Lac delphinum (Lac-del) = milk of the bottle nose dolphin


= Phos.-ähnlich/= Chin.-ähnlich;


Negativ: Gemüt: wünscht Gesellschaft, will ständig beobachtet werden; tut alles, um Teil der Gruppe zu werden, z.B. scherzen, spielen, ist anhänglich, erotisch mitteilsam.

Körper: wiederkehrende Nasennebenhöhlenentzündung mit Schwindel; Verlangt: Schokolade/Eiscreme/Zwiebeln/kalten Getränken.

CreaTIV/openness/group feeling;

Calm during danger

Play and pleasure.




Sinusitis with vertigo


 * Calm during danger

 * Play and pleasure

 * Circles

 * Separation detached

 * Clairvoyance

 * Attraction to water

 * Groups and community - close bonds where being separated from them causes discomfort.

 * Feeling of lack of privacy

 * Guilt with responsibility

 * Possibility of being lead astray, seduced by the good life as well as a desire to find meaning in everyday life.

 * Maternal instinct and the need to nurture and give shelter

Physical Symptoms

 * Disease of sinuses, congestion/blockage of the left nostril

 * Pain in big toe

 * Pharyngeal infections with very sore lymph glands

 Weakness from the sun;

[Farokh Master]

Gemüt: wünscht Gesellschaft, will ständig beobachtet werden; tut alles, um Teil der Gruppe zu werden, z.B. scherzen, spielen, ist anhänglich, erotisch mitteilsam.

Körper: wiederkehrende Nasennebenhöhlenentzündung mit Schwindel; Verlangen nach Schokolade, Eiscreme, Zwiebeln, kalten Getränken


[Medicine Cards]

Dolphin: Manna

Dolphin speaks to us of the breath of life, the only thing that humans cannot go without for more than a few minutes. We can live without water and food for days,

but oxygen is the source of our sustenance. Within the breath we encounter the rhythm of energy that all life emits. In changing the rate or rhythmic texture of our breath,

we can tap into any other life form or creature.

This is a very easy way to connect with divine energy coming from the Great Spirit, as well as with your own personal rhythms.

Dolphin is the keeper of the sacred breath of life, and teaches us how to release emotions through Dolphin breath. Dolphin creates rhythm, swimming through the water

and breathing before submerging, then holding its breath for the duration of underwater travel. As Dolphin comes above the water again, it blows its breath out in a manner resembling the popping of a cork.

We can use this same technique to pull the stopper on our tensions and create total relaxation. This is a good exercise to use before entering the silence.

Manna is life force. Manna is present in every atom, and is Great Spirit's essence.

Dolphin teaches us how to use life-manna through our breath. It revitalizes each cell and organ, and breaks the limits and dimensions of physical reality so that we may enter the Dreamtime.

Dolphin was travelling the oceans one day as Grandmother Moon was weaving the patterns of the tides. Grandmother Moon asked Dolphin to learn her rhythms so that he could open his female side to her silvery light. Dolphin began to swim to the rhythm of her tide weaving, and learned to breathe in a new way. As Dolphin continued to use this new rhythm, he entered the Dreamtime.

This reality was a new and different place from the seas he had known.

Dolphin came to discover underwater cities in the Dreamtime, and was given the gift of primordial tongue. This new language was the sound-language that was brought

by Spider from the Great Star Nation. Dolphin learned that all communication was pattern and rhythm, and that the new aspect of communication was sound; he carries

this original pattern to this day. Dolphin returned to the ocean of the Great Mother, and was very sad until Whale came by and told Dolphin that he could return to be a messenger to the Dreamtime dwellers anytime he felt the rhythm and used his breath. Dolphin was given a new job. He became the carrier of messages of our progress.

The Dreamtime dwellers were curious about the children of Earth, and wanted us to grow to be at one with Great Spirit. Dolphin was to be the link.

If Dolphin has appeared to you today, frothing through the waves of your spread, you are to be a link to some solution for the Children of Earth. This can be a time when you are to link with Great Spirit and bring answers to your own question or to those of others. In addition, this can mean a time of communication with the rhythms of nature.

