Comparison Lapis lazuli with others


Alumina: Lapis Lazuli:

Alumina: has dryness of mucus membranes and skin plus a tendency to faulty motoric paralysis with coordination problems.

- Confusion of identity is absent in Lapis Lazuli:

- no heat or violent sensations and symptoms, has only lack of heat.

-         Eyes - Alumina dryness,

- Menses – Alumina: scanty; 

Alumina: dryness, lack of concentration, confusion, being hurried, gastrointestinal problems.

Lapis Lazuli: motion problems that have to do with rheumatic or arthritic processes. (Unable to stretch out legs and pain). No coordination problems.

- wonders more about the goals and purpose of life

- Eyes lachrymation 

- Menses: profuse;


Silicea: Lapis Lazuli:

Silica has a prominent lack of confidence and is very sensitive and yielding.

-  Slow, chronic processes, no violent symptoms.

-  Menses too early and scanty.

Neurasthenic symptoms and increased irritability of the nervous system and strengthen reflexes. Abscesses and lymphatic symptoms (throat, tonsils).

Lapis lazuli: more of an indifference to others, communication problems and not yielding, rigid attitudes and quarrelling

- Lapis profuse menses with swelling of breasts


Calcium carbonicum: Lapis Lazuli:

Calcium:  does not want to be seen by others,

- Again, slow processes in Calcium (lymphatic),

- Profuse perspiration of Calcium,

- Calcium can not bear cruelty and it affects him a lot.

Calcium Carbonicum: Gland affections, skin and bones. Issues with food and eating. Ice coldness, to the bones.

- Lapis lazuli: does not want to see himself.

- rather violent symptoms in Lapis

-         lot more dryness (skin, mucus membranes, stool).

-         experiences more of soberness and indifference


Sulphur: Lapis Lazuli:

Sulphur: seems to be untidy;

- Sulphur is < Bathing, 

- < Warmth,

Sulphur: heat, congestion, burning and redness. Lack of reality. Do not listen to anybody, want to be the centre of attention. Desires sweets.

Lapis lazuli: wants order and cleanness around him. Lapis wants to wash off Lapis > warmth of sun.


Natrium muriatricum: Lapis Lazuli:

Natrium muriatricum = most similar to Lapis. It is hard to find any remarkable differences.

- Periodicity of Nat-m. is not (yet) seen in Lapis.

-         Nat-m < 9 - 11 h.

Nat-m.: Depression, forsaken feeling, withdrawal and suppressed grief, easily hurt, headaches, dryness. Bitterness about what has been done to him.

Lapis lazuli: no periodicity/wants to wash off; Lapis > warmth of sun. Lapis seems to be worse at night (cold, sleeplessness and pain – Schadde)


Muriaticums: Lapis Lazuli:

- Feeling of pity and unfairness

- Self pity from a need to be nurtured and cared for.

- Problems with the mother, mother figure.

- Want of attention and lost hope of getting it.

- Themes of water and the sea (Schadde).


Arsen: Lapis Lazuli:

Arsen: Death seems like a rather appealing option (Aurum)

- Arsenic’s drinks often but small sips.

- Arsenic > company. Lapis aversion to company.

Arsenic: Restlessness, anxiety, fear, obsessions. for tidiness and weariness, lack of heat. Burning pains. Quarrelsome, materialistic and cruel. Terminal patients.

Lapis Lazuli: no fear of death. Lapis drinks a couple of glasses of water after each other


Aurum: Lapis Lazuli:

Aurum: also suicidal from pains,

- Aurum, workaholic, industrious but with ambition and strong sense of responsibility.

- Aurum > Cold bathing.

- Putrid taste in mouth, 

- Aurum: Depressed, melancholic mood (everything black inside, life has no value). Suicidal.

Mental exertion. Reserved and alone; no friends, just a few superficial contacts. Heaviness.

Congestion in various organs.

Lapis lazuli: more sadness. Lapis does not seem to have that kind of ambition, does not need to be at the top.

Lapis indifference to work, can not concentrate there. Taste: bitter/sweetish and metallic (Schadde)


Mercurius: Lapis Lazuli:

Mercurius:  is sensitive to temperatures, to cold.

- Mercury skin, almost constantly moist, (persistent dryness of skin contraindicates Mercury),

- Mercury, profuse salivation during sleep. Lapis dryness of mucus membranes and mouth

Mercury: Memory weakened and loss of will power. Weary of life. Time passes slowly.

