept awhile; woke to roll and tumble in every conceivable position.Unable to sleep for brain activity and crowding of ideas.Restlessness > after sleep.Cries out in sleep that a weight is lying on her.Whispers in sleep.Kept awake by purring of heart.

Dreams: of various things; of business.

Fever: "In all cases of fever commencing with pains in the limbs" (Swan). Chilly at times and a little aching; a little feverish. After dinner, ache all over, chilly all night, bed feels hard. After getting into bed, chilly, teeth chatter; woke 10 h. in perspiration on upper part of body; > motion. Feels hot as if he had a fever, but was only 99° F., feels like 105°. Cold and chilly all day. No fire would warm; sits by fire and breathes the heat from it; chilly whenever he leaves it; at night when the fever came „As if lungs on fire“, must have fresh air, which gave >.

Frequent calls to urinate as soon as fever came on; urine clear as water. Every other day dumb ague. Perspiration horribly offensive, carrion-like; disgust up to nausea about any effluvia arising from her own body.

HEAT heat + hot SWEAT - fall in temperature.

Temperature rises rapidly

Latent pyogenic condition/septic fevers/rapid decubitus of septic origin.

fever; septic fever (see infectious, continued, from childbirth, etc.);


Small cut or injury becomes much swollen and inflamed - discolored

Skin: pale, cold, of ashy hue.Obstinate, varicose, offensive ulcers of old people.

Perspiration: Cold sweat over body.

Perspiration with heat/intermittent, chronic/HEAT/external heat; with chilliness/aversion to uncovering/women after childbirth

Generalities: temperature (felt and effects of temperature); after/from becoming cold/cold in general/cold feeling; lack of vital heat;

Pulse: frequent, accelerated, elevated, exalted, fast, innumerable, rapid;

pain: sore, bruised (parts lain on/internally)

> movement;

blood vessels; septicaemia (= blood poisoning - chills, fever, must lie down, inflamed lungs/liver/kidneys/other organs)

Cannot lie more than few minutes in one position, > change.

Debility in morning, staggered on trying to walk.

Nervous, restless. Aching all over, bed feels hard.




Gemüt: Angst/Furcht (vor kalter Luft)

Auflösung der Formen

Beschwerden durch Gemütserregung/nervöse Erregung

Delirium (mild/Augen schließend/durch Sepsis)

Denkt schneller als je zuvor während Fieber


Erschöpft geistig (danach ruhelos)

Fehler; macht (i.B. auf Lokalisation von Körperteilen)
Gedanken schnell (während Fieber/sonderbar, merkwürdig)

Gesten, Gebärden; macht (mit einem Arm/einem Bein o. dem Kopf)

Gesund - sagt, er sei gesund wenn er sehr krank ist

Koma (mit Sepsis)


Phantasien - übertrieben, hochfliegend

< während Pulsieren im Körper

Redselig; geschwätzig (während Fieber)

Reizbar, gereizt

Ruhelos (ängstlich/Herumwerfen im Bett/bei Durchfall/fiebrig/während Hitze/bei Kopfschmerz/bei Pneumonie/mit Sepsis)

> Schaukeln (verlangt geschaukelt zu werden)

Sinne abgestumpft, stumpf

Sprache - flüsternd (im Schlaf/flüstert zu sich selbst)/hastig, eilig (während Fieber)/plappern, schwatzen/spricht - im Schlaf/mit sich selbst/unablässig, ohne Ende

“Wie im Traum“

Verwirrung; geistige (i.B. auf eigene Identität/Gefühl der Dualität)

Wahnideen mehrere

Weint grundlos (ohne zu wissen warum)

Widerwillen gegenüber dem eigenen Körper (gegen den Körpergeruch)

Kopf: Bewegungen des Kopfes - Rollen/seitwärts

> Binden, Zusammenbinden/> Druck/“Wie einen Hut“/„Wie eine über den Schädel gezogenen Kappe“


Entzündung Gehirn/Hirnhaut


Kopf < hustend

Pulsieren (> Druck/schmerzlos/Schläfen (> Druck)/in Stirn (verhindert Schlaf)