You are put on notice to be mindful of your body rhythms and the pattern of energy being fed to you from the Creator. Imitate Dolphin and ride the waves of laughter, spreading joy in the world. Breathe and experience the manna so freely given. Break existing barriers and connect to the Dreamtime or Great Star Nation. Know that we are

all whole in the eyes of the Everliving One.


If Dolphin appears reversed, know that you are forgetting to breathe. You may be under stress, and your body may need manna. You may be starving your cells and organs

no matter how many vitamins you are taking. Your natural cycles may be fouling up.

Pay close attention to your health, and your feelings. If you are on edge or just tense, take time to relax and breathe the life force into your muscles. Focus on releasing old breath at the bottom of your lungs and refilling your respiratory system with regenerative manna.

Breathe from the diaphragm and fill the lungs to capacity. Then exhale from the chest to the belly, allowing your body to totally relax as you breathe out.

Another message of contrary Dolphin is that many signals are carried through universal tides or waves, and you may be failing to use your sonar. To detect these wave-patterns you may need to realign yourself with natural rhythms within your own body.

The it is necessary to use the dolphin breath to connect to universal awareness and signals.

Dolphin says to dive deeply into the water, to play be the coral reef, and to discover the beauty of the rhythm of breath.


Dolphin is a beautiful, gregarious mammal with a beaked mouth, and is found in all the oceans of the world and in the Amazona river. In American Indian cosmology Dolphin is the Keeper of the Sacred Breath which contains the prana/mana life force, which is the Essence of Great Spirit. As a power animal therefore, Dolphin is associated with the rhythm of energy within Nature and with your own body, and with revitalization.

Dolphin is symbolic of breath. By changing the rhythm of our breathing, we can tune into other living things in the universe. This is why rhythmic breathing is so important.

Dolphin is concerned also with communication which, again, involves pattern and rhythm, and especially with sonics and with sonic harmonization. It is also associated with dreams and dreaming, and indicates that you should explore the oceans of your own dreaming and examine carefully what you see there. Dolphin will help you to decipher their meanings. The breath of life.

Breathe. Take in life force. Accept the gift of usable energy. Touch the invisible.

Source: Sams, Jamie and Carson, David.


Vergleich: Enthält: Solids 30.4, Fat 14.1, Eiweiß 10.4, Lactose 5.9;

Comparison: of Gymnura natalensis and Lac delphin

Comparison. Lacs

Siehe: Lacs allgemein + Mammalia + Ultraschall + Anhang (Nancy Herrick) + Group Analysis of Marine Animals



Gemüt: verlangt Aktivität (kreativer Aktivität, kreativer Schaffensdrang)/verlangt nach helle Farben/verlangt Amüsement, Vergnügen

Angst um seine Familie/um seine Kinder/wenn eine Zeit festgesetzt ist (Angst nicht rechtzeitig aufzuwachen)/ Furcht (vor drohender Gefahr/in Menschenmenge/vor Räubern/vor Unfällen)/

Furchtlos (im Wasser/taucht furchtlos durch große Wellen)/bleibt umgeben von Gefahr ruhig

Verlangt etwas zu berühren, anzufassen - muss alles berühren, anfassen/Menschen

Beschwerden durch - Furcht/Schreck

Delirium (während Frost)


Empfindlich [gegen Geräusche (einschlafend)]



Verlangt Gesellschaft (möchte immer Verlangen beachtet werden)

Gewissenhaft, peinlich genau i.B. auf Kleinigkeiten/Kleinigkeiten, Trivialitäten scheinen wichtig


fühlt sich high („Wie Nebel zwischen sich und anderen“)

Lacht (leicht)

Liebevoll, voller Zuneigung, herzlich

Verlangt magnetisiert zu werden

Mitteilsam, gesprächig



Possen, spielt/Spaßen

Reizbar, gereizt

Verlangt zu schwimmen (in der Nacht zu tauchen)/Verspielt (im Wasser)/liebt Wasser

