Coccinella septempunctata (Cocc-s) = (siebenpunktiger) Marienkäfer/= Glücksbringer/= Himmelskuh./= Bote der Maria/= Ladybird./= Sonnenkäfer


Vergleich: Enthält: Melanin in den Punkten;

Siehe: Arthropoda + Thanatose + Parasiten + Farbstoffen


[Ina Woolcott]

Ladybug’s medicine includes carrying the golden strand that leads to the centre of the universe, past lives, spiritual enlightenment, death and rebirth, renewal, regeneration, fearlessness, protection, good luck, wishes being fulfilled, protection.

The ladybug is small and brightly coloured, usually with black, yellow or red markings and belongs to the beetle family. They are to be found in nearly all climates and latitudes. The shell on the ladybugs back gives protection from predators, with their wings closing against their body’s to give protection to their soft underside.

With their keen instincts the ladybugs feel vibrations through their legs, allowing them to sense the energy of what they touch, another form of protection.

The ladybugs colouring also warns predators to stay away, and we should follow this example by sending out the same messages to our foes and woes. Also, like ladybug don’t be aggressive, yet defend yourself if needed.

Although the lady bug is a beetle, it is still liked by humans - their small size symbolises and gentle loving nature, and they give off an energy of being harmless. This shows us how to stop harming ourselves. Though small in size the ladybug is fearless. As fear cannot exist amongst joy, the ladybug brings a message of promise, for they get us back in touch with the joy of living - we must let

go of our fears and go back to our roots, to love. We are also taught to restore our trust and faith in the universe, we have to get over ourselves, our egos, and allow life to take its course going with

the flow.

The name ladybug has its roots in the middle ages, when it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and called the beetle of our lady. This links it to spiritual idealism and religious devotion. Ladybug people frequently have past lives linked to religion or church - daily meditation is recommended.

In general ladybugs reproduce sexually, with the female laying eggs. Their life cycle is only about 4 weeks long, meaning that over a summer several generations are produced, linking the ladybug to the energies of regeneration and renewal. Their short life span teaches us not to worry, and to live life to the full and always in the now. Let go, let the universe and your inner voice guide you.

People with this totem are generally family orientated, have strong morals and social values.

Adult ladybugs can eat thousands of aphids and other scale insects in their life time, and have long been regarded as a good omen by farmers and crop growers as these can be detrimental to crop production. However, due to its diet the ladybug often has parasites - a message to those with this power animal to look after their digestive system.

Ladybug showing up in ones life foretells a time of luck and protection, where wishes start to become actualised. The seasons of autumn and spring will be the most plentiful times for those with this power animal. Worries will quickly disperse when ladybug appears as they shield us from our aggravations, paving the way for new found happiness - aim high, you will get what you focus on.

Ladybug also cautions us not to force things or try to hard to fulfil your wishes, go with the flow and let things take their natural course. Your wishes will come true when they do - in their own time!

[Saskia Gerhard

Der Lebensinhalt eines Marienkäfers ist simpel: Er frisst und pflanzt sich fort, das ist seine Routine. Die kann jedoch gestört werden, etwa durch seine Fressfeinde, wie Vögel, Spinnen, Eidechsen, Mäuse, Wanzen oder andere Käfer. Und Ameisen können zu echten Nervensägen werden, wenn sie die Blattläuse schützen wollen, auf die es der Marienkäfer abgesehen hat.

Trotz seines scheinbar unspektakulären Daseins hat Coccinellidae für den Menschen eine große Bedeutung. Er gilt als Glücksbringer, soll Kinder beschützen und Kranke heilen. In der Landwirtschaft hat er sich als nützlicher Helfer erwiesen. Doch sind wirklich alle Arten Glückstiere? Was haben die schwarzen Punkte zu bedeuten? Und was hat es mit dem stinkenden Sekret auf sich, das der Marienkäfer absondert?

[Ekaterina Chamurliyska]

Ladybirds are among the most beloved insects - because they are symbol of good and happiness, and probably because of the attractive red color of their elytron.

In European tradition ladybird is connected to the Holy Mother.