Schmerz einige

Schweiß der Kopfhaut (kalt auf Stirn)

Auge: Hornhaut pustulös/Hornhaut und Bindehaut - phlyktänulös

Schmerz mehrere

Vorwölbung - Exophthalmus

Gerstenkörner - chronisch/infiziert/Lider (Oberlid)


“Wie Tränen“

Ohr: Absonderungen - eitrig/übel riechend

Beschwerden hinter den Ohren

Processus mastoideus

rot (äußere Ohren)

Geräusche im Ohr, Ohrgeräusche - Glockenläuten, Geläut/Klopfen, Schlagen/synchron mit dem Puls

Furunkel im Gehörgang

„Wie Hitze“/Kälte

Karies, drohende - Processus mastoideus

Pulsieren (in Arterien)

Schmerz (brennend)

Nase: Absonderung übel riechend

Flatternde Nasenflügel/Bewegung der Nasenflügel „Wie Fächer“

(< während) Nasenbluten mit Sepsis

Schnupfen einseitig ohne Absonderung/durch Entblößen

Geruch, Geruchssinn überempfindlich < Faules

Niesen durch Entblößen (der Hände)

Verstopft einseitig

Gesicht: Eingefallen

blass/bläulich um die Augen/kränklich/rot (glühend rote Wangen/umschrieben)/hippokratisches Gesicht


Schmerz - Wangen (brennend)

Schweiß kalt

Mund: Eingedellte Zunge

Zunge - braun (gelblichbraun/an der Basis/Mitte/Zungenwurzel)/gelb/rot (feuerrot/glänzend/hellrot/Streifen die Mitte nach hinten/weiß („Wie ein Pelz“)/feucht

Geruch - aashaft/faulig/übel riechend

Zunge heraus-/vorstrecken ist schwierig

Zunge feucht/rein/rissig/schlaff/trocken/glatt „Wie mit Lack überzogen“

Schleim, Schleimabsonderung - dick/gelblich


Geschmack - eitrig hustend/faulig/schleimig/süßlich

“Wie geschwollen“ im Zahnfleisch

Zähne: Abszess der Zahnwurzeln/Schleim auf den Zähnen/schmutzig aussehend/Sordes

Innerer Hals: Diphtherie (bösartig/frühere)/Schleim

Äußerer Hals: Karotiden

Bauch:  Abszess in Leber/unter dem Zwerchfell


Darmlähmung/Darmverlegung, Obstruktionsileus (+ Erbrechen)

Empfindliche Haut

Entzündung [chronisch/Appendix/Dünndarm/Gallenblase akut/Peritoneum (nach der  Entbindung)/Zäkum]

Gluckern; Gurgeln in Hypochondrien/Rumoren, Kollern

Schmerz < Atmen/einige

Tabes mesenterica

Magen: Art des Aufstoßens - saures Wasser in den Mund

DURST/Durst - extrem

Durst  - während < Fieber/während Frost/nach Hitze/während Hitze/ - während

auf kaltes Wasser/< Trinken von kaltem Wasser/unstillbar

Übelkeit + Schweiß/+ erbrechen/> warme Getränke

Erbrechen - anhaltend/unmittelbar nach Trinken/sobald das Wasser im Magen warm wird/nach warme Getränke

Art des Erbrochenen - Blut/fäkal, erbricht Fäzes/Flüssigkeiten sobald sie im Magen warm werden/Galle/“Wie Kaffeesatz“/übel riechend/Wasser

Rektum: Beschwerden im Allgemeinen + Blasebeschwerden

Blutung aus dem Anus

Cholera - infantum

Durchfall [durch schädliche Ausdünstungen (z.B. in Malariagebieten)/bei bösartigem Fieber/Kindbettfieber/schlechte Drainage/schmerzlos/durch Sepsis/nach lange gelagertem (in Fäulnis begriffenem) Wildbret]/Dysenterie


