Salix fragilis (Sal-f) = Crack. willow/= Bitterweide/= Fieberweide/= Rossweide



Comparison. Salix fragilis (Sal-f) with Others (Marisa Laguna)

Siehe: Malphigiales + Salicaten


[Marisa Laguna]

A species of willow native to Europe and  Western Asia; its grey bark creases and cracks in older trees; it contains salicin (the main ingredient of aspirin).

It has been used as antirheumatic, antipyretic and analgesic since ancient times.

Proving conducted by Penelope Stirling, in 1988, following Hahnemann’s methodology (Stirling, 1999).  7 provers (6 women), potencies: 6C, 12C, 30C.

Preparation Methodology:

Mother tincture was made from the stem and leaves. Subsequent dilutions were prepared in 90 percent alcohol by the traditional single vial Hahnemannian method.

It is present in the complete repertory in 2235 rubrics and in the radar repertory 10 in 761 rubrics.

Eight cases were published online by Dr. Anna Pla, member of The Homeopathic Medical Academy of Barcelona (AMHB) (Pla, 2011)[3].

Other varieties of willow have also been proved: Salix alba/S. americana/S. mollissima/S. nigra/S. purpurea/S. vitellina.


Substance and Etymology

Salix: from Latin, the family of willow trees.

Fragilis: Latin for fragile.

“Fragilis” evokes the way the twigs break off easily and cleanly at the base; its branches are pliable and flexible enough to weave, which is why is has been long used in basketry, but at the same time, its wood is quite hard and resistant, and is often used to make shields, cricket bats and windmills.

The tree grows on the edge of rivers and streams, between water and land.

Reproduction: its fragile branches easily break and fall into waterways, “travel” downstream, readily take root on riverbanks, and grow into new trees.

It is important to emphasize and remember these substance characteristics:

Fragile and hard.

Grows “on the edge” between water and land. (Prescribed according to P. Stirling in extreme situations).

Reproduction: Salix Fragilis presents corresponding sexual and reproductive issues we will describe later.

As mentioned, its common name in English is “Crack Willow”

If we remember this term, we will remember Salix Fragilis.

These words speak of substance identity, revealed in the proving subjects.

“Crack” means: to fail, break up, fissure, opening.

In Salix Fragilis these are core symptoms: the want of self-confidence (fear of failing) as well as metaphorically “breaking” and wanting to change in a critical situation.  Also the cracking is on the skin (skin, cracks, fissures), orifices (skin, cracks, fissures, orifices), lips (cracked lips) and sensations of feeling separated (from the world, from themselves, from friends, from family, from a group, parts of the body feel separated).

“Crack” means opening.  Salix Fragilis dreams with doors opening and doors that close.

Penelope Stirling:

“A remedy for patients living a critical situation, acute or chronic. An extreme situation that they will tolerate until they “break”, when they  feel it is all over, they cannot go on. They feel they need an important change in their lives, sometimes after a long period of indecisiveness and suffering.

Seemingly fragile, they endure serious difficulties. Courage to face difficult situations. Ailments from the loss of a loved one, with feelings of conspiracy or distrust. They cry easily and feel better when crying. They cry for rage or reproach. Deep sadness. It is no surprise that this remedy is effective in cases of reactive depression or pathological grief.   Core themes: life and death, pregnancy, fertility, sexuality. Another theme orienting its prescription is doors: fear of closed doors, dreaming of sliding doors, dreaming of doors closing”.

Substance nature: hard and fragile at the same time;

It may be inherent to its “breaking” potential, the “cracking” and its dynamic correlation with crisis or extreme situation.

Proving Phrases:

“No feeling or intention of having anything to do with partner. Her action was beyond the pale and I don’t see why I should take it anymore. 05P 09 XX. XX NS

“I felt pushed to the edge by my boyfriend and completely lost my temper (…).

 I sat in my car and just shouted and shouted at my boyfriend. I was so fed up. I was crying. I drove home very depressed. I felt that there was a definite line and that he had crossed it”.

06P 04 XX.XX NS

“I must make a decision or fate will make a decision for me” 07P 16 XX.XX NS

“Feel a definite tension “in the air” between my boyfriend and I. Makes me feel uncomfortable and uneasy.” 07P 03 XX.XX NS

Correlated Repertory Rubrics.

Firmness: that also means fixation or tenacity (Firmness)

Discontented, with firmness, drawing the line. (Discontented; firmness, drawing the line).

Delusion: relationship, partnership or commitment must end. (Betrothal must be broken).

“Hardness”  : Positiveness, dictatorial, pertinacious, courageous.

“Fragility”   :  Yielding, delusion of fragility.

Stiffness and tension:

In cervical region, painful tension, during headaches.

In joints, upper limbs; shoulders, elbows, wrists. lower limbs: knees, going down the stairs.

Groups of Symptoms

1- Splitting and Antagonism.

2- Want of Self-Confidence

3- Feeling Forsaken, Isolation, Sensation of Weeping.

4- Anxiety of Conscience that we will develop in correlation with the multiple delusions of punishment.                                                                


1) Splitting and Antagonism.

Proving Phrases:

“Feel like there are two people in me, one living the life that is seen and one living a secret life which is not compatible with the other. 03P 06 XX.XX NS.

“Sudden cracking, splitting and breaking, I want to be free of this remedy, it’s as if I had no control of myself now”. 01P 16 XX.XX NS

“Do not feel integrated into myself – as if I am a blurred image of myself”. 01P 17 XX.XX NS

“Why should I be with someone who doesn’t want the things that are most precious to me? Feeling of being split in two.

I don’t believe relationships should be like that, split between partner and children”. 07P 16 XX.XX IOS

Complete Repertory:

Antagonistic with themselves.

Contradicting will.

Sensation as if they had two wills.

Two different trains of thought at the same time.

Head separated from body.

Mind separated from body.

Sensation of being split in two.

Confusion as to their identity.

Dreams of being fragmented .

2) Want of Self-Confidence

Main modalities: with fear and delusion of failing or feeling inadequate or useless.

