Papaver rhoeas (Pap-r) w = Klatschmohn/= Poppies./= Feuerblume/= Klaproos/= Blutblume/= common poppy/= red poppy/= corn. poppy/= corn rose.

                                                          Pap-r. Gezüchtete Variante = Mother. of pearly. poppy.

Positiv:   Hilft auf die Erde zu in- und exkarnieren. ;


Allgemeines: Apoplexie

[Enna Stallinga]

The only symptom listed for Papaver rhoeas in RADAR is apoplexy (1-108) (generals). A vulnerable area for this patient is the head: pain in the head, numb scalp and falls upon the head.

It would seem that Papaver rhoeas is a remedy for head injuries and whiplash. Sudden shock is also characteristic of the remedy. Shock is anyway a theme of the Papaveraceae (see Opium).

A sudden shock might be specifically characteristic of the poppy (in Dutch klaproos= slap or blow rose).The fleeing aspect of the papavers, which contain a lot of acid, is reflected in this case

in the tremendous panic, the desire to be taken care of (desire to be carried) and out-of-body experiences in dreams. The other pole of this is the being brave and carrying on, a trait which had

its use when her husband was seriously ill (DD.: Ferr-met.). In the case of the Papaveraceae, patients can really nearly give up: they are closely acquainted with death. This gives the remedy

a religious tone. <: 4 h. (Chelidonium) is known to be a moment of transition. She did not dare to surrender herself to sleep.


Vergleich: Enthält: Säuren.

Siehe: Ranunculales + Ruderal-/Pionierpflanzen


Allerlei: Poppyday = 11/11 (Pap-r wächst in diese Zeit nicht in N. Halbrund)/= Elfter im Elften = Anfang der Karanvals- o. Faschingzeit/= Gedenktag für Opfer des 1en und 2en Weltkrieges.

Wird gebraucht für Kränzen. auf Gräber der Gefallene

Entstanden aus den Tränen. der Aphrodite wegen Adonis Tod.


Phytologie: Sammeln: Blumenblätter (als Tee/Syrup)




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