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Curare ailments during convalescence

[Elaine Lewis]

Getting better.

How to bring someone back to normal (when supposedly nothing can be done/the condition is chronic/you’re recovering from surgery or a long hospitalization or even worse).

Sooner or later, it will happen. Some family member will have some health crisis and everything will come to a screeching halt while you figure out what to do about it!

For most of you, it will be out of your hands; all your choices will be taken away from you. The hospital will take over. The doctor will say you need surgery right now, or you have to be started with chemo and radiation immediately, or maybe the hospital will say that your loved one needs to be put in a nursing home. Events spiral out of hand very quickly. The surgery doesn’t heal well, antibiotics are given, the IV line becomes infected, lengthy hospital stay leads to pneumonia which leads to more antibiotics. Before you know it, you or your loved one is sent to a nursing home for long-term care.

And here’s what you can expect from the nursing home in the form of immune support–nothing! Their idea of immune support is the ever-popular Ensure, which is mostly water and sugar! And what does the body need to recover from a health crisis? NOT This Stuff! You need nutrient-dense foods, whole foods, super-foods, raw juices…and

I have to emphasize, this protocol is for ANYONE with a threatening or chronic condition. If you want to make a difference in this person’s life, here’s what you can do:

Bring your family member home. You’ll need a juicer and a blender (preferably a NutriBullet). You’ll need to go on a shopping spree for (organic where possible) fresh fruits and vegetables and you will need a few things from the health food store too:

Vitamin C

Every sick person is deficient in vitamin C, especially people who have issues with bleeding, bruising and anxiety–a sign your adrenals are shot. Stated simply, you need Vitamin C to heal–whatever is wrong with you! 99% of mammals manufacture their own Vitamin C, and they make thousands of milligrams of it when they’re sick or injured. What this implies is that we, as a species, are constantly in a deficit where this vitamin is concerned. If you’re sick, you need this vitamin!

Vitamin C is pivotal in wound healing, prevention of cardio-vascular disease, strengthening of blood vessels, lowering cholesterol levels, alleviating joint pain and swelling, strengthening connective tissue, bone, collagen, fighting infection…there is almost nothing you can name that Vitamin C doesn’t have something to do with.

Add a tsp. of this powdered vitamin C to your health milkshake in the morning. (More on the health milkshake later–I guess they call them “smoothies” now?) For more information on vitamin C, read my interview with vitamin C expert and owner of “Sufficient-C”, Caralyn Vessal 

According to Caralyn, here’s what you’re risking by not getting Sufficient C:

High blood pressure

High cholesterol


Edema (swelling)


Poor wound healing


Diabetic complications

Autoimmune diseases


Stomach ulcers

My only warning about vitamin C is that too much at once causes stomach rumbling and diarrhea; try to spread small amounts of it out during the day–500 mg. here,

1.000 mg. there– rather than taking a big dose all at once and thinking it will last you all day–it won’t, it will be gone in 4 hours–because it’s water soluble. And I have to add, Sufficient-C, as shown above, contains L-Lysine which, together with Vitamin C, clears the plaque and cholesterol out of your arteries, making Sufficient-C a must-have for heart patients! This particular vitamin C is a powder and you can mix a tsp. into a half glass of water, stir, and you’ll have 2,000 mg. of vitamin C taken very easily; it’s very mild, easy to drink, and I use it myself!

Order it from:

Vitamin E Complex

“Linus Pauling long recommended 400 to 800 iu of vitamin E for cardiovascular disease. Several authors have pointed to an extensive study conducted by the World Health Organization on thousands of men and women from sixteen nations. The study illustrated that a low level of vitamin E in the blood was more than twice as predictive of heart attack than either high cholesterol or high blood pressure.”

This is for blood pressure problems, heart and artery health, anything you’re taking a blood-thinner for. Take one or two 400 i.u. softgels a day.

Many of you will be dealing with patients who have heart and circulatory problems, so, besides Vitamin E Complex (and I have to emphasize the word “complex” here, as there are cheaper vitamin E’s but you may wind up with the synthetic version; so, definitely make sure you’re buying Vitamin E Complex), I recommend Dr. Christopher’s Hawthorn Berry Syrup, a tonic for the heart and very delicious! See below:


Hawthorn Berry Syrup

Great for all around heart problems, regenerating the heart and the arteries, lowering blood pressure, and it tastes great! Order from or Dr. Christopher was my teacher, by the way; he was the only herbalist to have a practice in the United States Army. Dr. Christopher called hawthorn berries a “cardiac food”.

Cod Liver Oil = Lebertran

Cod liver oil is a super-food! It protects the heart, the arteries, it’s anti-inflammatory and a source of vitamins A, D and K. Some of the conditions addressed by cod liver oil are high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, stroke, allergies, asthma, cancer, colitis, Crohn’s disease, mental problems, ADHD, and, as an anti-inflammatory, it’s for anything you’re taking Prednisone for. It’s a source of the healthy omega 3 fatty acids. 