Flatus unwillkürlich

Obstipation (schwieriger Stuhlgang/Stuhl bleibt lange im Rektum, ohne Stuhldrang/durch trockenes Rektum/ungenügend)/Untätigkeit des Rektums

Schmerz [Tenesmus/Anus (wund schmerzend)]

Unwillkürlicher Stuhl (< Abgang von Flatus/Urinieren mit Stuhlgang)

Stuhl: Blutig (in Streifen)/braun

Geruch - aashaft/faulig/übel riechend (klebt an Patienten)/groß/hart/knotig, klumpig/

„Wie Kugeln“  klein/schwarz

Lang, schmal/reichlich/“Wie Schafskot“/schwarz/spärlich/trocken/dünn, flüssig/wässrig

Blase: Tenesmus

Urinieren - Harndrang vor Erektionen/häufig während Fieber/selten - tagsüber 2x  täglich (aber spärlich)/unwillkürlich

“Wie zusammengezogen“

Nieren: Abszess - Perinephrium/entzündet/Harnsperre

Urin: Eiweißhaltig

Eiweißhaltig während der Schwangerschaft und nach der Entbindung/dunkel

Geruch - faulig/übel riechend

Reichlich während Fieber

Sediment - anhaftend, festklebend/Ringe/rot (scher abzuwaschen/“Wie Paprika“/Sand - klebrig/Sand - rot/spärlich/enthält Zylinder

Prostata: Entzündet/chronisch

Männliche Genitalien: Skrotum = dünn/schlaff, entspannt/geschwollen

Weibliche Genitalien: Abort (+ Sepsis)

Abszess - Ovarien


Beschwerden während Entbindung

Becken - Zellulitis

Entzündete Ovarien/Uterus

Fluor - blutig (< nach Menses/übel riechend

Lochien - braun/dunkel/dünn/intermittierend/scharf/spärlich/übel riechend (faulig)/unterdrückt (< Abkühlung, Kaltwerden9

Menses - zu kurz - 1 Tag/reichlich/schmerzhaft > Bewegung/schmerzhaft - vorangehenden unbestimmten, drückende Schmerz in Knochen/übel riechend

Metrorrhagie + septischem Fieber/faulig/hellrot (mit Klumpen)/schwarz

Placenta - retiniert

Prolaps - Uterus (durch Überanstrengung > Halten des Kopfes)

Schmerz (Nachwehen/zusammenschnürend, zusammenziehend/Ovarien)

Nach o./+ während Schwangerschaft Beschwerden


Kehlkopf und Trachea: Kehlkopf

Schmerz - < Husten + andere

Stimme - belegt/heiser, Heiserkeit/schwach

Atmung: Atemnot, Dyspnoe, erschwertes Atmen < im Schlaf/Beschleunigt/Giemen, keuchend pfeifendes Atmen < ausatmend/Rasselnd/Ruckweise

faulig/reichlich/“Wie Rost“/schleimig/zäh

Husten: < Bewegung/folternd, qualvoll/> im Freien/gelöst, locker/< liegend/durch Schleim im Kehlkopf/< im warmen Zimmer

Auswurf: Nachts (22 - 6 h)/blutig/dick/eitrig/gelb/übel riechend/schmeckt

Brust: Abszess - Lungen/Mammae

Angst in Herzgegend/Herztätigkeit bewusst

Empyem (= Ansammlung von Eiter in Hohlraum)

Entzündung - Bronchien/Lungen (akute Nierenentzündung/< fortgesetzte Bewegung/ kruppös/vernachlässigt)/Mammae/Rippenfell eitrig

“Wie flattern“

Gangrän der Lunge

Herzversagen + Sepsis/drohend (septisches Fieber/zymotisches Fieber)/eisige Kälte während Frost/Kälte in Herzgegend/„Wie vergrößert“ # Völle (Herz)/Herzklopfen (hörbar/stürmisch, heftig, vehement, ungestüm)/„Wie schnurren, schwirren in Herzgegend“/„Wie schwach in Herzgegend“/„Wie geschwollen“