Proving Phrases:

“It was my first day of working in a clinic. I was very apprehensive and quite nervous. I had a feeling like …I was going to be ‘found out’. I felt inadequate. I was surprised by how nervous I was”. 06P 11 XX.XX NS

 “Feel teary, depressed, angry (…. )

  Feeling of futility, because of not much response from partner”. 02P 15 XX.XX NS

“Feelings of being hopeless at everything and useless. Tears are flowing easily.” 07P 02 11.00 NS

“I am putting my boyfriend “on hold”, I can’t fight trying to make things happen. I feel unsafe, on the edge”. 07 P 19 XX.XX NS

Complete Repertory:

Want of self-confidence, feels inadequate.

Want of self-confidence, feels a failure.

Fear and delusion of failure.

Delusion of never succeeding, of always doing everything wrong.

Delusion of having made a mistake.

Self-contempt (can show contempt for others).

Discontent of themselves, feeling of being useless.

Ailments from anticipation.

Anticipation, of betrothal.

Irresolution. Indecision.


Delusion of feeling wretched when looking in the mirror.

3) Feeling Forsaken

Modalities: with feeling of isolation.

                  with weeping.

“I had stopped going to my Buddhist group when we first took the remedy (with which I have been involved for some years) because when I last went after taking the remedy I felt alienated, as if I did not belong.

I also felt like that when I went to a Graduation Ceremony.

I felt very alone, isolated and not part of the group.

I slunk off and cried all the way home because I felt so lonely.” 06P 00 XX.XX NS.

Modalities in reference to their anxiety emphasize some of Salix Fragilis’ core symptoms: they remind us of their want of confidence, their anxiety for anticipation, how they live their anxiety of consciousness with sensation of wrong or inadequate doing.  With regard to anxiety of consciousness, it reflects in numerous dreams and delusions of punishment that we describe later on.

Also feeling forsaken with weeping can be linked to anxiety when being alone.


“Still depressed on walk to work. Want to escape from it all. Feel much better for talking to Mum, better for consolation, better for female emotional support”. 04P 17 XX.XX NS.

“Depressed and tearful all day. (…) I just want to escape. No enthusiasm for anything. Don’t want to go out in evening when my boyfriend comes round, not even to cinema. Weeping but only temporarily better for it. Depression soon returns. ”. 04P 16 XX.XX NS.

“I went to a classical music recital at lunch time and got quite aggressive. I wanted to go round and punch a certain person in the face.

I could not let go of thinking about a certain situation and getting angry and wanting to tell someone what I thought. I felt very frustrated that I could not do that. Going to those concerts usually puts me into a very calm meditative state.” 06P 03 XX.XX NS

“Anger and irritability, why isn’t life going the way I want it?

Helplessness and out of control.” 07P 16 XX.XX NS

Complete Repertory:

Sorrow and sadness: Self-absorbed, wrapped in own thoughts, pleased in own sorrow. Lamenting past events. Sadness with thoughts of death.

Weeping: easy, better after weeping, after rage or admonition. Cry for feeling forsaken.

Rage: irritability and rage for own mistakes, thinking of those gone, easy, unprovoked, violent if things are not done their way

Indifference: family, their loved ones, duties or business matters.

Comfort: it makes them better and/or they want it.


Aversion: husband/wife

Ailments from



Unresponded love

Death of beloved

Death of a child



Business (aversion or disdain for busines


“My concentration on my work was not very good.

I was reading paragraphs and not remembering what I had read”. 06P 14 XX.XX NS

“Unenthused having to write diary – making spelling mistakes that wouldn’t normally”. 02P 07 XX.XX NS

“Forgot to make a phone-call that I always make.

Forgetful, forgot where I put my keys, my glasses”. 02P 04 XX.XX NS

“Painting the ceiling in the attic, came downstairs to get something and forgot to go back to the painting”.  03P 05 XX.XX NS

Complete Repertory:

Difficult concentration. Studying, Cannot fix attention.

Forgetful. Mistakes when writing.

Weak memory: for things to do and things read

Salix Fragilis present symptoms when driving, spatial disorientation: absentmindedness when driving, difficult to concentrate when driving, get lost on well-known roads.   (“Drove to work in the evening, missed very obvious turnoff that I know well and ended up miles out of my way.” 02P 34 XX.XX NS).


As mentioned before, Salix Fragilis, presents marked tropism in this regard:

Wanting sexual desire.

Aversion to coition.

Burning vagina during and after coition.

Aversion to husband/wife.

Clinical observations of tendency to abortion in published cases.

“It emerges he’s often sore after intercourse.

I think he should sort it out as I don’t usually get the symptoms.

I feel angry but helpless – I don’t know what to do about it.

I want affection but I don’t want to be touched anywhere very erogenous (still sore)”.  03P 19 XX.XX NS

Interestingly, they also present the delusion of being pregnant and dream of talking with children, or rescuing sick children, or playing with them.

Remember how these willows reproduce: their fragile branches snap and break off, travel down the river and readily root in riverbanks downstream. These fragile and cracking qualities may resonate at reproductive level, the tendency to abortion and self-antagonism, this contradictory will.

Dreams and Delusions

Groups of Symptoms

1) Associated to substance nature:

Delusion of fragility

Delusion of being buried, flooded

Dreams of water: sees water in dreams, or green water; floats in water

Dreams of boats, of making boats, travelling by boat

Dreams of travelling, on water, journeys with difficulties. Sailing to the promise land (E)

Delusion of swirls

2) Associated to anxiety of consciousness

Dreams and delusion of punishment

Delusion of being criticized of being beaten.

of conspiracy against them,

being betrayed.

of being followed.

of being trapped.

            that someone is behind and looks over shoulder .

Delusion of going mad or of people thinking they’ll go mad.

Sensation of others observing their confusion.

Delusion of poverty.

Sensation of seeing ghosts, specters, spirits.

Dreams of being before the court .

Delusion of looking old.

(Bark gets thicker and creases in old trees).

Dreams of slaughterhouses or being trapped in one.

Dreams of death, own death.

3) Associated to Splitting and Self-Antagonism

Delusion of two wills.

Delusion of being Split in two: one is real, the other is not.

Two lines of thought influence them at the same time.

Split between head and body.

Split between mind and body.

Sensation of being Split in two parts.

Confusion over their identity.

Dreams of being fragmented.

4) Associated to want of confidence

Delusion they always fail, do it all wrong.

