Comparison Saccharum and other remedies


Common between:

Bell. + Sacch:                         congestion of the head and flushes, restless, aversion for warm food/vegetables/milk/aggressive with striking and kicking/waking from fright/bed wetting

Calc. + Sacch:                        obese/tired/obstinate/aversion to warm food/desires sweets/ice-cream/milk; PMS, congestion of head/cold feet becoming too warm in bed/perspiration

of head (night); constipation.

Cham. + Sacch:                      (difficult to differentiate) violence/violent anger/kicking and striking/irritable/sensitive to pain/THIRST/desires to be carried/restless/SWEAT at night.

Stram. + Sacch:                      (difficult to differentiate): forsaken feeling with ANXiety/fear of being alone at night obliging the parents to stay with the child until it sleeps (again)/clinging

                                               to the mother/ceaseless talking/THIRST/violence/violent rage/painlessness of usually painful complaints/jealous/restless/running about.

Lach. + Sacch:                       loquacity/jealous/homesick/depressed in morning and excitede in evening/aversion to be touched; flushes of heat during menopause/sensitive to pain.

Cupr-met. + Sacch:                  (difficult to differentiate) TENSE with cramps/aversion of being touched/lassitude/sensitive to pain/restless/cold of feet/timid/dictatorial/> being carried/

                                               irritable/destructive/night terrors/loquacity.

Lyc. + Sacch:                         when Lyc indicated + doesn't work try Sacch. dictatorial behavior/want of self confidence/need of approbation/fear undertaking new things/sensiTIVE to

                                               pain/irritable and sad in the morning on waking/desires sweets/insatiable appetite, defiance, disobedience, insolence, unrefreshed sleep, restless while sitting.

Tub. + Sacch:                         alternating moods/malicious/aggressive and destructive/irritable in morning on waking/dissatisfied/SWEAT during sleep/chronic colds/desires sweets/salt/milk;

                                               thirst for large quantities/ravenous appetite/restless/impulse to run/capricious/malicious/irritable/strikes/obstinate/anxious at night/bed wetting.

Op. + Sacch:                          insensitive to pain/irresolute/open mouth/obstipation with hard balls.

Carc. + Sacch:                        Carc. follows Sacch. well and v.v.


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