Mica (Mica) (Al + Si + anderen)/= Isingglas/= Schichtsilikat/= Glimmer/= eine Gruppe von Mineralien


Negativ: Depressiv. Anorexia (will verhungern um nutzloses Dasein nicht zu verlängern).  verzweifelt. Zähnen. Vitiligo;


Haut: weiß (Flecken)


Vergleich: Ovi-p.: (Hühner können aus Ca-armer Nahrung Schalen herstellen wenn Mica präsent ist).


Allerlei: Als Ersatz für Glas gebraucht





Vergleich: Siehe: Anhang. (Jason-Aeric Huenecke)


A complex remedy in some way, as it is a stone comprised of several minerals. Components: Li + K + Si + Al + H + O + F;

A person needing Lepidolite would need to display these behavior:

1. Withdrawal (Theme; Womb)

2. Intense Feeling of Being Incapable, Child-like [Row 2 at level of Survival] (Theme: Incapable)

3. Tendency to depression, with dependency on “substances” for support (Theme: Depression)

4. Angered easily (Theme: Anger)

5. Out of body sensations (Theme: Drug)

The withdrawal is really a retreat from the world and a return to the womb. They do this by cutting the connections, easily and suddenly. Reasons for doing

this have mostly to do the amount of Lithium found in Lepidolite. Lithium has not left the womb. It is not capable of taking care of itself and is intensely dependent on others for survival.

For Lithium much of what is out in the world is scary and dangerous. All of this is found in Lepidolite. Because of the fluorine in Lepidolite, they prefer to sever the connections in a

sudden and clear way.

At the deepest level is an intense feeling of being incapable. They will try to cover this up and hide this from others. Can do this in a childish way, almost being “defiant” in their desire to appear independent.

Key to Lepidolite is the tendency to depression. You would want to see some battle with depression and likely dependence on medications to support them. This depression will express as a “heaviness”, drawing them back down to the earth. Their depression can be quite severe especially when you couple this with their withdrawal from society. They need help, but may not even understand that they can ask for it.

They are also angered easily. This may be in part due to the Silica and the Kali in the substance. They can be quite child-like in their anger, almost like they are stomping their feet like a toddler.

They get irritated when they are not feeling independent enough. They also get angry when they feel insulted or that their image is being threatened (Sil.). Most angry with family and loved ones, like Kali.

Lepidolite has a certain drug-like quality. Their intense state is often too much for them to handle and they will leave their body. Can experience sensations of lightness and floating (this is in direct opposite to the “heaviness” found in the depression). They can experience life like a “wakened dream” and seem calm in stressful situations.

It’s not that they are really peaceful, it is that they have just “numbed” their experience of life in order to tolerate it.

Physical Summary

Marked pain in the extremities [concentrated in the shoulder area (often l.) that can extend down the arm. Pain in hip/leg/feet/back (l. wrist). Pain burning/cramping > stretching.

Another physical symptom you might expect to see, is a flushing of heat that extends upward and may create perspiration about the face +/o. back.

Besides the body aching and heat, you would also probably want to see some headaches. The headaches can be dull or they can also be behind the eyes. You would also find them prone to

constipation and bowel symptoms. Can succumb to overwhelming sleepiness (when life gets too much for them).

Usually diminished appetite/dry mouth/often without thirst. May desire coffee and colas and be averse to meat.

The sensations you might see in the physical symptoms would be a “heaviness”.

Allerlei: An uncommon mica: an ore of lithium and forms in granite masses that contain a basic Potassium Lithium Aluminum Fluoro-Silicate. Found near or with Rubidium, Caesium, and Thallium. Although they are not part of the composition of Lepidolite, their energy is present in the remedy as well. People who have had these remedies in the past (Caesium, Rubidium or Thallium) might

also do well on Lepidolite or vice versa. It’s interesting to note that Lepidolite (including the minerals found in/or by it) contains five elements from the 1st: column of the Periodic Table

 H - period 1.

 Li - period 2.

 K - period 4.

 Rb - period 5.

 Cs - period 6.

Column one is characterized by the complete “absence” of what that row represents. This means that Lepidolite does not have the capacity “to exist”, “for birth”, “of security”, “to

begin new ventures” and “to take responsibility.” This clearly explains the despair and severity of this state.

Li.: tendency towards mania and euphoria and affects bowel symptoms. Provers experienced constipation and diarrhea issues. The extreme withdrawn and incapability of Lithium.

Alum.: a tendency toward confusion of identity in the realm of relationships; this too appeared in the proving.

F.: need to let go of the past, the desire to break relationships suddenly, and finally letting go of a relationship after ten years of being out of the relationship.

Sil.: desire to be recognized

Kali. (Potassium) not as much of it in the proving was seen, although they will tend to argue with their family, but unlike Kali, they are much more likely to sever a relationship.

Rb.: thoughtlessness or absence of thought came through as in the mind-numbing experience of life as a dream.

Cs.: known for beginning many projects and not necessarily finishing them before they begin the next project. Provers would have many plans to do many things and then come home, lose steam

and do nothing.

Th.: feeling of nostalgia for the old days, old friends, childhood comfort foods, and a delusion of a time when everything was simple.