That they are a failure.

Feeling unhappy when looking in the mirror.

To sum up, these themes, in dreams and delusions, could reflect their individuality:

1) Referred to the substance nature,

2) to the sensation of duality and splitting that can manifest as antagonism,

3) their want of confidence,

4) and the numerous symptoms associated to punishment (that individualize their anxiety of consciousness).

General Symptoms:

Dryness in: face; lips (cracking and bleeding), mouth; tongue and vagina.

Delusion that their brain is dry and compressed.

Thirsty of small quantities. Metallic taste.

Left lateralization. Intolerance of woolen clothes.

Hot flushes at night. Hot flushes alternate with chills.

Easily gets drunk (easily intoxicated).

Love seaside: better on the seashore.

(Remember where this willow grows: on the edge, between land and water).

Worse: of wine, bear and coffee.

Wants: butter, chocolate, flour, lemon, oranges, and tobacco.

Other symptoms: want and better of dancing, jealous and clairvoyant.

Clinical Tropisms:

Arthritis and arthralgia (bark contains salicin). (AAS)

Back and cervical region: stiffness. Muscle ache. Headaches.

Headaches before and after menses.

Vertigo, going up the stairs with a tendency to fall back.

Sinusitis / Rhinitis.

Dysmenorrhea. Short and light menses.

Clinical observations: abortion. Tendency to abortion. Abortion late into pregnancy. Dead fetus.

Etymology and Symbolism

Some etymology experts propose an alternative to the Greek root in willow, which is: helike (from the Greek Ἑλίκη).

Helike, in ancient Greece, was a willow-nymph.

Helike and her sister Ega nursed Zeus in his infancy in Crete.

In appreciation, they were turned into the constellation Ursa Major.

Helike was the early name of this constellation, visible all year round in the northern hemisphere.

Homer mentions this constellation in The Odyssey, book V, when Odysseus tries to use it as guide to find his way back to Ithaca, his home, and fails[6].

Remember that Salix Fragilis lose their way in well-known roads and is exclusive of feeling like a bear in chains. (Delusion, bear in chain)

“I had the image of a dark shadowy form on closing my eyes – it looked like a black bear. I felt sad thinking of the bear chained – having lost its nature and power”.     01P 01 XX.XX NS.

The literal sensation of provers is richer and might express how Salix Fragilis feel exactly: sad, chained, powerless, discontented of their nature.

Salix Fragilis, dreams with doors, symptom that Penelope Stirling highlights as “key note” in the proving.  The door, as we can read in A Dictionary of Symbols (Cirlot, 1992) symbolizes the hole that allows to pass, and therefore is the opposite of the wall.

This dream again correlates with one of the meanings of crack (willow): opening.

We mentioned that the symbolism of the words breaking and cracking resonate in the substance ascended in men.  Breaking and cracking have the same etymology, the Indo-European root *ker we find in words for snapping sounds and the names of the beings that produce these sounds. (2)

The Celt culture regarded willows as sacred.

They used them in funerals.

This culture used a 21 tree horoscope, and believed that those born under the protection of a tree acquired the same characteristics the trees had.

It is interesting to see the symbolic resonance in this aspect, the dates associated to the willow tree are from March 1 to 10, and September 3 to 12.

Those born on these dates, says the Druid horoscope: are affected by everything because they are fragile inside.  But they soon recover. They are also associated with an artistic flare, low self-esteem, the need of love, melancholy and depression.

Comparative Materia Medica

Complementary and Related Remedies According to Penelope Stirling: (Stirling, 1999)

Acute Cases: Ign. Staph. Nux-v.

Chronic Cases: Sep. Phos. Puls. Ign.

DD.: My personal contribution, also could be Anacardium and Thuja.


Dr. Anna Pla, member of The Homeopathic Medical Academy of Barcelona (AMHB), has published 8 cases where she prescribed Salix fragilis. (Pla, 2011) (6)

Below I synthesize the reasons for consultation and literal verbalizations of patients from these clinical records that guided prescription. There are no observations in these published cases, perhaps due to the short time of evolution, regarding symptoms linked to the “Law of Cure”.


Case 1:

Reason for consultation:

Headaches before menses

Tension and painful stiffness in neck.

Patient said:

“I feel whatever I do, I never make the right decision (Delusions, they cannot succeed, they do everything wrong)… a part of me wants to do things, another wants to stop doing them.  I’m in conflict with myself, a conflict of sensations and situations.” (Confusion of mind, as to their identity; sense of duality. Delusions, divided into two parts) “My head won’t stop thinking and swirling, I feel I’m going crazy.  My head and my heart don’t go together, I feel divided” (Delusions, divided into two parts).


Case 2

Reason for consultation:

Headaches. Allergic rhinitis since childhood.

Cervical pain and muscle pain.

Sadness/depression since last abortion + death of mother (same month).

Literal phrases from patient:

“Want another baby, it’s a pressure, I’m afraid, I don’t want to be pregnant right now (…)  The last time, I knew it wouldn’t go well”. (Fear of failure)

“I don’t want to suffer, I really want another child”

(Will, contradiction of will. Will, sensation as if he had two wills).

I can’t take it any more (work), whatever I do, it’s never enough, till I snap; leave me alone! And no. I can’t take it any more (Firmness, drawing the line) (Desire for change, life). “I feel alone, facing the world”. (Forsaken feeling, sensation of isolation).


Case 3:

“I’m surly (abrupt, rough), he is very loving but I feel oppressed, he hugs me too tight, he controls me, watches my every move, looks from over my shoulder to see if I change the nappies correctly. He’s a great father but also quite controlling.” (Delusions, trapped; delusions, criticized; suspicious).

“We talk and nothing changes, perhaps I don’t know what I want, I feel divided between my head and my heart (Delusion, divided in two parts).

Our biggest problem is sex, I have many memories about sex with an old boyfriend that I can’t shake off and I can’t stand when my partner wants sex and he touches me”.


Synthesis and final considerations  – Salix Fragilis (Crack Willow)

Perhaps the first thought when trying to understand this remedy stems from its name that not only identifies the substance, but also ascends in men as dynamic information. It resonates in one of its delusions: fragility. From this starting point, because of the dual or double nature of this willow: hard and fragile, the name might echo in the proving dynamics: cracking, as we said, failing, breaking, creasing and opening.