Hitze „Als ob Lungen in Flammen stehen“ (> im Freien)

Beklemmung (im Schlaf/Herz)

Bewegung > Beschwerden

Schmerz einige

Tb. im engeren Sinne (Endstadium)

Mammae; Beschwerden der l. Brustwarze

Rücken: Husten <

Kälte (einschließlich Frost) [zwischen den Schulterblättern)


Zervikalregion (in Blutgefäße)

Schmerz < Husten (stechend)/in Lumbalregion < Husten (stechend)


Tb. der Wirbel (+ Krümmung der Wirbelsäule)

Zusammenschnürung o. „Wie ein Band“ in Zervikalregion

Glieder: Anthrax

Bewegung unwillkürlich


Fieber < Beine

Gefühllos, taub (Arme/Füße/Hände)

Geschwüre - Varizen/Unterschenkel

Husten < r. Schultern

Kälte (gefolgt von Hitze/gefolgt von Schmerz/in Hände)

Krämpfe - Hände



Runzelige, geschrumpelte Finger beim Schweiß

Schmerz viele

Schweiß - Füße kalt/Hände klamm, feucht/Unterschenkel kalt

Schwellung - wassersüchtig/Füße ödematös/Hüfte

Oberschenkel < sitzend

Schultern < spricht


Nägelbeschwerden - Abblättern/Abfallen/“Als ob sie abfallen)

Oberschenkel; Beschwerden der

Schlaf: verändert häufig die Lage/Ruhelos (durch Träume)

Schlaflos - Bett ist zu hart/durch Gedankenandrang


Träume: Ängstlich/kurz zurückliegende Ereignisse vom Vortag/Geschäft (vom Tage)/lebhaft/schrecklich

Frost: im Allgemeinen

Abends (18 - 22 h) - 19 h/nachts (22 - 6 h)

Beginnt im und breitet sich aus vom Rücken - Dorsalregion [zwischen Schulterblättern (gefolgt von Kälte der Extremitäten/gefolgt von Kälte der Knochen > im Bett)]

Erkrankter Teile

Faulschlammgas; Vergiftung mit

Frösteln mit Schweiß

Innerliche Kälte „Wie in den Knochen“

Periodizsch - regelmäßig und deutlich/Quotidiana

Schüttelfrost (abends/lange anhaltend)

Schweiß mit Frost und v.v.

Verlangt Wärme > nicht/> äußerliche Wärme

Fieber, Hitze im Allgemeinen

Hitze gefolgt von Frost/unregelmäßige Stadien

< nach Anstrengung

Äußerliche Hitze mit Frösteln

Continua/hektisches Fieber/idiopathisch/intermittierendes, chronisches Fieber, Wechselfieber (verdorben/durch falsche Behandlung)/Kindbettfieber/septisches Fieber/zerebrospinales Fieber/zymotisches Fieber

Entblößen abgeneigt/durch Frösteln (in jedem Stadium)

< nach Essen

Fleckfieber; epidemisches (+ Sepsis)

mit Frost (lange Zeit)/mit Frösteln (anhaltend; bis lange ins Hitzestadium/durch herausstrecken der Hände aus dem Bett)

Intensive Hitze

< während Menses

Schweiß mit Hitze

Trockene Hitze

Typhus abdominalis (+ Wundliegen)

Schweiß: Nachts (22 - 6 h)

nach Fieber

Geruch - aashaft/faulig/sauer/stinkend/übel riechend

Heiß/kalt/klamm, feucht/mit Schauder


Reichlich (nachts/schwächend)/an einzelnen Körperteilen, an


Haut: Ekchymosen/Erysipel


rote Körperöffnungen

Gangrän in rote Streifen entlang der Lymphbahnen

Geschwüre [Absonderungen (blutig/dünn/übel riechend/faulig]/blutend/chronisch/fistulös/indolent/an Varizen

Hautausschläge - Ekzem/Furunkel (Blutbeule)/Karbunkel/Petechien

Heilt schlecht




Trocken während Fieber


Allgemeines: 19 h/Abends - 19 h/nachts

< (nach) Abkühlung, Kaltwerden


Absonderungen - übel riechend, stinkend

Abszesse, Eiterungen (brennend/Eiter stinkend/schmerzhaft/Drüsen/innerer Organe)/Pyämie (= Form Sepsis)


>/< Bewegung/fortgesetzte Bewegung/verlangt Bewegung

(>) Blutung/> Druck.

