Miasma Syphillis/Syphillinie


Syphilis Miasm: A situation beyond salvage, leading to complete hopelessness and despair. In a desperate effort, he tries to change the situation and the result is usually destruction. homicide; suicide; syphilis; ulcers; impossible; despair; psychosis; devastation


Destruction Homicide Suicide Ulcers Total Impossible Despair Psychosis Devastation


Syphillinum                        Complete failure/Degeneration

              Reacts realizing that adjustment is no longer sufficient/to survive must change radically the internal +/o. external circumstances

              Aspects: Polarity/remorseless/tax-inspector - - Censorious (= critical)


                            Subservience/sacrifies self for benefit of others


              Duty/conformity/guilt/“As if guilty of crime“/lost birthright/Anxiety

              Oxygenoid, and characterized by destruction. Homeopathic treatment can't undo the damage, but can stop the trait being passed on.

              < at night/from sunset to sunrise/heat of the bed. The person is self-destructive, may be suicidal, has no itch but skin eruptions that can ulcerate, and < elimination.

Syphilinie: Scharlach, Diphterie

[H.A. Roberts]

Child: weak wrist and ankle joints, difficulty in holding on to objects, drop things easily, clumsy in getting about and stumble over a straw, are manifesting the effects of the combined syphilis and psora,

for this combination affects the tendons about the joints by weakening them so that they will not stand the strain of much use.



    Avoiding eye contact

    Withdrawal from people

    Indifferent to other people

    No facial expression

    Slow learners/monomania

    Aggressive: breaking, biting…

    Mute (sometimes all their life)

    Echolalia or robot-like voice

    Freezing in position or rocking

    Change in routine is disturbing

    Rapid head growth

    Fragile X syndrome: 5% have a defective X chromosome

    Does not babble, point or make meaningful gestures by 1 year of age

    Does not speak one word by 16 months

    Does not respond to name

    Does not know how to play with toys

    At times hearing impaired


[Rajan Sankaran]

There is no hope.

Task is far beyond my capacity.

Have committed an unpardonable crime.

Highest and sole responsibility.

Taking it on.

Doing the utmost.

Highest position, leader, king.

Complete despair.

Homicide suicide.

Self destructive, like alcoholism.

Catatonic withdrawal, total indifference.

A captain of a sinking ship.

The task is hopeless, but let me do the best I can (Sankarans Schema).

With the syphilis miasm the person is unable to be themselves because they have begun to hate themselves. With this they are understandably very sensitive to being disliked by others around them. We find this feeling of being hated also in the following symptoms;

Enemy, considers everyone (Merc.).

Suspicious talking about her, people are.

Delusion laughed at mocked, being (Bar-c.).

Fear, hanged to be (Platinum) (Dr Chawla).

These remedies are at least partially derived from substances of row 6 of the periodic table of elements. The main feeling common to the remedies derived from this row is also of being hated.

With Platinum it is the feeling of being powerless (column 10) and hatred that is suppressed.

With the suffering corresponding to Mercury it is the suppression of being treated immorally (column 12) together with the feeling of being hated. The rubric of Mercurius “When taking a walk he

felt a strong inclination to catch by the nose strangers whom he met” (Materia Medica Pura), means to treat someone immorally, which is an expression of the non-integration of the feeling of oneself being treated immorally.

The difference between the feeling of row 6 and of the syphilis miasm is that in syphilis it is more having come to hate oneself while with row 6 it is the feeling of being hated, is healthy because it

is real or was originally real and is therefore giving information to the person about how they are feeling. With the syphilis miasm the hate of oneself is an expression of non-acceptance of self.



He is under the delusion that he is surrounded by enemies. He is suspicious of everyone, thinks everyone is his enemy. This intense suspiciousness gives him the impulse to kill, he wants to kill anyone that contradicts him, even loved ones. Becomes antisocial, indifferent, thinks there is no hope of recovery, in despair may even become suicidal. Also present is compulsive handwashing. A patient in this stage will have this feeling of I cannot manage. I cannot cope with all of these problems both on the inside and outside. This kind of feeling results in a last ditch attempt to change himself or his environment, this is a violent process, while at the same time there is an internal feeling of despair and futility. Some of the associated pathologies are ulcers, heart attack, psychoses and paralysis. The keywords he uses for Syphilitic miasmatic classification are: destruction; homicide; suicide; syphilis; ulcers; impossible; despair; psychosis; devastation (Sankaran, 2002: 65).