The red color of its elytron represents the red cloak of Virgin Mary, and the seven black dots are signs of the 7 joys and 7 sorrows. The connection of the ladybird with

Virgin Mary is not unusual.

In 1991 Dr. Aw. Exell published his book “The History of the Ladybird”, where he quoted 329 various names of this insect in 55 countries, 80 of which are connected in a way to Virgin Mary and more than 50 are dedicated to God. There is also the opposite - one of the Italian names of the ladybird is Galinetta del Diavolo (= Devil’s bird). Other interesting names are the Swedish Himelska nyckla (= Key to Heaven) and the Cherokee Great Beloved Woman.

Ladybird ladybird fly away home,

Your house is on fire and your children all gone.

All except one whose name is Anne

Who hid herself under the frying pan.

This is the east-Australian version of a little song, which exists in all English-speaking countries under one or another form since its creation in ХІХc. Its occurrence shows

the strong “presence of the ladybirds in humans’ mind.

The Bulgarian contribution to the “ladybird-ology” is a nursery song

“Ladybird, Ladybird, show me the way, show me the way, where I’ll go to marry”.

The insect is put on the palm and where it flies, from that direction the suitor will come.

There are more than 5000 species of ladybirds all over the world. Almost all of them are carnivorous since the larva stage and eat aphids (plant lice). Only several species

are “vegetarians”. Ladybirds may be small (up to 0,3 mm) to medium (10 mm), their head is retractable in the the dorsal surface of the first thoracic segment. The antennae are usually 11 segmented, short and clubbed, the elytra completely cover the abdomen.. The legs are short and retractable under the body. The blood (haemolympha) is like repellent (chasing the insects) and smells quite unpleasantly, because it contents

(with some species) various alkaloid toxins (adaline, coccinelin, exohomine, hypodamine etc.). The haemolympha is yellow and its repellence and toxicity are a defense mechanism against carnivorous.

Some people state that the bright colors of the adult beetles (red over black or black over red) are aposematic, which means that their colors are a warning for the potential enemies that the beetle is unpleasant or poisonous.

The Ladybird life cycle is similar in many species, the adults overwinter often in large groups in any place that is out of the wind.

Breeding generally begins in May, but is dependant on the weather, and the presence of food. Egg laying continues on into July with each female laying as many as

1 000 eggs in some species.

Many of the carnivorous species lay their eggs near aphids, ensuring their young a supply of food . Eggs hatch depending on temperature, ranging from 10. days at

15° C to 2 days at 35° C.

The larvae when small are often smaller than the aphids they are eating. A 7 Spot Ladybird larva will consume more than 300 aphids before it pupates..

Emergence depends on temperature. The pupal skin splits along the back and the adult climbs out. The elytra are a pale yellowy-orange at this stage but soon brighten

up after a few hours or days.

The new adults then feed for a few weeks before dispersing and looking for food somewhere else.

All beetles have enemies, and ladybirds make no exception. The most widely spread parasitoid is the braconid wasp (= Perilitus coccinella).

It attacks adult ladybirds and to a lesser extent larvae and pupae.

Ladybirds are considered beneficial for the biological control and balance because they are predators of Homoptera or Acarina.

That is to say that gardeners and farmers bless them because they resolve or at least decrease pest problems.



The idea to make a homeopathic proving of ladybird came to me spontaneously after a prescription of the famous Indian homeopath Dr. Mahesh Gandy, who was in

Bulgaria. The patient to whom he recommended this remedy liked very much to play with ladybirds, she had dreams of flying and kept in her something from that

time, now, when she was mother of two children with successful career. She still had the childishness in her. She needed constant care and she said that she was

feeling the best during her second pregnancy, when everybody around her paid attention to her.

The proving was done during a seminar in Sofia, with students from the course of the Homeopathic Society and London International College of Homeopathy.

8 volunteers took part - 7 women and one man, who dropped out later, because he took through carelessness another remedy one week later.

Prover No. 7 (G) dropped out too, because she took another remedy one week later.

Two homeopathic preparations have been used - the first one (No. 1) was prepared by the Bulgarian representative of Helios - MPh.