Entzündung - nach Operation/des Zellgewebes/der Drüsen/der Gelenke/der Lymphgefäße/der Nebenhöhlen


Genesung, Rekonvaleszenz; Beschwerden während der  - mach Abort/nach

 anstreckenden Krankheiten/nach Diphtherie (seitdem nie wieder gesund)/Kindbettfieber (seitdem nie wieder gesund)/nach septischem Fieber (seitdem nie wieder gesund)/nach Typhus abdominalis (seitdem nie wieder gesund)

> Geräusche

Harten Bettes; Gefühl eines (alles, worauf sie liegt, scheint zu hart)


Infektionskrankheiten (akut - anaerob)

Influenza/Malaria (chronisch)/Pest (Beulenpest)/Tb. (Kavernenbildung)

< Kälte/> kaltes Baden/“Wie Kälte in Blutgefäßen“/“Wie Kälte in Knochen“/< kalte Luft/

Kälte in erkrankte Teile

> Wärme/> heißes Baden/> warme Luft/>  nasses warmes Wetter

< Arbeiten im Wasser/nasskaltes Wetter


Konvulsionen durch Licht

Körpergeruch aashaft/übel riechend

Krankengeschichte von; persönliche - wiederkehrenden Abszessen/von Typhus abdominalis

Lahmes Gefühl


Liegen im Bett >

>/< Liegen auf der schmerzhaften Seite


Pulsieren innerlich (Blutgefäße am ganzen Körper)

< Ruhe/Ruhelos (bei Influenza)

Schleimhautabsonderung - übel riechend, stinkend/vermehrt

Schmerz mehrere

< Schweiß/verschafft keine Linderung

Speisen und Getränke: <: Eiscreme/Fisch (verdorben/giftig)/Fleisch verdorben/warme (heiße) Getränke;                        >: kalte Speisen/warme (heiße) Getränke;

Abgeneigt: warme Getränke/warme (heiße) Speisen;                        Verlangt: kalte Getränke, kaltes Wasser/Choc;

< Lageänderung/-wechsel

Wassersucht äußere

> Schaukeln (nach vorne)/>/< Gehen/< sitzen/> Strecken, Ausstrecken

< Berühren von Kaltem/< Berührung

Ganze Körper überempfindlich

Faulschlammgas; Vergiftung mit

Impfung; Beschwerden nach - nie wieder gesund; seitdem

Krampfadern [Geschwüre (bei alten Männern/hartnäckig/verzögerte Narbenbildung/stinkend)

Müde/schwach (während Fieber/durch Schweiß)

Geschwollene Drüsen

Sepsis + Schwäche/durch Beschwerden/während Frost/Pyrämie

Steife Muskeln

Wunden - Bisswunden, Bisse (giftiger Tiere)/eiternd/Sektionswunden

Blut - Desorganisation




Oscillococcinum (Oscilloc) = ABC ( Cairina moschata/= Anas Barbariae Hepatis et Cordis Extractum/= Türkenente/= Warzenente/= Moschusente/= Canard de Barberie/aus Leber + Herz hergestellt wie Pyrog



Vergleich: Siehe: Nosoden allgemein + Aves + Anhang (Dr. Nienhuys)


Negativ: Lean/pale/chronic invalidity, Grippevorbeugung/Grippeanfällig, Angst sich an zu stecken, Händen zu schütteln abgeneigt/wäscht Händen nach Händen schütteln. Hält penible Ordnung/verlangt Ordnung von anderen, Busybody/unruhig, Husten, <: Wetterwechsel/Kälte/Milch/Eier/Hitze; >: Wärme;

Weakness, need for fresh air even when afraid of cold. Stiffness, shivering, feeling too hot, headache, repeating shakes descending down the body. Feeling of electric current running through

the diseased part.