The genius of this remedy matches its name: crack willow in English and Salix fragilis for Botany.

Another sign is the word splitting: dividing themselves in two (antagonistic tone) or separating themselves, isolating from the world.

Remedy for long grieving patients, upset, better when comforted, that want self-confidence, feel forsaken with anxiety of consciousness. Tropisms: bones and muscles (Arthritis, arthralgia. Sciatica. Cervical and/or dorsal). Sinusitis and/or rhinitis. Clinical observations in patients with a tendency to abortions. Headaches with menses.


To conclude, I quote this poem by Wang Wei (China, VII AD)[7].

Waves of Willow Trees

“Separate rows of silky willow touch,

and reflection merge into clear ripples.

The scene is not like the palace moat

where spring wind aches with departure”.

Comments, contributions and cases, email to Dra. Marisa Laguna:


English version edited by Carolina Serra del Rio:




“Siento que haga lo que haga nunca tomo la decisión correcta (delusions, he cannot succeed, he does everything wrong). No soy la misma persona y no sé aún quien voy a ser; todo se está moviendo dentro de mí; mis prioridades están cambiando; una parte de mí quiere hacer cosas, otra parte quiere dejar de hacerlas. Estoy en conflicto conmigo misma, un conflicto de sensaciones y situaciones.”(Confusion of mind, as to his identity; sense of duality. Delusions, divided into two parts.)”


Carc.              Krebs in Familiengeschichte/ist pingelig/will Harmonie

Sep.                 Erschöpfung/hoffnungsLOS/> Beschäftigung/gereizt gegenüber Familie

Aur.-met            Hoffnungslos/will nur das Beste zeigen

Nat-m.             Trauer/erinnert Ereignisse aus der Vergangenheit


Coincidences :

Fertility: One supervisor was pregnant at the beginning/2 women provers became unexpectedly pregnant shortly after the proving/one prover felt „As if pregnant“.

Poetry: One prover joined a creative writing group shortly before the proving and found herself writing pieces that were stranger and darker than the rest of her group.

Jilted Lovers: Virtually all the provers experienced some tensions in their primary relationship. Maybe this is common in a proving. The general feeling was one of "drawing the line".

Situations that previously had been unresolved but tolerated either became intolerable or spontaneously moved towards a solution.

Out of the real provers who actually took the remedy: one prover's partner started seeing a counsellor to resolve his problems/another couple split up temporarily during the proving/one couple came together and moved in together really quickly/one couple split up shortly after the proving/one prover nearly started an affair/another got her partner to discuss the issue of having children, which they had been avoiding for years. My own 7 year marriage, which had appeared very stable, split dramatically and my husband left, a few weeks before the proving group finished meeting, to start a relationship with someone he met the week after the proving started.

Water: Whenever I talked to the provers, I noticed that they were using water metaphors in their speech. Drifting/floating/"I felt like I was in the prow of a boat going forward through water"/several provers had important experiences in swimming pools.

Moon: Menstrual cycles strongly affected.


Negativ: A. drawing the line and accepting the consequences;


A state of irritability and tearfulness. Emotions flooding out.

A state of excitability and bossiness.

Suddenness and decisiveness in a cautions person. [Change] [Speed - moving house]

Spectres, sees.

Stuck: Wants to change focus

Cutting off: Feels she does not belong anymore.

Resolution of Buried Issues: [Protective love for her child];


Antidotiert von: In proving antidoted by Sep. Anac.


Allerlei: Quelle: Helios Pharmacy/

Almost all varieties of Salix used in basketry (extremely pliable). The only exception is crack willow in which the branches and twigs snap off easily.


Even if planted upside down, it will grow., as the branches can become roots and the roots branches. The crack willow has an advantage by snapping off so easily, in that twigs and branches

that are snapped off by the wind/float downstream/root themselves in the bank further down.


Willows are customarily pollarded (= gestützt.)/used for baskets/coracles/hats/for weaving. Trees (grown near water) are liable to split down the middle in storms and continue to grow. Pollarding reduces the likelihood of splitting.

Willows grow abundant/can used as a source of wood (cricket bats). Willows grow commonly along streams and rivers/the branches and roots together

form a tube or tunnel like the venous system of the land.

Willows associated with water/moon/underworld/powers of divination/wands used for dowsing/for druids staffs/witches broomsticks/power to avert evil ("knocking on wood" originally knocking

on a willow tree for luck.).

In pre-Christian times willow traditionally placed in coffins/planted on the grave., to enable the spirit of the corpse to rise and free. it from the body. To 'wear the willow" once meant to grieve.

It was a custom for rejected lovers to wear willow in their hats, to attract new love to them and to protect them from jealous thoughts about their lost love. Associated with inspiration/poetry. There is an ancient tradition that poets would meet in willow groves.

Death: There is a "spookiness" about the tree, which has often been observed (if pollarded) resembling wild men or hunchbacked women in the dark.

There are stories of willows uprooting at night to stalk unwary travellers (in: the lord of the rings/hamlet/Narnia). During the proving, one couple saw a ghost, and 2 provers made a connection to a sibling who had died in infancy.



DD.: Other tree remedies with a feeling of dividing:




Indignation and snapping:



Repertorium:                                                                                                                     [Penny Stirling]

Gemüt: Ehefrau/-mann abgeneigt

Albernes Benehmen

Angst (wenn allein/durch Erwartungsspannung/Gewissensangst/grundlos)/Furcht [allein zu sein/seinen Zustand wird bemerkt/jemand sei hinter ihm/vor Räubern/vor Versagen, Misserfolg]

kleidet sich unanständig

Antworten abgeneigt/weigert sich zu antworten

Argwöhnisch, misstrauisch

Beschwerden durch - Entrüstung, Empörung/Erwartungsspannung/enttäuschte Liebe/Tod von geliebten Personen (Kind)



Verlangt lange im Bett zu bleiben

“Wie Brüderlichkeit“

Brütet, grübelt

Unfähigkeit zum logischen Denken





Entfernungen falsch eingeschätzt

Enthüllt Geheimnisse

Entrüstung, Empörung

Entschieden/entschlossen/diktatorisch/Festhalten an Meinungen, Entscheidungen/kurz angebunden