Temenuga Sotirova, the second one (No. 2) was prepared by me personally. (As Hahnemann recommended - it is well that the homeopath prepare the remedies

themselves). The ladybirds were gathered in May 2004 in an ecologically clean area - the village of Dolna Bania (near Sofia).

I was the only one to know what remedy was to be proved, and I didn’t participate in the proving myself, I just summarized the results.



Help, comforting, cares for others

Prover А: *Dream : I dreamt the first night that friends are changing their residence, they are worried and I calm them down that they will not live in lodgings any more. And I help them.

*Dream: 2nd night - a conversation between colleagues homeopaths for homeopathic remedies. Finally they tell me that from what they have heard, I am a very caring person and I should take Nat-m.

Prover В: *Dream: 1st evening - everybody makes me feel comfortable, all the time they are doing something good for me. Care for me.

Somebody even tells me to change my bathing suite because it is wet and I could take cold. They take a lot of care for me.

Prover С: * At a meeting with a friend I show attendance to her, I light her cigarette, I tell her: Put the bag on this chair, to feel more comfortable.

* Pity for everything and everybody, universal nostalgia.

Dream: 4 men and they all give me information to make my life more pleasant...



Prover А: *Dream: Friends are moving to new residence...., I check out how goes the construction of the prospective residence...

Prover С: * Dream: I dreamed our old house, which was demolished and now in my dream that it is rebuild and very beautiful...

Prover D: *Dream: I go to another man with my baby, in a big rich house...

Prover F: *Dream: I dream a house on a hill...

*Dream: There is a country house, nobody lives there any more, it is demolishing, but I had a dream that I was there, with my children again, I dreamed my mother.

I was looking for my father again... (CHILDREN)



Prover В: Dream: I dream that I am travelling. I visit many places. The one is familiar to me, with many houses, many people, I is on the beach, I travel somewhere

and the morning I woke up with the feeling that I was taken good care all the night.

Dream: I am on a boat. The dream was pleasant again. All the dreams are pleasant. Only good dreams with this remedy, with happy end.

Prover D: Dream: women, friends, we are walking about.


Forces of Nature, Disasters, Accidents:

Prover А: *Dream: The fifth night I had a dream of a heavy earthquake, the soil is all cracked, many animals running about, horses mainly, a meadow with horses.

I start to run too. I see a building, half-demolished and a baby inside, so I come back, naturally, take the baby and start running (CHILDREN).

*Dream 6th night - Deluge, many flooded houses, a town near the seashore, the sea rises and floods the first row of houses, people are sad and worried and I comfort

them, I tell them that they will build even prettier houses and that there is nothing fatal. (HELP, COMFORTING)

Prover F: *Dream: I dreamed children, many people, an accident. I see a woman with two children. But the deceased ones are only the woman and the little boy,

I see laid on earth, drown out of the car - the woman lying on her back, the child, on his belly... I take part of the traffic too. (CHILDREN)

*Dream: I dreamed a house, on a hill (HOUSES). Many people again, a flood, lot of water. It is so much, that the first floor of the house is almost flooded.

Many people sail through this water with boats. They bail the water out. I am there, together with my children, I feel anxious, tense. But at one time the water seems

to flow away (CHILDREN).


Deceased Relatives

Prover F: Dream: My father who is deceased, hurt his armpit. I put him some bandage, I don’t remember exactly whether we had a talk, it was like a picture (HELP).

Dream: I am looking for my father again (he is deceased). I am looking for him, want to find him, to talk with him, but he is gone somewhere and later I realize that

he is gone with my grandmother who is deceased too. I dreamed my mother who is deceased too. All dead people.


Marginal Persons (gypsies, alcoholics ...)

Prover Е: Dream: Climbing the stairs, a gypsy came up with me. I decided to run but he told me “Don’t even think about it, and took out a gun. The next stairs another

gypsy came up with me and put a knife to my back... Someone rang at the door, I looked through the eyelet and I saw the same gypsy with the gun. I told my family

that he was ringing, but nobody moved... I realized that I will never be able to protect myself from these gypsies, because one of them was marrying one neighbor of

mine and they would have access to our entrance at any time. Nasty dream. My sensation was that I was alone and there is no one to protect me. I was alone among friends.