Little bitter and grayish secretions.

Latent anxiety (when someone doesn't return on time)/fear (of thunderstorms), unquietness without clear cause. Impatience

Quick speech and understanding. Futility, tendency to be maniacal.

Pettyness. Can't stand disorder, fear of dirt and pollution.


Depressed, Thinking of his past

Clouding of the senses.


[Dana Ullman]

Made from the heart and liver of a duck. Biologists and epidemiologists have determined that 80% of ducks carry every known flu virus in their digestive tracts. So Osc. includes homeopathic doses of these viruses (and their antibodies).

For the record the three studies that have confirmed the efficacy of Oscillococcinum are Ferley, 1989; Cassanova, 1992; Papp, 1998. Each of these trials was relatively large in the number of subjects (487 patients, 300 patients, and 372 patients), and all were multi-centered placebo-controlled and double-blind (two of the three trials were also randomized). Each of these trials showed statistically significant results.

Even the highly respected Cochrane Collaboration acknowledged that these results were "promising" (Vickers and Smith, 2007);

Repertorium:                                                             [Roy]

Gemüt: Angst (grundlos/bei stürmischem Wetter)

Eigensinnig, starr-/dickköpfig

Furcht (Ansteckung/vor Gewitter/vor Schmutz, Dreck/vor Wind)

Gedanken hartnäckig


Tod - Agonie vor dem Tod

Unordnung, empfindlich gegen

Verlangen zu waschen (wäscht sich ständig die Hände)

Schwindel: Sudden vertigo.

Kopf: Schmerz

Pain in the right of the head, with repeated shaking. Heavy feeling in the head. Sudden feeling of decoupling in the head. Forehead; Headache in the front of the head,

also occipital, < morning than in the evening, > when one blows the nose. Pain in the maxillary region.

Auge: Entzündete Bindehaut (+ Influenza)/Bindehaut gelb/Katarrh

Eye: yellow conjunctiva

Ohr: Absonderung eitrig

Entzündete Processus mastoideus

Rotes Trommelfell bei Kindern

Schmerz [stechend/hinter den Ohren (< Druck)]

Schwellung - Trommelfell

Hören: Schwerhörig

Nase: Absonderung eitrig/wässrig


Gesicht: blass

“As if something running across the face on the right half².

“As if a bug that runs over the face during the night”.

Mund: Zunge weiß

whole tongue putrid

Magen: Art des Aufstoßens: verdorben, faulig/Auftreibung


Verdauungsstörung durch Eier/< Milch

Erbricht Speisen/Wasser

Bauch: Schmerz [krampfartig (gefolgt von stinkender Durchfall)/Appendix]

pain in the appendix region; abdominal cramp followed by fetid smelling diarrhea; full feeling in the belly;

Rektum: Obstipation

Anal itch, < warmth of the bed, with or without hemorrhoids/after antibiotics

Stuhl: übel riechend

Blase: Urinieren – Dysurie

Painful micturation

Urin: dunkel/spärlich/wolkig - weiße Wolken (trüb, was sich bei weiterem Urinieren verstärkt)

Mit Zucker

Weibliche Organen: fetid and yellow leucorrhea

Kehlkopf und Trachea: Entzündete Kehlkopf/Trachea

Stimme nasal/verloren

Husten: Gelöst, locker/schmerzhaft/trocken

dry painful cough; wet cough with mucopurulent expectoration;

Auswurf: Eitrig/schleimig

Brust: Entzündete Bronchien/Herzklopfen (+ Kopfschmerz)

Glieder: variköse Geschwüre an Unterschenkel

Varicose veins; phlebitis; ulceration in the legs, painful at night;

Feelings of electric shocks in the lower leg;

Little bumps that itch on the inside of the wrist.

Schlaf: sleepless with agitation during the night.