Seelenruhe, Gelassen (lässt sich nicht in Kleinigkeiten, Trivialitäten verwickeln/kleine Probleme machen ihm nichts aus)/Selbstbetrachtung

Selbstkontrolleverlust (i.B. auf Diät)

Selbstvertrauenmangel (Minderwertigkeitsgefühl)

Sentimental, schwärmerisch, rührselig (i.B. auf Musik)

liebt Tiere, Tierliebe

geistige Unsicherheit/“Wie geistige Unsicherheit“


“Wie verlassen zu sein“/“Wie isoliert“

Wahnideen [umgeben von Feinden/Empfindung von Gefahr (jedoch ruhig, gelassen)/von Gruppe getrennt/von Welt getrennt/schön, wunderschön (Dinge)/sei nicht sicher/Visionen Augen schließend]

Kehlkopf und Trachea: Kitzeln in Luftwege (< Sprechen)

Verlorene Stimme < Erregung, Aufregung

Schwindel: im Allgemeinen

beim Anlehnen, Lehnen - muss sich anlehnen nach l.

+ Trübsichtigkeit

“Als ob er sich im Kreis nach r. dreht„

während Frost

„Als ob schwebend“/“Als ob alles unnwirklich ist“

Kopf: Schmerz (Hinterkopf/Schläfe/Stirn/r./dumpf)

Auge: rot

Schmerz (brennend/< währen Fieber/als Reaktion auf Parfüm)

Sehen: Nebelig

Überempfindliches Sehen (für kleine Gegenstände)/große Gegenstände sind verschwommen

Ohr: rot/“Wie trocken“/“Wie verstopft“

Hören: Überempfindliches Gehör (abends einschlafend)

Nase: Blutandrang < Liegen

Katarrh (aus Choanen wässrig)/Schnupfen (mit Fieber)


Schmerz in Choanen (drückend)

Gesicht: Schmerz (drückend/in Kieferhöhle)

Mund: Aphthen

Zunge seitlich rot

Innerer Hals: Entzündung

Schmerz [links (wund schmerzend)/brennend/Klumpen (wund schmerzend)/mit Trockenheit/wund schmerzend]

Trockenheit (morgens/< Schlucken/schmerzhaft)

Magen: Angst < nach Essen

Appetit ohne Genuss/vermehrt morgens/vermindert


Schmerz [beim Aufstoßen/brennend/nagend/drückend (nach oben)/+ Hunger/+ Angst/> Druck/< nach Essen/Hinlegen auf den Rücken]

Sodbrennen (< nach Essen/< Kaffee)

Übel (morgens/am Frühstück beim ersten Bissen/< Gehen)

Bauch: Flatulenz (< nach Essen)

Rektum: Durchfall

Flatus (nach dem Mittagessen)

Hämorrhoiden [schmerzhaft (brennend, beißend)]

Obstipation („Wie untätige Darm“)

Stuhl: Dunkel/trocken/dünn, flüssig/klein, wenig, geringe Menge

Blase: Schmerz (brennend/wund schmerzend)

Harndrang häufig

Urin: riecht kräftig/übel riechend

Männliche Genitalien: Sexverlangen vermehrt

Auswurf: Gräulich

Husten: Kitzelhusten, durch Kitzeln in Bronchien/kurz/trocken

Brust: Entzündete Lungen (mit Blutandrang)

Gluckern; Gurgeln < Atmen

Schmerz < hustend/im Herzen < l. Seitenlage/l. Mammae/in Rippen r. erstr. l./l./“Wie ein Bläschen“

Rücken: Schmerz in Dorsalregion < Liegen

Glieder: Gefühllosigkeit, Taubheit - l Arm < im Schlaf/Unterschenkel morgens < im Bett/< im Bett/< Bewegung/> Gehen/> Reiben

Hautausschläge an Füße

Jucken in Handflächen/Oberschenkel/an Unterarme an einzelnen Stellen

Schmerz [krampfartig/pulsierend/in Knochen des Schienbeins (< Gehen/krampfartig)/in Waden (krampfartig)/Zehen (r./krampfartig)/in Zehennägel < Berührung (pulsierend)]