Synchronic experience:

Prover В: I look after the homeless dogs and they are all castrated, determined we take care of them. One of the animals sleeps in the entrance on a sofa, it is the most gentle, de best one, I take care of it for three years. There is an alcoholic, who harasses us all, he went back from the pub and slaughtered the animal, he virtually cut it into pieces.

I called the police, I had to have a lot of conversations... Now I am looking for an organization defending the animals, someone to back me up, this person lives with us and

he threatens that he will kill the other animals too. The police arrested him for 24 hours and then set him free. But this massacre, the police, all this sorrow came too much

to me and I got ill. I remembered this because in her dream prover E has been threatened by a gypsy with a knife, and to me it happened really.



Prover А: * Dream: I play with my niece who is 2 years old and it is very pleasant.

*Dream: I see a building (HOUSES), half-demolished and a baby inside, so I come back, naturally and take it and start running.

Prover F: *Dream: I dreamed an accident... The girl stayed to the feet of her brother. She was very sad. Even now I feel so sad that a child is dead. In the car I was also

with my children.


Animals, Sympathy to

Prover А: * Dream: Earthquake, many animals running about, horses mainly, a meadow with horses. A show, something like bullfight, but the animal is an elephant,

instead of bull, I felt very sorry and woke up with a sinking heart.

Prover D: *Dream: I went out for a walk and was attacked by dogs. Dogs, chased from Prover F:

Dream: I am in my village again, in a yard with many street dogs around me, they seemed well intentioned, but the next moment they started chasing me and I had hard

time to close the street door so that they couldn’t attack me.

Synchronic experience

Prover Н: The second day after I took the remedy, I had an accident with a dog. And since my childhood I was not bitten by a dog. It was dark, I opened a door and

it came to me, without barking and directly bit me. (shows quite a big wound on the leg)

Prover В: (See the synchronic experience under the rubric “Marginal Persons”)


Self-esteem, Aggression

Prover А: * I had a quarrel with a colleague, I told her everything I should - that it cannot go on like this any more. I did something I’ve never done before. I went to my boss and I put the problem -

he didn’t say anything, so I told him that I will follow the hierarchy upwards and the problem will be solved. I shaked my finger, I knocked with my finger.

* I gave my hand to my husband to kiss it and I thought it was normal, not a kind of haughtiness.

Prover В: * I had a quarrel with my husband because he woke me up and I told him: ”you must show consideration with me, and I shake a finger! (А). And I am able to offend somebody only if I am provoked to, not without reason.

* I left a pile of dirty dishes to my husband and I did it on purpose. I do everything instead of him. And I banged the door - he has washing machine, he can put the dishes inside. I did it on purpose.

* I don’t care - it is very important, because I am very responsible person.

Prover С: * Increased self-esteem.

Prover D: * I tell easier things to people, without thinking that much, more spontaneously. I don’t think of consequences, as I usually do, I say it like

something natural...

* My husband can buy a new chair for his computer desk, and I have to ask him for everything. And I decided to talk very seriously about this. I defend myself more.



* I shake a finger. (А), (В) * I knocked with finger. (А)

* I ordered by hand, I snapped by hand. (С)


Aversion to/Desire for company

Prover А: * Aversion to company the first few days, then desire for meetings, for sport.

Prover В: * The first few days I wanted to remain alone, I didn’t want to see any friends. I didn’t want to go out.

* Desire to see many people, I called many people. I want to be invited somewhere, with many people, social contacts.


Desire to Be Beautiful

Prover А: * I went to beautician, increased vitality, increased desire for work, regulated feeling of hunger, I almost don’t eat now

* One day after the remedy I colored my hair - desire to be prettier, more attractive. (HAIR)

* I put glittering makeup with pleasure. I say in front of the mirror every morning “Thank you, mum”. (GLITTERING MAKEUP)

* I lost 1-2 kg in one week.

Prover В: * I wanted an external change, I wanted to make my entire hair on colored tufts, but brown instead of red. (КОСА)

* I bought myself a glittering makeup and now I sparkle. (GLITTERING MAKEUP)

* I want that my husband buy me boots with high heels, instead of books, as usual.

