Vergleich: Siehe: Alcohol


Alkoholismus: Lach. + Nux-v. + Phos.

Amethyst. Lantaniden.

Fettleber: Card-m. Form. Hep. Stann-met

------------------ + schlaflos/verstopft/erbrechen: Apoc.


[C.M.F. Boenninghausen]

Opium in Alcoholism

[W.A. Dewey M.D.]

Sul-ac.: chronic alcoholism corresponds to inebriates on their last legs, who are pale, shriveled and cold, whose stomach will not tolerate the slightest amount of food.

Cannot drink water unless it be well whiskied. They are quick and hasty in everything, and have a great and constant craving for brandy. It suits the sour breath and

vomiting of alcoholic dyspepsia.

Ran-b.: the tincture has been found to be most calming in attacks of delirium tremens. It is undoubtedly one of our best remedies in the treatment of acute alcoholism.

[Dr. P. Rajagopalarao]

Scut. remarkable effect of calming the nervousness in delirium tremens.


Paprikakur für Alkohol-/Opiumabhängigen


[Farokh Master]

Quercus in case of vertigo (+ alcoholics/vertigo of people who have some spleenic affections).
Quercus robur glandium Spiritus

[Dr. Collin B. Lessell]

“The World Travellers Manual of Homoeopathy”

To reduce the desire/craving for alcohol: Quercus glandium spiritus tincture, 10 drops ever 6 hours.


Antialkoholkur 50 gr. Kümmel mit 1 Litr kochendem Wasser übergießen.

1e Tag: 4 - 5 Tassen schluckweise

2e Tag: 4 Tassen schluckweise

3e Tag: 3 Tassen schluckweise

4e Tag: 2 Tassen schluckweise

danach 2 - 3 Wochen 1 Tasse schluckweise trinken

Folgen: 1. Erbrechen, 2. Durchfall + URIN/Schweiß

Bei Rückfall wiederholen

Bauchweh: wärmendes Kissen

Kopf-/Ohr-/Zahnweh: gemahlene Samen mit Wein besprengt



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