Indigo (Indo) = Farbe


„Prahlhans“ „Hochstapler“

Thema: Gemeinschaftsdienst; Lösung: positiv: Verbunden sein mit Mitmenschen; negativ: Fanatisch sein;

Positiv: Religiös/sozial/optimistisch/gütig/tierlieb/treu/Arbeitsfreudig/ehrlich/Kühlen/lindernd

            Fördert Distanziertheit/Erfahrungen evaluieren/Führer;

Negativ: Chaotisch/Grenzen setzen, frostig, ohne Emotionen/intellektuell/analysierend/gnadenlos/ ängstlich/nervös/ depressiv, Schreibfehler, Schmerz, Pelviskongestion, Augen/Nase/Ohren,

Farbe der Kopfregion und der Füße, von Mond in Widder, Stier und Fische - die Farben der intuitiven Erkenntnis, der tiefen Wahrnehmung und der Bescheidenheit.

It is the "bluest remedy in the Materia Medica."

Augen, Nase und Ohren;

Note: When energy is low in the relevant organs, use indigo, when high use orange!

Relates to the BROW chakra or third eye which is in the centre of the forehead The related organs to this chakra are the eyes, lower head and sinuses and the endocrine gland is the pituitary gland.

Indigo relates to self responsibility, that is to say, being responsible for one's own life; responsibility to oneself to follow the soul's path and needs and trusting one's own intuition. The ability to see things from a 'higher' viewpoint rather than purely for satisfaction of the ego or one's material comfort. Intuitive messages are unique to you and are for your own personal

Some of the associated problems relating to the brow chakra are:- tension headache, migraine, visual defects, short-sightedness, long-sightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, catarrh, sinus problems, some ear problems.

positive aspects of this colour             negative aspects of this colour

Highly intuitive                                             Separateness

Faithful                                                          Fearful

Sense of unity                                                Intolerant

Fearless                                                          Impractical

Devotion to duty                                        Judgmental

Articulate                                                      Inconsiderate

Practical idealists                                             Depressed easily

Using colours well in the home is a way of creating a balanced environment.

Indigo is a sedative and it helps to open up our intuition. The colour of divine knowledge and the higher mind. Not suitable for areas for entertainment but for more 'quiet' places. Bedrooms or treatment rooms for example. Some people find indigo is helpful for studying so this colour could be used as part of the decor of a library or study;

dogmatisch/fanatisch/überheblich/tadelsüchtig ;

Doctrine of Signatures.

Strongly purple or indigo plants, such as wild indigo, true indigo (woad), and echinacea, are remedies for deep inflammatory processes where there are tendencies to putrefaction, necrosis, and tissue death -- black

being the ultimate color signature for tissue death. It seen in the way the leaves die back suddenly to black in wild indigo, from the marks of black on leaves, like in lady's thumb (Polygonum persicaria), in the black

roots of black cohosh.

Burgundy red is the color associated with the blood-builders: rehmannia root, beet root, sumach berry, and yellow dock root -- the latter is more a rusty red.


Vergleich: Amorpha fruticosa (= Bastardindigo/Fabales./Farbstoffen./Quelle: Gartenhandel).

Anil. (= source material for synthetic Indigo).

Bapt. (= Wilder Indigo).

Bell. Bismutum.. ‡.


Isatis tinctoria (= Färberwaid erzeugt nach Fermentation Indigo Brassicales.).

Camph. Cob. Crot. Cupr. Elec. Indg. Phos. Pitu. Pic-ac. Sep.

Comparison: Sutherlandia with Indigo, Baptisia tinctoria, Sepia succus, Ambra grisea, Carbon compositions

Siehe: Farben allgemein + Imponderables


Unverträglich: tagsüber/depressiv/intelektuELL


Wirkung: sycotisch  introversiv/nervennährend/fördert Lebenskraft

Allerlei: 6e chakra. Begabte Kinder werden Indigokinder genannt

entsteht durch Fermentation.


Phytologie: Gicht/Rheuma



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