Prover С: * My hair is black for one year and now I want to make it light brown and shorter. (HAIR)

Prover D: * Desire to look better, increased - to buy myself something new, clothes, to make my hair brown with blond tufts. I decided to buy a wig, because my hair will

not hold on.(HAIR)

Prover Е: Dream: I dreamt that I was to the hairstylist, and I saw a woman with black shiny hair, and the lower layer was shiny blond like the hair of a Barbie doll. I asked her how she achieved this color and she told me in which hairdresser’s, so I went to this hairdresser... (HAIR)


Intuition Prover А: * Increased intuition. I think of somebody and they call me.

Prover В: * Very strong intuition.

Prover D: * For almost the entire week, very increased intuition, whatever I think of, it happens. I like playing backgammon on the Internet and when I think of a number

on the dice, it comes. I know in advance even how I will play.


Confusion of time, dates, numbers

Prover В: * I called my mother to wish her happy birthday which was one month later. I was absolutely sure that my mother has a birthday exactly at that day, because I was listening what they would say for her zodiac sign on TV and I even told my husband and children not to forget about the birthday.

They didn’t say anything, but later they commented that it was doubtful.

* There is a confusion in my head - which day we are, what date. And now it is a problem for me.

Prover С: * I was sure that I was living in this village for 3 years, it was for a few seconds, then I started calculating and found out that I live there for 6 years.

* I have a meeting with a friend of mine at 14 h. and I cannot calculate for how many minutes she is late. A kind of confusion concerning calculation and facts.

No memory; problem with numbers and factology.

Lightness, Weightlessness, Relax, Energy/Tiredness, Exhaustion

Prover А: * Feeling of weightlessness, relax.

Prover В: * The second day after the remedy was my best one - I felt lightness, I didn’t get sleepy the whole day, lively, but not tensioned like after coffee, refreshed,

maybe my memory was better, otherwise I am quite absentminded. I had the feeling that everybody around me felt good..

Prover С: * Unreal feeling.

* I felt more sluggish (In I am quite fast).

Prover D: * I had a very high spirit the whole day, felt very happy.

* I had a lot of energy during the day. I achieve everything and I can do more - nothing is tiring for me. Desire to do something constantly.

* Feeling that things don’t concern me.

Prover F: * I felt very tired, O wanted to sleep, although I had slept quite a lot.

Very nervous and irritable.



* Fear of illnesses (cancer) (I never had it before). (С)


Physical Symptoms


* Violent headache in the temples, mostly the right one. (А)

* Headache, forehead, right upper part. (С)

* Occipital headache, like a band, from 16 to 21 h. (old symptom) (F)


* Eye fatigue. (А);(В); (С)

* Eyes very swollen, more on the upper lids. (D)

* Right eye - tiredness, dizziness of vision; tiredness and dizziness in both eyes. (А)

* Dryness in the eyes. (С)


* Burning of the left external ear. (С)

* Deafening of the ears. (С)


* Nausea, worse after meal (А);

* Something unpleasant in the stomach and nausea. Slight diarrhea.(D)

* My stomach improved, my constipation disappeared. (А); (D)


* I have terrible appetite. I usually don’t eat at breakfast and now I eat 4 - 5x daily and I am still hungry. (В) Increased appetite since the first day. In one week - 4 kg. (D)

* Lack of appetite (А);(С)


* Bloating of abdomen, pain (А);(В); (D)

* Discomfort, pain, bearable, as if there is something in the stomach. (B)

Female genitalia

* Severe pain in both ovaries, mostly on the right side (А); premenstrual syndrome (В); (D)


* Painful feeling at the tip of the sternum; (А); (B); (С)

* Swelling of breast, as if milk will come out, with formication; (А); (В), (С),


* Cough at 9 h., irritated throat. (F)


* Strong stiffening (neck r.), (А); (С)

* Pain in the spine, stronger on the right side (А);

* Pain in the small of the back, right sided, pushing. (С)

* Pimples on the skin (right side) (А);


* Stiffening of deltoid muscle, right. Goes to left, but it is more paravertebral. (А, B, C, D).

