Vergleich: Siehe: Kopf/Head


[Vertigo Heel]

Aktiver Wirkstoff:

    Anamirta cocculus (210 mg pro Stück)

    Ambra grisea (30 mg pro Stück)

    Conium maculatum (30 mg pro Stück)

    Petroleum (30 mg pro Stück)

Sonstige Bestandteile:

    Lactose 1-Wasser

    Magnesium stearat


[Dr. Sayeed Ahmad]

Vertigo = sensation of spinning around or of seeing nearby objects revolve/tends to be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headache or sweating.




on turning the head: Calc. Con. Kali-c.

moving the head: Bry. Calc. Con.

looking up: Puls. Sil.

looking down: Phos. Spig. Sulph.

from odor of flowers: Nux-v. Phos.

going down winding stairs: Gins.

blowing nose: Culx. Codein.

Night watching or loss of sleep: Cocc. Nux-v.

the least noise: Ther.

while walking: Nat-m. Nux-v. Phos. Puls.

while studying or reading: Am-c. Arn. Cupr-met. Cur. Graph. Grat. Nat-m.

while or after eating: Grat. Nux-v. Puls.

„As if whirling”: Bry. Con. Cycl. Puls.

„As if the bed turned”: Con.

with fainting: Nux-v.

with staggering: Arg-n. Gels. Nux-v. Phos.

with eyes closed: Apis, Arg-n. Arn. Calad. Chel. Lach. Nat-m. Sil. Stram. Ther. Thuj.

with dimness of sight: Cycl. Gels. Nux-v.

< lying on right side: Mur-ac.

rising from seat: Bry. Phos.

rising from stooping: Bell.

eating: Kissingen

from lifting head: Pop-c.

rising from bed: Bry. Chel. Cocc.

stooping: Bell. Nux-v. Puls. Sulph.

ascending: Calc.

descending: Bor. Con. Ferr-met. Gels. Plat-met. Sanic. Vib.

when lying: Con.

must lie down: Bry. Cocc. Phos. Puls.

with occipital pain: Gels. Clon. Petr. Sil.

after sleep: Lach.

after suppressed menses: Cycl. Puls.

of the aged: Iod. Phos.

from indigestion: Bry. Nux-v. Puls.

from congestion: Bell. Gels. Glon.

from brain-fag: Chin. Ph-ac. Phos. Sulph. Zinc-met.

from headache: Apis, Bell. Calc. Con. Croc. Hydr-ac. Ferr-met. Iod. Lac-c. Lil-t. Nux-v. Onos. Sil. Stro. Sulph.

from heart disorders: Cact. Kali-c. Lach. Phos. Ver.

from feeble heart’s action: Dig.

from ear diseases: Caust. Gels. Stram.

after coition: Bov. Ph-ac. Sep.

while crossing bridge: Bar-c. Bro. Lyss.

while crossing running water: Arg-m. Bell, Bro. Ferr-met. Hyos. Lyss. Sulph.

in dark: Alum. Arg-n. Kali-i. Pic-ac. Stram.

with deafness: Merc-c.

after emissions: Bov. Caust. Nat-s. Sars.

falls backward: Chin. Spig. Rhus-t.

falls forward: Nat-m. Rhus-t.

falls to left: Nat-m. Sil.

falls to right: Calc. Caust. Sil. Zinc-met.

falls sideways: Benz-ac. Calc. Cocc. Nux-v.

with symptoms in women: Cycl.

with fevers: Carb-v. Cocc. Kali-c. Puls.

after fright: Op.

from gas light: Caust.

from hair binding: Sulph-i.

„As if intoxicated”: Gels. Nux-v.

with nausea and vomiting: Chin-s. Cocc. Ferr-met. Lapp. Lob. Petr. Sel. Ther.

at night: Tarn.

felt in occiput: Bry. Carb-v. Con. Gels. Petr. Sil. Verat. Zinc-met.

periodical: Cocc. Nat-m. Phos.

during pregnancy: Alet. Gels. Nat-m.

with ringing in ears: Lith. Ph-ac.

sewing: Graph.

shaving: Carb-an.

sitting: Apis, Meph. Phos. Puls, Sulph.

with sleepiness: Gels. Laur. Nit-ac. Nux-m. Sil.

smoking: Gels. Nat-m. Nux-v. Tab.

sneezing: Apis, Nux-v. Seneg.

with sparks before eyes: Ign.

with stomach pain: Cic.

in summer: Psor.

facing Sun: Agar. Glon. Kali-p. Nat-c.

followed by unconsciousness: Sil.

walking: Anac.

with weakness: Colch. Crot-h. Echi. Sel.

looking out of window: Ox-ac.

standing near window: Nat-m.

writing: Graph. Kali-bi. Sep.

< Tea: Nat-m. Sep.

with chocking of throat: Iber.

with trembling: Crot-h. Gels. Zinc-met.

„As if falling of a wall on her” : Arg-n. Saba.



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