Erkennt bekannte Straßen nicht

< Ermahnungen

Erregt (in Gesellschaft)

Extravaganz, Maßlos

Faul [morgens (erwachend)/verschiebt die Arbeit

Macht Fehler [schreibend (falsche Worte)/i.B. auf die Zeit]

Versuchen zu Fliehen (versucht wegzulaufen)

„Wie ein Fremder“

„Wie himmlischen Frieden“

Gedächtnisschwäche [für das was (eben) gelesen hat/für bekannte Straßen/für das, was  gerade tun wollte]

Gedanken hartnäckig [an Personen, die ihn beleidigt haben/an Verletzungen (andere zu verletzen)]/überlegt, bedacht

Zu gefallsüchtig, kokett

Gefühllos, hart

Geheimnistuerisch, verschlossen


Nichts gelingt

Geschäftig, betriebsam

Gesellschaft abgeneigt (> wenn allein/Anwesenheit von Fremden abgeneigt/verlangt Einsamkeit)/verlangt danach (abends/> in Gesellschaft)

Gewissenhaft, peinlich genau i.B. auf Kleinigkeiten

Gleichgültig, Apathie [gegen alles/gegen eigene Familie/gegen geliebte Personen/gegen geschäftliche Angelegenheiten/gegenüber Pflichten/gegen Vergnügen]

Glückseliges Gefühl/fühlt sich high/lustig, fröhlich

Hartnäckig, beharrlich

Hast, Eile

verlangt das Zuhause zu verlassen



“Wie hilflos“

Hochmütig, arrogant

Ichbezogenheit, Selbstüberhebung

Ideen, Einfälle - Reichtum an, Klarheit des Geistes

krankhafte Impulse, Triebe (zu laufen)

Jammern/Klagen (über Kleinigkeiten)

Konzentration schwierig (fahrend, Autofahrend/Studieren schwierig/Unmöglichkeit, sich zu konzentrieren)

Lachen (grundlos/verlangt danach)



liebt es am Meer zu sein

Mitgefühl, Mitleid


Nachdenklich/gedankenloses Starre


Verlangt Ordnung (in das eigene Leben zu bringen)

Raserei, Tobsucht, Wut

Redselig, geschwätzig  # Schweigsamkeit

Reizbar, gereizt [morgens/nachmittags/(>) abends/# liebevollem Wesen/wenn angesprochen/wenn gestört wird/durch Kleinigkeit/bei (Kopf)schmerz]

Ruhelos (ängstlich/bei Schwäche)

Schweigsam (über Oberflächliches zu sprechen abgeneigt)

Seelenruhe, Gelassen (nach Zorn); nach


Selbstsucht, Egoismus

Mangel an Selbstvertrauen (hält sich für Versager)

Sitzen geneigt (unbeweglich, still/wie in tiefen, traurigen Gedanken versunken und nichts wahrnehmend)


Spricht albern/hastig, eilig/in Gemeinplätzen, Klischees

Möchte Still sein, seine Ruhe haben/stilles Wesen

Stimmung, Laune veränderlich

Studieren, Lernen einfach, fällt leicht

Tadelt sich selbst, macht sich Vorwürfe

(>) Tanzen

Gedanken an den Tod

„Wie im Traum“ (angenehm)/alles scheint unwirklich

Traurig (wenn allein)

> Trost (wenn von einer Frau getröstet)

unentschlossen, schwierig Entscheidungen zu treffen


Ungeschickt (lässt Dinge fallen)

es fehlt die Willenskraft, etwas zu unternehmen

Unzufrieden [mit sich selbst (für nichts zu gebrauchen zu sein)


Verlangt nach Veränderungen (im Leben)

Vergesslich (lässt Einkauf liegen und geht weg)

alles erscheint verkehrt

“Wie verlassen zu sein/“Wie isoliert“

Verschiebt alles auf den nächsten Tag



Versteckt sich

Verweilt bei vergangenen unangenehmen Ereignissen

Geistig verwirrt [nachmittags/“Wie berauscht“/“wie nach einem Rausch“/erwachend/> (gehen) im Freien/> Gehen im Freien/i.B. auf eigene Identität (Gefühl der Dualität)/> liegend/verläuft sich in bekannten Straßen/nach Wein]

Verzweifelt (i.B. auf die Genesung/i.B. auf die Zukunft)


Wahnideen <(<(<( viele )>)>)>

Weinen (>/durch Ermahnung/leicht/mit Schluchzen/aus dem Gefühl heraus verlassen zu sein/aus Verzweiflung/nach Zorn)

verträgt keinen Widerspruch/Widerstreit mit sich selbst/Wille widersprüchlich/“Wie 2 Willen zu haben“

vergeudet seine Zeit

Zerstreut [Auto fahrend (verpasst die richtige Abzweigung)]

Zorn (an abwesende Personen denkend/steigt von den Beinen nach oben/über eigene Fehler/grundlos/wird leicht, schnell zornig/wenn missverstanden, falsch verstanden/plötzlich/und schweigsam)


Zurückhaltend, reserviert

Schwindel: im Allgemeinen

“Wie berauscht“

Zu fallen, stürzen geneigt nach hinten

Treppe steigend

Kopf: Bewegungen innerlich < Bewegung 

Blutandrang (morgens erwachend/nachmittags/> Liegen/in Hinterkopf)

Hitze (mit kalte Füße)/Hitzewallungen/

Jucken der Kopfhaut morgens erwachend

 "Als ob Hirn lose, locker"

Schmerz [morgens/vormittags - 11 h - 11 - 15 h/nachmittags/erwachend/dumpf/wund schmerzend/> nach Essen/> (gehen) im Freien/> durch Licht/< Mensesanfang/

< warmen Zimmer/Hinterkopf erstr. Auge/erstr. äußeren Hals (Nacken nach unten)/in Schläfen/abwechselnde Seiten (l.)/> l. Seitenlage/über/in Stirn/hinter/über den Augen]

Schweregefühl (erwachend)

Zusammenschnürung [> (Bewegung) im Freien/> Druck/“Wie mit einer Schnur zusammengeschnürt“ (von einer Schläfe zur anderen)/“Wie Gehirn zusammengedrückt“/in Stirn]

Auge: Ekchymose

Jucken (in Lider)

Photophobie (fahrend)

Schmerz [r./morgens (erwachend)/abends/Wehtun/wund schmerzend/in Augenbrauen/in Lider]

Schweregefühl (Lider)

Trocken (Lider)

Verdickte Lider

Zucken - tagsüber/Lider (r.)