* Stiffening of the neck, going from right to left. (А, B, C, D).

* Stiffening of the right shoulder, on wakening. (Н)

* The pain in the right shoulder (old) returned, very severe, burning, going to left. (D)


* I feel less sleepy. (А); (В)

* Sleepiness, afternoon (А), (В), (С), (D)

* Sleepiness (D)



* Desire for milk (А),(F)

* Desire for sweets (В), (С),(F)

* Desire for chocolate (F)

* I stopped eating sweets, otherwise I like it very much. (А);


> 19 h. (С)/movement (all provers)

Hotter (all provers)


Nota bene:

During this proving, some synchronic events occurred (as per Jung). Causal thinking is linear, while the synchronic thinking is field like and this is not a simple analogy with modern physics.

With the causal thinking we have consecutiveness and causality, whilst with the synchronic one we ask what happens TOGETHER WITH, IN THIS VERY MOMENT.

The experiences of three of the provers are interesting in this sense –

one had a dream of being threatened with knife, threaten of murder

the other one really lost her favorite dog, which was virtually slaughtered by a sadist alcoholic,

the third one was bitten by a dog (real event).

In the homes of three provers during the proving (in January) appeared.ladybirds!


Negativ: Beschwerdenanfälle = kurz + können oft auftreten/Hydrophobie, < sehen glänzende Objekten, Schmerz Gesicht/Mund/Zähnen, Beschwerdenanfälle = kurz +

können oft Auftreten + periodisch, Neuralgie + < nachts + kalte Gliedmaßen/Haut;

Repertorium:                                                                        [Chamurliyska Ekaterina]

Gemüt: Furcht (vor Wasser)

Tollwut, Hydrophobie (< helle Gegenstände)

Schwindel: im Allgemeinen

# Zahnschmerz

Kopf: Schmerz (> im Schlaf/> Augen schließen/Stirn/seitlich/stechend

Auge: Schmerz < durch Licht

Gesicht: rot nachts/heiß nachts

Schmerz (# Beklemmung in der Brust/< durch licht/neuralgisch/erstr. Ohr/Trigeminusneuralgie

Mund: „Wie eisige Kälte“ (in Zahnfleisch/Zunge)

Schmerz (neuralgisch/in Zahnfleisch/in Zunge durch Tabak)

Speichelfluss - reichlich weckt aus dem Schlaf/< im Schlaf

Geschwollene Zahnfleisch

Zähne: Kälte

Schmerz viele

Innerer Hals: Verlängertes Uvula („Wie verlängert“)

Nieren: Schmerz (ausstrahlend)

Urin: Harngrieß

Atmung: Kalter Atem

Rücken: Schmerz (dumpf)

Glieder: Kälte

Schlaf: Schlaflos (durch Zahnschmerz)

Schläfrig nach einem Anfall von Neuralgie

Allgemeines: 19 h./Kindern

Schmerz (neuralgisch)

Beschwerden durch glänzende Gegenstände


Komplementär: Canth. (Coc-s = An)


Wirkung: aphrodisisch



Umwelt- Das unterschätzte Tier

Marienkäfer ist unersättlich

Warum sich mit wenig zufrieden geben, wenn man auch viel haben kann? Der Marienkäfer protzt, wo er nur kann: beim Aussehen, beim Fressen, beim Sex.

Der Marienkäfer kleckert nicht, er klotzt. Nicht in dem Sinne, dass er ein besonders fleißiger Zeitgenosse wäre. Nein, das anscheinend so brav und bieder auf den Blättern hockende Käferchen hat’s faustdick hinter den Fühlern. Und einen ausgeprägten Hang zu Maßlosigkeit und Angeberei.

Das geht schon bei den Arten los: DEN Marienkäfer gibt es nicht. Es gibt auch nicht zig Arten oder vielleicht ein paar hundert. Unfassbare 4.000 Arten Coccinellidae tummeln sich auf unserem Planeten, davon rund 80 in Deutschland. Und als ob es damit nicht genug wäre, hat jede diverse Varianten gebildet. Luzerne-Marienkäfer zum Beispiel gibt es in noch einmal 4.000 einzelnen

Farben und Formen.

