Lack of reaction


Vergleich: Siehe: Convalescence/Rekonvaleszenz + Thanatose


Meteoreisen Comp. Wala:

[Subrata K. Banerjee]

Ambra.: Lack of reaction in nervous affections of old people, nerves worn out (senile dementia, MS)

Caps.: Lack of reactive force (fat people)

Carb-v.: Lack of vital reaction with copious cold sweat, cold breath, cold tongue, cyanosis with collapse.

Laur.: Want of reactive power in chest & heart affection.

Op.: Lack of reaction in toxaemic conditions with drowsiness with lax muscles.

Valer.: Lack of reaction in hysterical persons.

[Dr. E.B. Nash]

Want of Reaction Remedies

When the patient does not seem to respond, consider these remedies:

Psorinum, Sulphur Psoric complications

Carb-v.: Cold breath and knees

Op.: Painlessness, Drowsiness

Capsicum In persons of lax fiber

Valerian, Ambra.: In nervous affections

[Dr. E.A. Farrington]

Non-Reaction from irritable Weakness

The following may prove beneficial in diseases embarrassed by a condition of non-reaction from irritable weakness:

Mosch. Ambra. Asaf. Valer Castor. Coff. Scut. Cypr. Coca. Zinc-ox. Chin. Camph. Agar. Tarent.

[H.C. Allen]

Want of susceptibility, lack of reaction to well selected remedies: Laur. Opium, Valer.



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