[James Tyler Kent]

Colic with severe burning pain: Ars.

Sol-n. pain similar to Ars. + Coloc. + > bending forward and from pressure + pain ext. heart and left shoulder.

Coloc. and Coffee for colic

Hepatic. or renal colic:

Acon: 1st attack only/PAIN and drives crazyand terrifies/feels frightfully cold, very anxious, faints sitting or standing up/cannot bear the room being hot.

Bell: repeated attacks, short in duration/developing quite suddenly, stopping + a feeling of fullness in the epigastrium/attacks induced, or << by fluids, + flushing of the face/dilated pupils/full bounding pulse.

Chel: Liver symptoms for some time, just vague discomfort/slight fullness in the r. hypochondrium, a good deal of flatulence, intolerance of fats, and who is losing condition, becoming sallow and slightly yellow. Develops an acute hepatic colic, with violent shoot of pain going right through to the back (1. angle of the r.  scapula, 2. a constant ache in the hepatic region, 3. another violent colicky attack). Attacks relieved by HOT application/drinking of water as hot as can be swallowed.

Berb: USEful in renal or gallstone colics. Pain radiates in all directions (1. l., 2. r.). Acute urging to urinate with pain at urination. << any movement/distress/a pale, earthy looking complexion.

Morgan pure Darmnosoden

[Dr. Hering]

Con.: “Pain in the kidneys if the desire to urinate is not at once satisfied,”

[Dr. P. Rajagopalarao]

Oci-c: In renal colic + violent vomiting and the patient wrings his hands and moans all the time. Urine foul smelling with odor of muck. More right sided.


Herzschmerz: Cact. Lach. Cimic. Kalm. Lycps. Spig.


Renal. colic: the urine is as a rule rather suggestive/commonly not blood-stained, but contains a quantity of greyish-white deposit which may be pure pus, but mostly contains pus and a quantity of amorphous material usually phosphates, sometimes urates. Although it is a very dirty looking urine it is surprisingly inoffensive.

Ip. Intense nausea

Berb.: Hydr. Oci-c. Pareir. Sars. Solid. Urt-u.

Morgan pure Darmnosoden.x


Acute abdominal. colic: think of either Coloc. or Mag-p. Both often useful for colic in any area, uterine, intestinal, bile ducts, or renal-it does not matter which it is.

These remedies almost identical with PAIN, patients doubled up with pain/relieved by external pressure and by heat. Colics are intermitting/spasms of pain which come up

to a head and then subside.

Coloc: prefers steady, hard pressure/ always IRritable/IMpatient, wants something done at once, wants immediate relief, and is liable to be violently angry if the relief is not forthcoming/slightly coated tongue (the digestive tract is upset). << cold/likes hot applications, not so extremely sensitive to cold air in its neighbourhood. tends to giddiness (turning more especially to the left).

Ambra.: Hat ein kompliziertes Verdauungssystem/leidet häufig unter hörbare Kolik/colics.

[T.K. Moore, M.D.]

Coloc: cures colic again and again. Then Kali-c. steps in to end the trouble.

Dios: ViolENT, spasmodic colic coming on quite suddenly, rising up to a height, then subsiding. Some relief from applied heat. Tossing to get relief. Contradicted to Coloc and Mag-p. (double up) is hyper-extended;

In gallbladder attacks, in a few intestinal colics, and in a case of violent dysmenorrhoea. I have never tried it in a renal case. Where you get that extreme extension of the spine you can give Dios. without asking any further questions.

Ip: Pain MORE cutting than the acute spasmodic pain occurring in most other drugs. + intense nausea which each spasm of pain with clean tongue.

Mag-p: more relief from rubbing/not the same degree of irritability, patient is distraught because of the intensity of the pain rather than violently angry/tongue is usually clean. << cold/SENsitive to a draught on the affected area. No giddiness. Pain results of exposure to cold (dysmenorrhoea/abdominal colic).

Sin-n.: in colic = Dios. + very offensive breath

Sin-n.: has intense burning in stomach with colic (somewhat like Colocynth), with this difference, the pains come on while patient is bent forward, but instantly > sitting up straight.


Menses colic: Ip.: Violent dysmenorrhoea, rather warm-blooded and with the spasm of pain often described as cutting pain in the lower abdomen. Get hot and sweaty and deadly sick so that cannot stand up and < movement. A perfectly clean tongue and a normal temperature = very often Ip. Even tends to dysmenorrhoea altogether.


Intestinal. colic:

Lyc: colic + by violent abdominal flatulence (stuck in various pockets/post-operative/in region of caecum = Blinddarm)/r. down towards the r. iliac fossa and spread over to the l. side/rumbling and gurgling/eructation with sour taste/pain in the back > passing urine/bit emaciated patient with a rather sallow, pale complexion.

Raph: colic + by violent abdominal flatulence (stuck in various pockets/mostly localized in one definite area/< 16 - 20 h./post-operative/paralytic)/a small area coming up in one place/becoming harder and chancing place/a little flushed/no eructations.

Op: colic + by violent abdominal flatulence (stuck in various pockets/mostly localized in one definite area/post-operative/paralytic)/apt to be a definite area of distention

(„As if everything simply churned up to one point and could not get past it“/“As if something trying to squeeze the intestinal contents past some obstructing band“/

“As if something being forced through a very narrow opening“/Heat with colic (wants to push the blankets off). Distension likely to be in the centre of the abdomen rather than in the r. iliac fossa/very common in a paralytic ileus. (SENsitive to noise).

Podo: hepatic colic mainly/miserable and depressed, almost disgusted with life. helpful in intestinal colics + acute diarrhoea with Podo modalities. infectious gallbladder/

max. temperature in the morning (< 7 h.) and not in the evening. Jaundice. Pain not definitely localized in the gallbladder area/more in the epigastrium as a whole/tends

to spread across from the middle of the epigastrium towards the liver region. Twisting towards the liver region. < taking food. After pain soreNESS in liver region/> stroking the liver lying down.

[Dr. E. A. Farrington]

Aconite in incarcerated Hernia, when inflammation has started in the strangulated bowel, with burning pain in the affected area. Vomiting of bile, great anxiety and cold sweat.

[Allen’s keynotes]

Coloc.: Colic > bending forward

Dios.: Colic > bending backward

[Hpathy Archives, Homoeopathy 1938 Apr Vol VII No 4]


Cact.: “As if an iron band prevent movements of heart”. “Constriction of chest, bladder, rectum, uterus, vagina.” Whole body feels caged, each wire being twisted tighter

and tighter.

Coloc.: Constriction in chest, malar bone to eye, throat, stomach, upper abdomen, about umbilicus, rectum, anus, during stool, larynx. Perhaps our greatest colic remedy.

<: anger/indignation/mortification;

Anac.: Sensation of a plug inside and hoop outside. hoop or band around a part. Nash: “especially in spinal disease”.



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