[Herbert A. Roberts]

In the mouth we find the characteristic tell-tale of the syphilitic taint, even though the child may appear well otherwise. Pathological and structural changes take place in the dental arch and the teeth come through deformed, irregular in shape and irregular in order of eruption. The teeth often decay before they are entirely through the gums.  They are always worse at night; all the symptoms develop more after the sun goes down. There is oppression, restlessness and anxiety at night; they dread the night because it is so oppressive. Restlessness is so great that it drives them out of bed.


Wenn man auch die Unterdrückung der Syphilis durch die Allopathie natürlich nicht bemängeln kann, so hat diese Unterdrückung dennoch schlimme Folgen gehabt, indem sie die Menschheit

insgesamt negativ beeinflusst hat. Die Unterdrückung der Syphilis mit Penicillin hat die Lebenskraft der Menschheit in ihrem inneren Kern, auf der geistigen und emotionalen Ebene, unterminiert. Hier ist der Grund zu suchen, warum das syphilitische Miasma die jüngeren Generationen so sehr prägt und warum Aurum heute so häufig benötigt wird. Vithoulkas schätzt, dass 20% der homöopathisch behandelten Menschen irgendwann eine Gabe Aurum brauchen.

[Dr. Ernst Trebin]

Syphilinie: dessen Verbreitung schätze ich auf 30 bis 40% und seine Hauptarzneien sind nach meiner Ansicht Quecksilber, Gold und Arsen, und Halogene, also Jod, Brom, Fluor und Chlor, schließlich als Ergänzung bei gewissen Zuständen alle anderen Metalle wie Cupr-met. Plb-met. Arg-met. etc.


There may be a great fear of the night, and a tendency to negative thoughts, and the patient may be always washing their hands.

Thema: Mutlos/hoffnungslos/VERzweifelt/destruktiv/lost/collapsed/Antwort auf Druck + Industrialisation;

Negativ: Destruktiv/intensiv/Herbst/Winter/Alter/kalt/Abend/Nacht;

Schlüsselwort: Ohne Hoffnung/gestörte Funktion (Geisteskrankheit/Darmgeschwür usw.);

Lösung: Brutal/unredlich sein; Negativ: Mangel an Lebensfreude/Ehrgeiz und Motivation/fehlender Antrieb, verbunden mit Kapazitätsmangel; dies deutet darauf hin dass Hekla Lava bei alten Leuten indiziert sein könnte, bei Krankheiten wie Arteriosklerose, Alzheimer, gesitesabwesend/verwirrt/kann nicht klar denken/depressiv/hoffnungslos   < nachts/blitzartige Schmerz; Knochenschmerz/Zerstörung/brechen; kann nicht mit Stress umgehen, überfordert, kann sich nicht anpassen und kann keine Kontrolle erlangen. Eine unmittelbare Änderung = notwendig (Suizid/ psychotischer Abwehr). Langsam degenerierende Prozessen mit gelegentlich eine Ausbruch. Reagiert kaum auf Reizungen und wenn heftig (Scheinbar Akut) hoffnungslos/nutzlos, chronische + hoffnungsloser Kampf mit Selbstzerstörung, ein heftiger Versuch in einer hoffnungsloser Situation. Knochenschmerz/spontane Abtreibungen, Zorn/Pessimismus/Geiz (Alt)

Körper: Geschwüren/Missbildungen/Deep bony pains „As if by a trauma to the joint“.

Geist: leeres Empfinden, Geisteskrankheit/selbst zerstörerisch durch Vernachlässigung/stoisch

Problems relating to lungs and nerves seem to share Merc. (= Hg) and P. Merc being cognate homoeopathically with the nervous system - with many associated remedies/the Syphilis miasm - but Phos. also relates as remedy to the lungs/the nerves both in its provings/the chemistry of nerves and fats. Significantly for Steiner, neither the nervous system nor the lungs contain a single muscle fibre.

Mercury as the ruler of Gemini also rules the lungs/hands/arms/chest from an astrological viewpoint.

Ursache: Eltern = Alkoholiker/operativen Verschließen von Fisteln, Geschwüren etc.;

Physischer Leib - skleroseartig /black bile

The condition is utterly destructive: physically (bone/tissue)/mentally. Extreme nihilism marks the patient in the uncompensated state. The patient reacts „As if under a death sentence“. Feelings of violence/revenge. Suicide or homicidal feelings are common. Destructive addictions often result. cardiac conditions/aortic disease/aneurysm/alcoholism.