Sehen: sieht grün

Ohr: Schmerz [r./l. (erstr. nach r.)/nachts/stechend/erstr. Kiefer]

Nase: Absonderung - r./morgens/klar/mild, bland

Nasenbluten (morgens)


Trocken innerlich (< Gehen im Freien)

Kribbeln (in Nasenlöcher)

Niesen (morgens erwachend/vergebliche Versuche)

Verstopfung (morgens erwachend/# Absonderung)

Gesicht: Lippen - blutend/schwarz/gefühllos, taub/Jucken in Oberlippe (l.)/kribbeln/rissig/gespannt

Schmerz [l./ziehend/“Als ob ein Faden an die Wange ziehen“/Lippen (wund schmerzend)]

Trocken (Lippen)

Mund: Beißt sich in die Wangen sprechend o. kauend

Schmerz [„Wie verbrannt“/Gaumen/in Innenseite Wangen (wund schmerzend)]

Speichel metallisch schmeckend/Geschmack metallisch

Trocken [Zunge/morgens erwachend]

Zähne: Empfindlich gegen Druck

Elektrische Schläge

Schmerz einige

Inneren Hals: Entzündet

weiße Streifen


“Wie Klumpen“

Schmerz (r./wund schmerzend/morgens/erwachend/wund schmerzend/< Sprechen)


Äußere Hals: < Kleidung

Geschwollene Halsdrüsen

Magen: Appetit vermehrt (morgens)/vermindert

Durst (abends/auf kleine Mengen)

Schluckauf (< nach Essen)

Schmerz [brennend/stechend (nach oben)/> warmes Baden/wund schmerzend]

Übel (morgens erwachend/nachmittags/< nach Essen/denkend an Speisen)

Erbricht (heftig)/Art des Erbrochenen: Wasser

Bauch: Auftreibung/Flatulenz

Gluckern, Gurgeln/Rumoren, Kollern

Schmerz [l./lanzinierend/drückend/lanzinierend/krampfartig/stechend/morgens/erwachend/in Darmbeingegend]

Rektum: Durchfall [morgens (treibt aus dem Bett)]


plötzlich Stuhldrang (morgens)

Stuhl: Reichlich/dünn, flüssig/weich

Nieren: Schmerz (l.)

Blase: Harndrang (nachts/häufig/< nach Wasser lassen)

Wasser lassen selten/unvollständig

Urin: grünlich (leuchtend)/spärlich

Weibliche Genitalien: Fluor (gallertartig/grünlich/milchig/mild, bland/reichlich/sahneartig/riecht hefeartig/weiß)

Jucken - durch Fluor/Vagina/Vulva (und am Anus)

Koitus abgeneigt

Menses - geronnen/reichlich/spärlich/zu spät (6 Tage)

Schmerz [abwärtsdrängend/zerrend/< während Menses/brennend/wund schmerzend/drückend/greifend, kneifend/stechend/Wehtun/in Uterus (und Uterusregion)/in Vagina/beim/nach Koitus]

Trockene Vagina

Sexverlangen fehlend

Kehlkopf und Trachea: Katarrh

Schmerz im Kehlkopf < Singen

Atmung: Atemnot, Dyspnoe, erschwertes Atmen [nachts (< im Bett)/< bei Bewegung/einatmend/Erwachend/im Schlaf/“Wie von einem Schlag“]

Husten: Hustenreiz im Kehlkopf

>  durch kalte Getränke/> Trinken

Tief, aus der Tiefe kommend

Brust: Hautausschläge - flüchtiges Exanthem/juckend/in Achselhöhlen/Furunkel (l.)/Pickel

Jucken in Achselhöhlen (< Schweiß)

Herzklopfen/„Als ob Herz stehengeblieben (und dann sehr plötzlich zu schlagen anfängt)

Geschwollene  - Mammae - Menses - während <

Mammae in Allgemeinen (geschwollen/< vor/während Menses/“Wie Völle“/Kribbeln)


Schmerz [stechend/wund schmerzend/Mammae (< Berührung/< Druck/in (r.) Brustwarzen/in Rippen/seitlich r./< Einatmen/unterer Teil]

Rücken: Jucken

Schmerz [morgens/erwachend/< Atmen/>/< Sitzen/wund schmerzend/Wehtun/schneidend/zusammenziehend/“Wie zusammengezogen“/“Wie von einem Schlag“/in Lumbalregion (erstr. Steißbein)/in Sakrum/in Nacken/vor Menses]

Spannung (in Zervikalregion)/

Steifheit in Zervikalregion (bei Kopfschmerz/schmerzhaft/erstr.Kopf)

Glieder: Gefühllose, taube Fingerspitzen

Hitze in Knie (l.)

Jucken [Arme (< Kratzen)/Finger (Gelenke/Ringfinger)/Füße/Fußsohle (nachts)/Zehen (nachts/< Kratzen/dazwischen]

Kontraktion von Muskeln und Sehnen der Finger

Kribbeln Fingerspitzen

Pulsieren in Handgelenke

Ruhelose Füße (< Sitzen)

Schmerz viele

Schweregefühl (in Beine abends)

Steifheit [Arme (l.)/Beine (< Gehen)/in Ellbogen/in (Hand)Gelenke/in Knie < Treppe heruntergehend/in Schultern (l.)]