Mind: desires activity

Tends to become addicted

Ailments from - embarrassment/disappointed love

Anger - at absent persons while thinking of them/about work/and aversion to work/easily

Does not answer, when questioned/refuses to answer

Anxious (in a crowd)


Aversion - computers/to everything/to certain persons

Awareness heightened

Caring for others





Clarity of mind

Colors - pink, purple

Company - aversion to

Concentration difficult

Want of self-confidence - feeling inadequate/in school

Confusion of mind (loses his way in well-known streets)

Delusion - is falling/having confidence/is heavy/things feel heavy/being alone/is always alone/seeing angels/is being betrayed/is out of the body/strange clouds settle upon patients or dance

about the sun/being doomed/is expanding/everybody notices his flatus/is paralyzed/is poor/is small/everything is strange

Depression - heavy/sadness


Disorder, sensitive to it


“As if in a dream”


Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences


Ecstasy at night - walking in moonlight

Escape, attempts to escape from her family and children


> physical exertion

Fear - in a crowd/something will happen/of making mistakes/of being poisoned/of poverty/of getting pregnant/of own thoughts

Forgetful of words while speaking

Forsaken feeling - sensation of isolation

Desires to end his friendship to avoid anger

Grieves - for long lost loved ones/from long past offenses/from paralytic state of body and mind


Feels helpless

Desires to hide/hiding himself, in the womb

Intolerance of being hindered

Desires to go home to the womb

Impatient - with others/working

Independent (lack of independence)

Indifference - to external things/to own family

Irritable - with absent persons/to her family/to loved ones

Feeling of lightness

Mania # depression


Memory - weakness of memory - for what has read

Making mistakes - in speaking/in spelling

< fool moon

Desires (varying) music

Offended easily


Quarrelsome (causeless/with own family)

Quiet; wants to be

Rage + laughter


Takes responsibility too early

Wants to give up her responsibility

Sadness with heaviness of body


Sensitive to noise > music

Sensitive to opinion of others

Shrieking - with the pain/during rage/during stool

Inclined to sit - observe world go by

Stop desire to make things

Everything seems strange




Thoughts disconnected

Timidity - bashful


Washing - always washing her hands

Weeping when singing

Withdrawal from reality

Work, aversion to

Wrong, everything seems

Vertigo: + pain in head

Head: Flushes of heat

Pain [+ nausea/dull/ext. to cervical region (and shoulders)/eyebrows aching/in forehead/< before menses/in r. occiput stitching/> rest/after riding in a carriage/sore < turning eyes/change of weather]

Ear: buzzing

Pain dull/r.

“As if stopped”

Eye: Pain - r./burning/cutting

Styes l.

Twitching eyebrows

Vision: Aura of people

Flickering during headache

Zigzags (flickering)

Nose: Discharge clear - from posterior nares (clear)


Smell: acute/diminished

Face: acne

Eruptions on chin

Heavy feeling

Mouth: Gums (bleeding/sore)


Taste - “As from disordered stomach”

Milk - tastes sour

Teeth: Sensitive to cold

Throat: “Asif a lump”

Mucus - thick

Pain - > warm drinks

Stomach: Appetite - diminished (noon)/increased

Nausea - after coition/< after sleep

Pain - cramping


Abdomen: Flatulence

biting pain

Pain < touch

Stool: Changeable

Forcible, sudden, gushing


“Like a stone”

Bladder: Urination involuntary

Rectum: Constipation

Hemorrhage from anus - clotted

Hemorrhoids - internal/painful

Pain - cutting/< during stool/tenesmus


Female organs: Menses - copious/at night

Pain cramping

Respiration: Difficult (< during cough)

Cough: deep (< breathing)

Dry at night

Expectoration: must swallow what has been loosened

Neck: Perspiration

Chest: complaints of l. axilla

Constricted (lungs)

Heat (upper part)


Pain - cutting/sore

Swelling of glands in l. axilla

Back: formication (in spine)/heat/

Pain - aching/in coccyx/in dorsal region - r. scapula/< during menses/< sitting down


Lumbar region sensitive

Extremities: cold hands

Constriction in hands

Cramps in 4th toe

Itching in ankles - biting

Pain - burning (feet)/sore/feet/hips (aching/< rising from sitting/< walking/knees (cramping/< walking)/Legs (r./> walking)/shoulders (l./ext. arm)

> Stretching out lower limbs  

Tingling - legs/toes

Tumors - hollow of knees

Sleep: Disturbed from anxiety

Sleepiness (during pain)


Waking - difficult/too early/with desire to urinate

With open window

Dreams: Airplane (being on an airplane)/arguments/books/being in a cellar/cheating/children being kidnapped/cleaning/white washed cleanliness/college campus/colored red/

Having confidence/dogs/earthquake - houses, buildings falling/extravagant/father/foetuses/building on fire/flowers/flying/foreign countries/old friends/frightful/gardens/majestic house/

Journey by airplane/was lifted out of her body/lucid/meat/mice (trap a fleeing)/money/with father or mother/stuck in mud/music/being taken prisoner/quarrels/relationships/relatives/

Sharks/being stabbed/comforted by swaying/teaching/teeth/train/trees being cut/desire to urinate/vivid/of wealth/he is a woman/work

Perspiration: profuse

Chill: < in open air

< after exertion

Skin: Eruptions - eczema

Generals: desires (at night)/> in open air

> bathing



Desires physical exertion

Foods and drinks: Desires: toasted bread/coca cola/coffee/cold drinks (water)/salt/sugar/sweets/tea; <: sugar;    Aversion to: bacon/meat/cabbage/onions/spices;

flushes of heat - ext. upward/before sleep

Lack of vital heat



Pain - aching

“As if pulling”

“As if being smaller”

Stiffness - from (+?) cramps/morning



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