Schweiß - Füße

Geschwollene Beine „Wie schwer“/Füße/Knöchel/Unterschenkel

Schlaf: Unterbrochen < Ruhelosigkeit/Halbschlaf - hört alles/verändert häufig die Lage (dreht sich die ganze Nacht ständig jeweils vollständig um die eigene Achse)/leicht, nicht tief/ruhelos (dreht den Körper von l. nach r.

die ganze Nacht)/durch körperliche Ruhelosigkeit



Träume: Angegriffen zu werden vom Sohn/ängstlich/anstößiges Verhalten von Männern und Frauen/Auto/bedeutungsvoll, vielsagend/begehrt zu werden von einem Mann/Beschuldigungen (Chemikalien zu besitzen/weist sie zurück)/desorientiert, orientierungslos/eingeengt zu sein/Entrüstung als Handelsvertreter/Erniedrigung/Erotisch

(mit Pollutionen)/Furcht Sohn würde ertrinken/farbig (übertriebene Farben und Proportionen)/Feinde (vermeidet, geht ihnen aus dem Weg)/großen, weißen Felsen/Fische/ Flugzeuge (wählt unbequeme Sitze)/Frauen kommen niedergeschlagen zur Party/Fremde (Personen)/alten Freunden/Besuchen von Freunden/furchtlos /Gefahr/ Geheimnisse/ Gewalttätigkeit/deckt zerbrochenes Glas ab/zerbrochenes Glas/alles war groß/Gemeinschaftszentrum, Gemeindezentrum (ist baufällig/aus Holz)/hellsichtig/Hunde/von Kindern (Babysitten/in Gefahr in Wasser/Liebe zu Kindern/sucht Kindern/Verantwortung für (möchte keine Verantwortung)/im Wasser zu verlieren)/geht im Kreis (im Uhrzeigersinn)/steht in der eines Kreises/steht außerhalb eines Kreises (blickt hinein)/ein Mann legt seine Hand auf ihren Schritt /Menschen tun Merkwürdiges/fühlt sich minderwertig/Mord/Musik/Mutter/Offenbarung von den Toten/dankbar, dass Sperma und Ei vereinigt und in den Uterus eingebracht worden sind/Parties/Pferde (laufend, rennend)/prophetisch/Ruderboote (sind das normale Transportmittel)/schockierend, erschütternd/Schuld/ein träges Gefühl zu schwimmen/leitet ein Seminar/Speisen/ Spielkamerad seit der Kindheit/Stillen/juristischer Streit vor Gericht wegen Vergiften von Personen durch Gifte in Farben/surreal/tadelt sich selbst; macht sich Vorwürfe/ Tiere/Sterben/(Haus steht inmitten) Überschwemmung/ruhig, gelassen während einer Überschwemmung/übertriebene Farben und Proportionen/unerinnerlich, bleiben nicht im Gedächtnis morgens im Schlaf/Unfälle/unterhaltsam, amüsant/verfolgt zu werden (von Feinden)/Gegenstände sind größer/versteckt sich vor Gefahr/alles ist verzerrt/Viele/Wasser/Wellen stürzen über ihn/Zorn

Fieber: mit Frost

Haut: Jucken - brennend

Allgemeines: körperliche Anstrengung abgeneigt/verlangt

Speisen und Getränke: Verlangt: Eiscreme/kalte Getränke, kaltes Wasser/Choc/Zwiebeln;

Schwäche [nachmittags - 15 h - 15 - 16 h/< bei Anstrengung/durch (Sommer)Hitze;]


[Patricia Hatherly]




Percipient/ Clairvoyant








Isolation <



[Nancy Herrick (1993)]

Keynote essence

Life's a Ball of Fun

Mind: activity; desire, for

amusement; desire, for

antics, plays

play; desire to; playful in the water

Having fun is a light-hearted activity, and Herrick's nominated themes of:

• Laughter

• Play

• Communication and

• Groups

encapsulate this keynote essence of Lac-del.