Extremely closed. Quarrelsome complaining of relations and surroundings. Indifference to everything. Cruelty, mischief. Dreams of water and floods, trembling in limbs (Schadde).

Lapis lazuli: ice coldness to the bones. Lapis dry skin, shrivelled, like a mummy


Ferr-met.: Lapis Lazuli:

Ferrum: A lot more similarities than differences. Anger in Lapis seems to be more prominent and violent.

- Ferrum does not seem to be suicidal, loathing of life or any of these symptoms. Lapis does

Ferrum: Irritability. Desire solitude. Alternation of moods. Circulation problems. Headaches.


Argentum nitricum: Lapis Lazuli:

Argentum nitricum: can not hide his feelings.

- Arg-n: desires sweets and < sweets.

- Arg-n: one of the hottest remedies.

- Arg-n: desires company to express feelings,

- Arg-n: loud eructations.

Argentum Nitricum: Anticipation, hurry, anxiety when time is set. Brain fag, weakness of memory. Distension, flatulence in abdomen.

Lapis lazuli: can not hide his anger, though he tries. Lapis desires sweets and not < from sweets. Lapis ice cold. Lapis avoids company, does not want to share feelings, only when it seems too much


Causticum: Lapis Lazuli:

Causticum: has a lot more sympathy and issues with the group.

- Caust paralysis due to damage in nervous system and then muscles.

- Caust > wet weather, > sips of cold water. Aversion to sweets.

Causticum: Anxious forebodings, can not stand injustice and sensitive to authority. Chronic grief. Fanatism and rigidity. Quarrelsome and excitable.

Lapis lazuli: tends more to isolation. Lapis’s pathology seems to focus more on rheumatic like complaints (Schadde/16). Lapis does not seem to have these modalities, has a strong desire for sweets.


Phosphorus acidum: Lapis Lazuli:

Phosphor Acid: mild and yielding disposition.

- Ph-ac: craves fruit and juicy refreshing things mainly.

- Ph-ac: strong debility from loss of fluids. Lapis does not.

Ph-ac: ailments from prolonged grief, disappointed love, homesickness. Apathetic, burn-out state. Weakness and indolence. Indifference. Poor memory, can not collect his ideas, hunts for words.

Lapis seems to be more of a rigid or quarrelsome type. Lapis no debility from loss of fluids.


Ranunculaceae: vexed, excited easily, raw nerves, morbidly sensitive, electric shock, irritability, excessive anger with grief, guilt, shock and annoyed, distress, harassed. Insulted dreams, vexatious.

Sharp, stitching stabbing and stinging pain.

Lapis Lazuli: nervousness, excessive anger and grief and some stitching pains. The difference would be though that Lapis does have other minerals traits and themes of the mineral and gem kingdom.


Aconitum napellus: Lapis Lazuli:

Aconite: fear of death,

- Aconite: Loquacity,

- Aconite: acute states,

- Aconite: no suppression possible, too violent and fast. Panicky. Acute.

Aconite: fear, restlessness, and presentiment of death. Violent symptoms. Panic states.

Rheumatism, numbness and tingling in extremities. Restless, nervous. Clairvoyance.

Palpitation with anxiety or fear of death.

Lapis lazuli: indifference to death. Lapis more prominent taciturnity. Lapis more chronic (contains minerals)


Violales: physical level: cutting, stabbing, lancinating, sharp. Mental: vexation, does not want to be disturbed. Bry. Viol-o. Viol-t.


Bryonia: Lapis Lazuli:

Bryonia: desire to go home,

- Bryonia: fear of poverty. Bryonia: not hindered by emotions, business orientated.

- Bryonia: < motion,

Bryonia: dryness of mucus membranes. Irritability, indisposition to talk, desire to be alone.

Materialistic. Thirst for large quantities.

Lapis lazuli: feeling needs to say good-bye to home, family. Lapis Delusion starving (Schadde). Lapis is hindered by emotions. Lapis moves about in anger.


Lycopodium: Lapis Lazuli:

Lycopodium: fear of responsibility, aversion to marriage, etc.

- Anticipation, fear of speaking in public.

Lyc.: bloated abdomen, flatulence, desires sweets. Egotism. Ravenous hunger stops after a mouth full. Skin dry and wrinkled. Unrefreshed sleep. Ego problems.

Lapis lazuli: family orientated (Tumminello, Schadde). Lapis no fear of speaking in public



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