Fieber: Intensive Hitze

Frost: im Allgemeinen

Haut: gelb

Chronic streptococcal eczema

Allgemeines: Entzündete Nebenhöhlen (chronisch)

<: thinking about symptoms/moisture/fog/changes of weather/at night/resting;

>: in free air/at seaside/heat/resting/after evacuations/being busy;

Erschlaffte Muskeln


Hypotonus (einschließlich arterieller Hypotonie)/Hypertension


<: Kälte; >: Wärme/Ruhe;


Speisen und Getränke: <: Eier/Milch;


< nasses Wetter/Wetterwechsel


Komplementär: Nat-m. Sulph.


Folgt gut: Influ.


Wirkung: Tuberkulin

Allerlei: Adler Apotheke 73479 Ellwangen/Jagst stellt D-Potenzen her



Sepsin ( = Pyrog)  wahrscheinlich Ptomaine (Leichenalkaloide)/entsteht bei Fäulnis der Eiweißstoffe infolge der Wirkung besonderer Bakterien (auch verwesenden Leichenteilen)


[E.P. Anshutz]

A. Foul (odor/faeces/perspiration)   

B. Restless must move constantly = > the soreness of parts.

D. Constipation from impaction of faeces in fever; stool large, black, carrion-like.

E. Chill begins in back/between scapulae/general CHILL of bones/extremities.

F. Pulse RAPID, OUT of proportion to temperature.


Vergleich: Pyrog (enthält Proteus vulgaris)


Allerlei: ÄhnLICHkeit mit Pflanzenalkaloiden: Cholin C5H14ClNO/Neurin C5H13NO/Tetramethylendiamin/Putrescin C4H12N2/Pentamethylendiamin/Kadaverin C5H14N2 u.s.w. Von besonderem Interesse unter den von Fäulniserregern erzeugten Stoffen ist das von Faust isolierte Bakteriengift (= Sepsin C5H14N2O2/= Träger der für faulende Massen charakteristischen toxischen Wirkung). Faust stellte das Sepsin in Form des kristallisierenden Sulfats dar.

Proteus in human body/putrid meat/foul water/malodorous decomposition. As bacillus coli communis it inhabits the digestive tract of healthy persons and can also become pathogenic, either alone/in symbiosis with coli communis (cystitis with ammoniacal urine/other affections of the genito-urinary tract).



Septimaecin (Septi) = Sepsis/= Form Blutvergiftung/= pus from septic abscess nach Yingling.


Positiv: Ausgelassen (in Dämmerung 18 h.);

Verdorbenem Essen/Lebensmittelvergiftung, Kälte, Nässe, Überanstrengung Hauptwirkbereich: Schüttelfrost, gleichgültig welche Erkrankung nachfolgt. Erkältung und Grippe mit heftigem Frösteln, Kopfschmerz,

Zerschlagenheit der Glieder und depressive Verstimmung. Erbrechen, Durchfall und Übelkeit aus verschiedenen Ursachen + frösteln o. Schüttelfrost;

Rhus-t.: = Septocemia-ähnlich; Very useful remedy in acute suppurations (in suppurative conditions about the eye). It has proved curative in abscesses about the parotid and axillary glands ; the pus is bloody and serous,

the pain is intense, and the swelling is dark red. Rhus corresponds very closely to septicemia.



Common causes include:

- Amnionitis.

- Prolonged rupture of membranes.

- Use of aspirator, catheter, feeding bottles, and resuscitator.

Most common organisms:

- E. coli.

- Klebsilla pneumoniae.

- Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

[Jonathan Reuben Rai Invernizzi]

2.4.5 Pseudomonas ruginosa Classification

The Pseudomonas genus, of the family Pseudomonadaceae, contains more than 200 species, of which a few species are pathogenic to plants, insects or animals.

Ps. aeruginosa, Pseudomonas mallei and Pseudomonas pseudomaliet are recognised as the most important human pathogens in this genus. (Greenwood, Slack and Peutherer, 1992:345.) Morphology and identification

Ps. aeruginosa is a motile, Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacillus, measuring about 0.6 x 2 micrometers. It may occur singularly, in pairs, or occasionally in short chains.