The tendency for dolphins (while having fun) to flip end over end, nose to genital slit, is reminiscent of the Yin/Yang symbol.

On one level this symbol may be associated with Freud's

• Conjunctio perfection in the balance of male and female energy, while on another, more simply, with the associated themes of:

• Circles and

• Black vs White

Circles, according to Herrick is a key theme and "Patients in need of lac-del often use large gestures of the arms using a circular movement."

Movement in a clockwise direction has emerged as an unusual generality. Also, according to Herrick, people who need this remedy have a strong tendency to b:

• Clairvoyant

When this is associated with their outgoing and fun loving nature, they can appear a lot like Phosphorus.

Interestingly, Lac-del, like Phos, seems to have a left-sided bias.

There is perhaps also a theme of:

• Expansiveness which is supported by various dream rubrics such as:

Dream: exaggerated colours and proportions distorting everything objects appearing larger than normal surreal

The dream describing being grateful of having a sperm and egg combined and surgically put in the uterus, describes an event with the sure promise of expansion and is suggestive of another associative theme:

• Pregnancy/Baby

Lac lupinum themes which are similar and therefore consistent with the phylogenic connection between these two mammals, include:

• Broad/Wide/Huge and

• Circles/Spirals

• Friends/Loving is another Lac-lup type theme

While having fun is a light-hearted activity, where there is Light there is also Shadow, and this conjures up a deeper perspective on the Black vs White theme and cements the link to Lac-lup.

Shadow themes elicited by Herrick, include:

• Intrusion

• Hiding

• Fear and

• Danger (also to be found in Lac-lup cases)

These lie more closely with other Shadow themes of:

• Guilt with Responsibility and issues concerning

• Covering up vs Exposure which were also apparent in the proving diaries.

Prover 1 Dream: "In house, front door with bevelled glass. One of the pieces was broken. Was told it was too expensive to repair it; told to cover it [the hole] up. Refused to cover it up and wanted it fixed. (Actual event several months later, my son was attacked and the exact bevelled glass door was broken by an attacker.)"

Dream: "Son didn't want her to know how his report card was. He tried to cover it up; said he didn't get it."

Prover 2 Dream: "Someone trying to get into my house. I was afraid of them, but it wasn't someone to do me harm but someone coming for a specific purpose to do a survey, but 1 didn't want them to notice that I was there so I was sneaking around in my house trying to avoid being seen. Didn't want to be noticed. Peeking through the window to see if he was there.

Actually had eye contact with the man. A feeling of being exposed and wondering if 1 was; feeling like a two-way mirror where you can see out.

Had eye contact with a man, bushy hair, sleepy-looking like a private detective. Feelings of nervousness. Worry about exposing myself, since pretending not to be there. Mystery."

The sonar capacity of the dolphin is long-range and extremely penetrating. It can assess the stomach contents of a shark cruising over a mile away. There's no escape from its percipience.

So, the additional theme of:

• In danger (wolf at the door) I feel peaceful inside Mind: delusion; danger, impression of; yet remains calm is understandable on several levels.

Miasm Cancer

Clinical issues

• Vertigo (Lac-m)

Dolphins love to swim round and round and do so especially during sleeping when only one half of their brain shuts down. They stay in a tight-knit group with one eye open and spiral up and

down in gentle succession taking an occasional breath.

Sleep: restless sleep . . . in small broken blocks . . . turning a lot; like a rotisserie all night

• Anxiety regarding birthing safely4

• Achieving balance between the feminine and masculine principles which allows one to move beyond needing the group


Worse for                                     Better for

night                                                 snorkelling

morning                                     swimming

exertion                                     exertion

eating                                                 eating

wine                                                 cognac (sore throat)

coffee ice;                                     cold drinks

touch pressure;                          rubbing; massage

heat                                                 warm applications

draft of cold air

lying down

left side                                    left side


Generalities MOVEMENT

Exertion; desires

Swimming; enjoys every opportunity; enjoys night diving > Snorkelling Lac-lup, on the other hand, perceives water as dangerous.