Der Marienkäfer (Coccinellidae) ist weltweit verbreitet und kommt in warmen Regionen am artenreichsten vor. In Südeuropa gibt es zum Beispiel mehr Arten als im Norden. Die Käfer sind beliebte Nützlinge, weil sie in ihrem Leben bis zu 50.000 Blattläuse und ähnliche Schädlinge vertilgen. Hin und wieder werden sie zu Kannibalen und verspeisen Artgenossen.

Die Marienkäfer sind gute Flieger, allerdings nur über kurze Strecken. Bei ihren längeren Wanderzügen Richtung Winterquartier sind sie auf den Wind angewiesen.

Weil sie so die Flugrichtung nicht beeinflussen können, kommt es vor allem an Küsten immer wieder zu "Invasionen" mit mehreren Millionen Tieren.

Der Name "Marienkäfer" stammt aus dem Mittelalter, als Bauern in dem Käfer ein Geschenk der Heiligen Maria sahen.

Masse statt Klasse ist auch das Motto bei den Punkten. Es soll nicht verschwiegen werden, dass einige Arten durchaus mit zwei, vier, fünf, sieben oder zehn Punkten auf ihren harten Deckflügeln auskommen. Doch die Natur scheint wahrhaftig darauf zu pfeifen, dass so ein kleiner, zwischen einem und zwölf Millimeter langer halbkugelförmiger Körper nun einmal nur begrenzten Punkteplatz bietet. Völlig unarrangiert quetschen sich auf dem Rücken mancher Arten bis zu 24 schwarze, braune, rote oder auch mal helle Punkte. Oft verschmelzen sie derart, dass der Käfer aussieht, als wäre er ganz schwarz. Und aus ist die Punktepracht.

Dem in Deutschland am häufigsten Sieben-Punkt-Käfer Coccinella septempunctata kann zumindest das nicht passieren. Falsch ist übrigens die Annahme, die Punkte würden etwas über das Alter des Marienkäfers aussagen. Wer sein Käferdasein mit elf Punkten startet, hat auch als Marienkäfer-Greis keinen einzigen zusätzlichen Punkt.

Auch wenn Maßlosigkeit nicht unbedingt eine Tugend ist, dafür, dass der Marienkäfer sie auch beim Fressen an den Tag legt, sollte man ihm Respekt zollen. Zwischen

50 und 100 Blattläuse, Schildläuse, Spinnmilben, Wanzen und ähnliches Getier, das der Pflanzenfreund nicht im Garten haben möchte, verspeist der Käfer. Das sind bis

zu vier Stück pro Stunde.

Ein gelbes Gift schreckt Fressfeinde ab

Solch ein Pensum verträgt keine Störung. Um zeitraubende Rangeleien mit Fressfeinden auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren, hat sich Coccinellidae daher eine umfassende Verteidigungsstrategie aufgebaut:

Er sondert bei Gefahr eine gelbliche, übelriechende Flüssigkeit ab, die giftige Alkaloide enthält, und stellt sich dabei tot. Wird er doch verschlungen, ist er kein leckeres Mahl, er schmeckt unangenehm bitter. Und damit der potentielle Angreifer gleich Bescheid weiß, hat der Marienkäfer seine Deckflügel möglichst knallig -meist rot- gefärbt.

Diese Signalfarbe wird von den natürlichen Farbstoffen Alpha- und Betacarotin sowie Lycopin gebildet.

Arten, Punkte, Blattlausmengen - wer so gerne aus den Vollen schöpft, macht auch bei der Liebe keine Ausnahme. Der Marienkäfer steht auf Sex. Der Akt an sich ist wenig spektakulär, besticht jedoch durch seine Dauer: Bis zu 18 Stunden lang paart sich ein Marienkäferpärchen. Theoretisch würde das eine Mal genügen, um das Weibchen zu befruchten. Doch Marienkäferweibchen lassen sich mehrfach begatten - bis zu zwanzig Mal, von unterschiedlichen Männchen. Gerne auch, während sie fressen. Es scheint,

als seien die kleinen Punktekäfer einfach unersättlich.



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