Schlaf: Delirös/tief

Aufstehen abgeneigt

Erwacht zu früh/zu spät/häufig/plötzlich/„Wie durch Schreck“/durch Träume

Gähnen abends

Ruhelos/unerquicklich (nachmittags)

Schlaflos aus Angst/< nach dem Erwachen/durch Gedankenandrang)

Schläfrig - nachmittags/abends


Träume: Ängstlich/Arbeit/Auto/Boote (zu bauen)/bruchstückhaft/Eifersucht/erinnerlich, bleiben im Gedächtnis/in einer Falle gefangen zu werden/Fleisch/zu Fliegen/Fragen breiten sich über das Universum aus/Frauen/Freunde (hat eine Affäre/alter Freund)gefolgt von Furcht/Geburtstage/Gefahr/Gemütsbewegungen, Emotionen zu unterdrücken/von Gepäck/Gewächshäuser (voller blauer und goldener Rosen)/Haare fallen aus/Inzest (mit dem Vater sei normal)/von Kindern (Aufpassen auf Kinder/kranke/ein Baby spricht zu ihr/Kinder zu retten/spielenden)/klar/lebhafte - scheinen aber nicht die eigenen zu sein/Meer/Betrunkenen/Mord/kleine Nase/Parties/Prozesse (vor Gericht)/Reisen mit dem Schiff/ruhelos/Segeln ins gelobte Land/Schlachthöfe/schrecklich - wecken auf/Schwierigkeiten auf Reisen/sorglos, unbekümmert/von Spionen/Gemälde, Bilder werden gestohlen/Tiere/sterbender Mann trinkt an ihrer Brust/träumt davon zu Träumen (vergessene und an die er sich wieder erinnert)/Türen schließen sich/sich verlaufen zu haben/verraten worden zu sein/Dinge wegzugeben/Zorn

Frost: im Allgemeinen


Haut: Jucken (> Ofenhitze/< Kratzen)


Allgemeines: Seite l./morgens (und abends/erwachend)/> nachmittags (13 - 18 h)/abends

< Bewegung 

Entzündete Nebenhöhlen

Hitzewallungen (nachts/# Frost)/Lebenswärmemangel/< Wärme

Wollkleidung unverträglich

< nach Menses/> Mensesanfang

Ohnmacht (mittags)

nach Rausch

Speisen und Getränke: Abgeneigt: Essen aber hungrig/Fleisch; <: Alkohol - wird leicht betrunken/Bier/Kaffee/Wein;  

Verlangt: Butter/Fett/kalte Getränke, kaltes Wasser/Mehlspeisen, Teigwaren/Orangen/Saftiges/Schokolade/Zitronen;

„Wie Trockenheit“ in inneren Organen

> Entblößen 


> Gehen im Freien

> am Meer

Schlaf morgens nach dem Erwachen morgens

Schwäche (zittrig)

Spannung - äußerlich/innerlich

Spannung in Muskeln

Verlangt nach Tabak


Repertory:                                                                                                  [Penny Stirling]

Pain in the shoulders from responsibility. The feeling in this proving was "as if snowed under". Grief from love disappointment. Letting go and moving on. Infertility and sexual problems.

Mind: Abrupt/rough/absentminded/abstraction of mind [driving the car (misses turning)]/< admonition/ailments (from anticipation/death of a loved child/disappointed love)/alert

Anger (at absent persons, while thinking of them/causeless/easily/rising up from legs/about mistakes/when misunderstood/sudden/+ taciturnity)

aversion to answer/refusing to answer/antagonism with herself/anxiety (when alone/from anticipation/causeless/of conscience)/aversion (to husband/wife)

Awkward (drops things)/desire to remain in bed/brooding/desires change (in life)/clairvoyance

Company [aversion (> when alone/solitude/presence of strangers)/desires (> in company/evening/of the group)]

Complaining (of trifles)/concentration difficult (cannot fix attention/while driving/studying)/confuse [afternoon/> in open air/to own identity (sense of duality)/“As if (after) intoxicated“/ looses his way in well-known streets/> lying/waking (> in open air)/after wine)]/conscientious

Want of self-confidence (is a failure)/confident/> consolation (by an other woman)/contemptuous/contgent/intolerance of contradiction/too coquettish/couragous/dancing (> mental symptoms)/thinks about death/decisive/defiant

Delusions: [animals (black)/a black bear in chains/is being beaten/bethrotal must be broken/braun is dry and compressed/a heavy black cloud envelopes her (Cimic.)/consparicies against/others observe her confusion (Calc)/is criticized/her disease doesn’t belong to her/is divided in 2 parts )on eis not the real me)/“As if drugged“/is drunk/flying/feels part of a whole group of friends/is a great person/is an impostor/is under a powerful influence/people think her of being insane (Calc)/man’s legs are a quitar/is misunderstood/other peoples noses are enlarged/objects are too far of/someone is behind him (coming up behind/lookin over his l. shoulder)/is persecuted/is poor/being possessed/is pregnant/pressed down by a great force/is seperated from the world/buroed under snow/spectres/ghosts/spirits/surroundings seem strange/does everything wrong, cannot succeed/is under superhuman control/swirls/2 different trains of thought influence at the same time/is trapped/water (flowing/green/+ talking with it)/looks wretched when looking in a mirror/has suffered wrong]

despair (about future/of recovery)/detached/dictatorial/discontented/inaccurate judgement of distances/“As if in a (pleasant) dream/dresses indecently/dwells on past disagreeable occurrences/dyslexia/extasy # sadness/egotism/self-esteem/ennui/tedium/attempts to escape (to run away)/excitement (in company)/extravagance

Fear (of being alone/someone is behind him/of failure/of her condition of being observed (Calc.)/of robbers)/being form (drawing the line)/foolish behaviour/forgetful

(goes off and leaves the purchases)/forsaken feeling („As if isolated)/haughty/helpless/hiding/desires to leave home/hurry/haste/impulse to run/impatience/abundant ideas/clearness of mind/indifference o. apathy (to business/duties/everything/family/loved ones/pleasure)/indignation/industrious/mania for work although weary/introspection/irresolute/indecision/irritability [afternoon/# affection/when disturbed/(>) evening/morning /during headache/during pain/when spoken to/from trifles]/reproaches self

Jealous/lamenting/selfish/ego/laughing (causeless/desire)/mocking/sarcasm/speech (foolish/hasty)/playful/laziness (morning/waking/postponing work o. everything to next day)/feeling shit (Ambra.)/loquacity (# taciturnity)/spaced out feeling/mirth/revealing secrets/squandering/positive

Memory weak [for what about to do/for what has (just) read/familiar streets]/makes mistakes (in time/writing/wrong words writing)/“As if one were a stranger“/