vs Awkward; stumbles; drops things

Exertion, (physical) aversion to; heaviness of body and lethargy, with

Swelling; extremities, of (hands; legs; ankles; feet) Sharp localised

pains; (here and there) body, in; < heat


Left side (phos)

Right to left (circular rotation in a clockwise direction)


Pulse: frequent; accelerated; elevated; exalted; fast; innumerable; rapid; during convulsions,

vs Weakness;


afternoon (15 – 16 h.)

exertion, from

heat from; sun, of


Eating for pleasure instead of health

Alcohol (wine) < (Phos.)

Bloating; with eructations and flatus


Activity; desire for

Amusement; desire for

Antics plays

Pleasure in food; loss of self-control

Play; desire to

Playful; water, in



Relaxed feeing; letting go

Tranquillity; serenity; calmness

Trifles; unimportant, seem


Amorous disposition

Affectionate Desire to touch people;

Desires people

Loves animals,

Communicative; expansive

Company; desire for

Attention, demands

Being aggravated by trifles is the more usual rubric and lac-del is in the repertory under that rubric. That the opposite symptom emerged in two provers [9 and 17] is farther

evidence of the tendency of lac-del to remain calm in the midst of chaos.


Fearlessness; “A s if danger menaced him” but without fear

Mind: delusion; danger, surrounded by; yet calm

Dream: "We were walking in a circle clockwise, around the perimeter of a crowded mezzanine in a mall. I asked why was she walking in a circle, and she said enemies were coming to get her,

and she has to keep going so enemies wouldn't catch up to her . . . There was a languid swimming feeling as we were walking."

This is the state of the dolphin during sleep.

Mind: delusion; danger, impression of; yet remains calm

Dream: "Felt I am a strong influence. Solid. My friends would benefit from my strength . . . overall feeling of solidity, very strong, stable (like a big rock in a harbour)."

Fearlessness: during snorkelling/in ocean,

Whirlpool; desires to go in, daily



Sensitive, oversensitive; noise; sleep; on falling asleep

Bored; intolerant of others


(Female child): "5.30 pm in the car . . . complained too warm even though air conditioning was on and skin not warm to touch, and then too cold. Nothing OK . . .

woke 4.30 am and asked me to read her a story. She is very insistent . . . we had an argument. Then demanding all kinds of things. Curtains open, another pillow, another sheet, drink

water. Wanted to get dressed. This shirt, that shirt. Persistent, pulling at me."


Touch things; impelled to

Colours; charmed by (light lavender; magenta associated with toxins)

Colours; desires bright

Mind: delusion; beautiful; things look

These rubrics, along with the desire for circular movement, put one in mind of the activities of an autistic individual. Interaction with dolphins is known to have

a beneficial effect on brain injured individual.


Spaced-out feeling; s/if: fog between self and others

Spaced-out feeling; transient; s/if: I am a detached observer

Spaced-out feeling; s/if: a fog between self and another like looking

through a wet window or a pane of glass with rain on it

Disorientation; sensation of; waking, on


Delirium; chill, during


Alone; feels, he is

Alone; desire to be; feelings of disassociation, with


Sentimental; music, with; past Hawaiian experience, for

Weep; desire to

Isolation; sensation of


Mind: delusion; separated from the world, that he is

Prover 6 "Wanted to be with people but I felt shunned. Like outside a window,

looking in. Like standing OUTSIDE a circle."


fright or fear

Fear; of accidents

Mind: delusion: vehicle coming at me in the wrong lane

Fear: in a crowd/of impending danger/of robbers (Lac-lup dreams of robbers/intruders)

Anxiety; eating, after Anxiety; children; (family);

about, his Mind: delusion; surrounded, by enemies

Mind: delusion; safe, she is not Anxiety regarding a safe situation to birth in


Insecurity; mental; sense of

Lacks self-confidence



Vorwort/Suchen                                Zeichen/Abkürzungen                                    Impressum