(Jawetz, et al., ]991:224.) They are non-sporing, non-capsulate, and move via one or two polar flagella. They are usually aerobic, but are able to grow anaerobically in the

presence of nitrates. Ps. aeruginosa can grow on a wide variety of media, and over a wide temperature range. (Greenwood, Slack and Peutherer, 1992:345.)

Six different colonial types of Ps. aeruginosa may be observed:

o Type 1 are large, low convex, oval, and rough in appearance;

(I Type 2 are small, smooth and domed;

Cl Type 3 are small and rough;

41) Type 4 are small and 'rugose';

e Type 5 are characterised by very mucoid growth, where colonial growth may merge and even drip onto the lid of the Petri dish;

o Type 6 are small dwarf colonies of the mucoid form.(Mackie and McCartney, 1996:415.)

The colonies produced may possess a sheen known as 'iridescence', as well as a characteristic sweet odour (Mirns, el al., 1998:526). Epidemiology

Ps. aeruginosa is part of the common flora of the body, and becomes pathogenic only when it is introduced into areas lacking in normal human defences, e.g. when a mucous

membrane is disrupted by trauma (Jawetz, el al., 1991 :225). Ps. aeruginosa infections

Most pathology is mild and superficial. However, more severe infection may arise in hospitalised or immunocompromised patients. Although infection in these cases usually is still

localised, (urinary tract infection or infected ulcers, more serious cases of septicaemia or neerotising pneumonia do occur, and are associated with a high mortality rate. The lungs

of children with cystic fibrosis are particularly susceptible to Ps. aeruginosa infection. (Greenwood, Slack and Peutherer, 1992:346.)

The virulence of Ps. aeruginosa is due to a number of factors. Exotoxin A and exoenzyme S have been identified which helps to inhibit protein synthesis. (Greenwood, Slack and

Peutherer, 1992:346.) Extracellular proteases and elastases destroy tissue at sites of infection, and extracellular slime production helps to prevent phagocytosis. Pigments produced

may also have a role in the pathogenicity of the bacteria. (Mims, el al., 1998:526.) Anti-microbial sensitivity

Ps. aeruginosa has de.veloped resistance to many antibiotics. Presently, the best antibiotics to combat Ps. aeruginosa infections are the aminoglycosides tobramycin and gentamycin. These are often used in conjunction with anti-pseudomonal penicillin such as ticarcillin, azlocillin or piperacillin. Cephalosporins such as ceftazidime may also prove effective.

Many strains of Ps. aeruginosa however, do not respond well clinically to antibiotics that may have appeared effective when tested ill vitro. (Mackie and McCartney,

1996:416-4] 7.)


[W.A. Dewey] Practical  Homoeopathic Therapeutics


Rektum : Durchfall durch Zelten, Campen/Dysenterie

Fieber: Typhus abdominalis


Allerlei: Septicemia = ill-defined/referring to the presence of bacteria o./+ their toxins in the blood/through wound/an infected organ (bladder/lung/skin). Symptomps: Lowering of blood pressure/fever/fast heart beat = together a warmth shock

Pyrog + Calc-s wenn ein gut indiziertes Mittel versagt o. Wirkung nicht tief greifend genug ist.


Swan potentised the contents of a septic abscess and called it Septi. (= another Pyrog)


Allerlei: Pyrogene = entzündlich wirkende Stoffe/können Fieber erzeugen. Gruppe der endogenen Pyrogene besteht aus fiebererzeugenden Stoffen im Körper selbst produziert:

Tub-k: = Tuberculinum Koch (Tub-k -alt) = Glyzerinextrakt einer gezüchteten und dann filtrierten Bazillenkultur, enthält Exo-/Endotoxine (R. Koch)

Tub-r: Tuberculinum residuum Koch/= Vakuumgetrocknete/verriebene/emulgierte/zentrifugierte Tbc-Bazillen/= endotoxinhaltig.



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