Alum. Anag. Aur. Cench. Clem. Crat. Echi. Elaps. Hep. Hydrocotyle. Lach. Lath. Lept. Mercurius. Orig. Osm. Naja. Plat-met. Plb-met. Plut. Psil. Still.

Carbon-s. Cupr-cy. Hydr-ac. Kali-cy. Merc-cyanatus. Zinc-cyanatum.

Nosode -- Syphilinum

Immer gemischt mit Psora +/o. Sycose

Dekompensation => Kompensation bricht weg

Syphilis ist durch Degeneration charakterisiert; Rückzug, was Zurückweisung gleichkommt, dazu Zerstörung sowohl der Organe/Geist/Gemüt - funktionelle Perversität, Spasmus, Geschwüre, Gewebsdegenerationen, verzehrende Leidenschaften, Mord, Aggression

Charakter: nervös, gehässig, zerstörerisch, ziellos, aggressiv, diktatorisch

Tendenz: Revolution

Farbwahl: rot

Krankheitsbereiche: Schuldkomplexe, zwanghaftes Handeln, Psychosen, Wahnideen

Mittel: Mercurius, Kalium bichromicum, Lachesis

Die funktionelle Gruppe aus C und dreifach gebundenem N wird als Nitril- o. Cyanogruppe bezeichnet. Most nitriles fall in the syphilitic miasm.


Vergleich: Syphillitisch Miasma: Rad-br. + Syph. + X-ray.


Spenglersan Kolloid E.

Vergleich. Psora – Sykose – Syphillinie – Tuberkulinie


Neue Variante von Syphillis = AIDS.


Agki-p. Alum. Anag. Androc. Atra-r. Ars. Asc-t. Aur. Aur-m. Aur-s. Bar-c. Benz-ac. Berb-a. Bism. Both-a. Both-l. Bufo. Bung-s. Bung-f. Buth-aust. Carb-an. Cench. Cinnb. Clem. Cloth. Coriandrum. Cor-r. Cory. Crat. Crot-c. Crot-h. Cund. Dao-r. Dendro-p. Echi. Echis-c. Elaps. Euph. Ferr-i. Fl-ac. Franc. Guai. Hep. Hydrc. Iod. Jab. Jug-r. Kali-ar. Kali-bi. Kali-i. Lac-leo. Lach. Lant. Lath. Lept. Maia-l. Merc-c. Merc-d. Merc-if. Merc-ir. Merc. Merc-p. Mez. Naja. Nep. Nit-ac. Note-s. Orig. Osm-met. Oxyu-m. Oxyu-s. Passi. Petr. Ph-ac. Phos. Phyt. Plat. Plb-met. Plut-met. Pol? Psil. Rhen. Sars. Scorp.

Sel-met. Sil. Still. Sulph. Syph. Tantal-met. Tall-met. Thuj. Tung-met. Vip. Vip-a. Vip-d. Vip-r.

Nosode – Syphillinum. Borrelia Nosode.

Arg-m. Ars-i. Ars-s-f. Ars. Asaf. Aur-m-n. Aur-m. Aur. Bad. Benz-ac. Calc-i. Calc-s. Carb-an. Carb-v. Cinnb. Clem. Con. Cor-r. Crot-h. Fl-ac. Guai. Hep. Iod. Kali-ar. Kali-bi. Kali-m. Kali-i. Kali-s. Lach. Led. Merc-c. Merc-i-f. Merc-i-r. Merc. Mez. Nit-ac. Petr. Ph-ac. Phos. Phyt. Sars. Sil. Staph. Still. Sul-i. Sulph. Syph. Thuj.

Syphillinie: Anthr. Camph. Coca. Lyss. Merc. Merc-c. Merc-d. Merc-p. Merc-prr. Merc-m.

              Sekundär: Ars. Asaf. Aur-ar. Aur-s. Caps. Cocain. Fl-ac. Kali-bi. Kali-i. Lach. Merc-br. Merc-if. Merc-ir. Merc-ki. Nit-ac. Phyt. Still. Vanad.

              Tertiär: Aur. Aur-i. Aur-m. Aur-mn. Carb-an. Merc-aur. Plb. Sumb.  

              Heriditär: Syph.

Nosoden Syphilitische Gruppe: Syphilinum, Framboesinum, Borrelia, Leptospira Ictero-Hemorrhagica, Yersiniae, Pestinum


Cory. (Papaveraceae + syphilitic miasm or stage 17)

Franc. (Solanaceae + syphilitic miasm or stage 17).


Vergleich: Siehe: Stadium 17:



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