Desires order in life/peaceful/quiet (desire)/reflecting/reserved/secretive/sad (when alone)/rage/fury/pertinacity/does not recognize streets well known/everything seems unreal/everything seems wrong

Restless (anxious/+ weak)/loves sea/desires to sitting (still/“As if wrapped in deep, sad thoughts and notices nothing“)/staring/thoughtless/not able to think logical/thoughtful/studying  = easy/stupefied after wine/never succeeds/lacks willpower to undertake anything/suspicious/sympathetic

Taciturn/talks in chliches/thoughts persistent (of doing injury to others/of persons who offended him)/unfeeling/hardhearted/time fritters away

Weeping (>/from admonition/after anger/from despair/easily/+ sobbing)yielding disposition

Will (contradiction of will/“As if he has 2 wills“)/

Vertigo: Ascending stairs/tendency to fall backward/“As if intoxicated“

Head: Congestion (afternoon/> lying/on waking/morning/occiput)/constriction (> open air/“As if whole brain compressed“/forehead/> from motion in open air/> pressure/from temple to temple by a string)

Head: Heat (+ coldness of feet/flushes)/heavy  (on waking)/itching of scalp (on waking)/“As if brain loose“/Motions inside from motion/PAIN

Eye: Dry (lids)/ecchymosis/heavy (lids)/itching (lids)pain (aching/sore)/photophobia (while driving)/thickened lids/twitchin in lids (r.)

Vision: Green before eyes

Ear: Pain

Nose: Coryza/discharge (bland/clear/morning/r.)/dry (inside/walking in  open air)/epistaxis (morning)/obstruction (# discharge/morning on waking)/sneezing (ineffectual/morning on waking)/tingling (nostrils)

Face: Lips (bleeding/cracked/black/numb/tense/tingling)/dry (lips)/eruptions (herpes about lips/nose)/heat (+ body cold)7itching in upper lip (l.)/Pain

Mouth: Biting in cheek (talking/chewing)/dry (morning/on waking/tongue)/pain (sore/“As if burned“)/taste metallic (saliva)

Teeth: pain/sensitive/“As if electric shocks“

Throat: Catarrh/constriction/white stripe/inflamed/“As if a lump“/pain sore

External throat: < woollen clothing/cervical glands swollen

Stomach: Appetite [diminished/increased (morning)]/hiccough (after eating)/nausea (afternoon/after eating/thought of food/morning on waking)/pain (burning/sore/stitching)

Thirst (evening/for small quantities)/vomiting (violent/watery)

Abdomen: Distension/flatulence/gurgling/PAIN/rumbling

Rectum: Constipation/diarrhea (morning/driving out of bed)/sudden urging (morning)

Stool: Copious/soft/thin

Bladder: Urging to urinate (frequent/night/after urination)/urination (incomplete/seldom)

Kidneys: Pain (l.)

Urine: greenish (bright)/scanty

Female genitalia/sex: Aversion to coition/Vagina (dry/itching)/Itching (vulva (+ anus)/leukorrhea (bland/copious/cream-like/greenish/itsching/jellylike/milky/offensive yeast-like/white)

Menses (clotted/copious/too late (6 days)/scanty)/pain/sexual desire wanted

Larynx and trachea: Catarrh/pain when singing

Respiration: Difficult [„As from a blow“/inspiration/motion/night (in bed)/during sleep/+ waking)

Cough: Deep/> drinking/> cold drinks/+ irritation in larynx

Chest: „As if heart ceased to beat“ (then starting very suddenly)/constriction

Chest: Eruptions [axillae (boils [l.]/itching/pimples/rash [itching]

Chest: Mammae „As if full“/itching axillae (< perspiration)/mammae < before menses/pain/palpitation of heart/swollen mammae (during menses)/tingling in mammae

Back: Iching/pain/cervical region stiff (ext. head/during headache/painful)/tense (cervical region)

Extremities: Awkward/muscles and tendons of fingers contracted/heat in knee (l.)/heavy lower limbs evening/itching [fingers (joints/3rd)/foot (sole/night)/between toes/toes (night/< scratching)/upper limbs (< scratching) numb +/o. tingling at tips of fingers/PAIN/pulsation in wrist/restless foot (sitting)/Stiff

Sleep: Deep/prolonged/delirious/restless/aversion to rise/desire to stay in bed in on waking/sleepy (afternoon/evening)/sleepless (from anxiety/from flow of thoughts/after waking)/unrefreshing/waking (by dreams/too early/frequent/“As from fright“/too late/sudden/“As if something is wrong inside“)/yawning evening

Dreams: Abbatoirs/anger/animals/anxious/being betrayed/birthdays/building a boat/nose is small/boyfriends (affair with/old)/carefree/cars/children (baby is talking to me/looking after/playing/rescuing/sick)/danger/man dying suckling at her breast/difficult journeys (by water)/closing doors/of dreaming (forgotten and remembered)/ suppressing emotions/fear follows/flying/fragmented/frightful waking up/giving things away/greenhous (full of blue and gold roses)/hair falling out/incest (with father

is normal)/jealousy/lawsuits/lost/lucid/luggage/meat/murder/parties/drunken people/picking plants/questions spread out over the universe/remembered in the dream/restless/sailing to the promised land/sea/spies/stealing his paintings/being trapped/vivid/women friends/work


Skin: Dry/itching (> heat of stove/< scratching)

Generals: < evening/> afternoon/< morning (+ afternoon)/on waking/> seaside air/intolerance of woolen clothing/“As if internal parts dry“/faint (afternoon)

Food and drinks: <: alcoholic drinks (= easily intoxicated)/beer/wine/coff; Desires: Butter/choc/cold drinks/cold water/fafinaceous/fat/juicy hings/lemon/oranges/tab; Aversion to: food + hunger/meat;

Heat flushes (# chills/night)/lack of vital heat/sinuses inflamed/after intoxication

< Menses/> beginning of menses/< motion/l. sided/< after sleep waking in morning/tense (internally/externally/muscles)/

> uncovering/waking > walking in open air/< warmth/weak (tremulous)


Phytologie: ailments of the newborn and the aged.

fertility and easing childbirth/bark contains Sal-ac. used as aspirin in conventional medicine to relieve headaches/rheuma/flue.



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