It also exerts its influence on the brain–improving memory, addressing behavior problems. It contributes to bone health, rebuilding the bones, combating osteoporosis, bone pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness, difficulty climbing stairs, etc. even curing arthritis. I cured my dog of arthritis with cod liver oil. And dogs love it, they have no trouble eating it right off the spoon; though I must tell you that it comes in flavors now–orange, lemon, etc. The idea is to stir a tsp. into 2 ounces of milk, stir vigorously, and drink it down, twice a day. Why milk? Because cod liver oil is not water-soluble, it’s fat-soluble and should be taken with a fatty substance, like milk; but, not supermarket milk, please, which is no health food! This brings us to our next purchase, our next super-food….

Raw Milk

Unlike the fake milk sold in supermarkets, full of hormones for fattening up the cow and antibiotics to prevent mastitis (so common in factory farms), raw milk comes from well-treated cows living on real farms with pastures for them to graze on (can you believe that pastures have become a thing of the past?) 

Plus, it is not subjected to boiling which kills all the enzymes and friendly bacteria. If you can’t get raw milk, try almond milk…

almond milk or Flax milk  

Flax milk or coconut milk (make sure there’s no sugar added–read labels!) And speaking of reading labels, you want to avoid drinks with carrageenan added, an ingredient whose only purpose is to keep food from “separating” when all they have to do is put “Shake Well” on the label, how hard is that?

I went to Whole Foods today and read the labels on the almond milk and flax milk and only one brand had no carrageenan, guar gum, etc. and that was the store brand;

so, you do have to read the ingredients list, even when you’re in the health food store; you just can’t assume anything! For all my friends in Philadelphia, raw milk is sold

at Essene’s Natural Foods at 4th and Monroe (Monroe is 2 blocks south of South Street).

You’re going to need milk of some sort to make your…

Protein Shake (or “Smoothie”)

This is why you need a blender–or a NutriBullet, which is what I have. Some people just add water, but, I don’t know… you can try it, but, I feel some kind of milk would

be more appealing; but, you have to understand, I grew up in the age of milkshakes and “malt shoppes”, so, I’m prejudiced in that way. Every Drug Store had a “soda fountain” and not only were milkshakes made from scratch but they would ask you, “Do you want an egg in that?” Yes, they meant a raw egg. And back then, all eggs were organic and all chickens were free-range.

Health Milkshake nutribullet

Pour in however much milk or water you need (adjust the amount depending on how many people you’re serving, how many ingredients you’re adding and the thickness you want). Some people are really industrious and they make their own coconut milk as Chris Wark demonstrates here:

add some fruit like a banana, grapes, berries, peaches, mangoes or whatever you prefer, and a handful of baby greens. Don’t worry, you won’t taste the baby greens, they have no taste! You’ll only taste the fruit! Vegetables are important to increase your potassium levels which is very important in healing!



These are the organic baby greens: 


power greens 2


Don’t they look adorable? They come in plastic containers in the produce section of the supermarket or health food store and are so easy to work with! Just pick up a handful and drop them in your blender. (I have to warn you though, these baby greens don’t last long, they start to go bad in about 2 or 3 days; so, try to use them up fast–there are all kinds of ways to do it, you can juice them, put them into stews, put them into sandwiches, salads, etc.) And PS, if you’re suffering from constipation, buy the all-spinach baby greens. Spinach is great for constipation!


Also, add an organic raw egg to your milkshake for protein.

Or, you can add protein powder but according to Chris Wark’s website ( some protein powder has been found to contain heavy metals: lead, arsenic, mercury and so on, so, see what Chris recommends (essentially, a plant-based protein powder):


Then add a tablespoon of..

Wann Mitteln nicht wirken: Tub.



Meteoreisen Comp. wa:

Chrysolith-Salbe die Augenumgebung einreiben und die Verreibung einnehmen.

Als Pallasit (olivinhaltiger Eisenmeteorit) bei Autoimmunleiden und mangelnder Rekonvaleszenz, auch bei Status nach Grippe mit Visusschwäche +/o. Migräne (w Verreibung D12). Wegen seines Eisenanteils ist der Pallasit auch als "Durchhaltemittel" zur Prüfungsvorbereitung interessant.


Psor: The disease has run its course but the patient remains weak, perspires freely from the least exertion, must lie down. He has no appetite and seems completely exhausted.


[Dr. Sayeed Ahmad/Dr. Charles Boericke].

Nux-v..: for the irritable, overworked, costive dyspeptic male;

Puls.: for the contradictory, changeable, lachrymose female;

Cham.: for the whining, restless, irritable child;

Chin.: and Chinin-ars.: for postgrippal asthenia.

Ars-i.: Chronic coronary artery disease, and in the recuperative stage following acute myocardial infraction. This remedy covers the weakness, prostration, restlessness, nightly aggravation, substernal soreness and burning pains > heat, paresthesias, and chronicity of complaints.

Sec.: In arteriosclerotic heart disease, where the pathology is angina pectoris and right heart disease, with cold and blue extremities, intermittent claudication and endarteritis, intolerant of heat and feels better in the cold and from cold applications. May turn out to be the homœopathic nitroglycerine.

Scut.: In neuro-circulatory asthenia and hyperventilation syndrome. It seems to quiet the marked apprehension due to cardiac irregularities. (Mosch).

Nat-s.: An excellent rheumatic tonic (hydrogenoid constitution where the patient feels change of temperature from dry to wet, always weak ankles and knees, and a tearing rending pain from hips to knees, < night).

Carb-v.: a post-influenzal tonic, where the patient has complete asthenia, easy perspiration, a stubborn persistent tracheo-bronchial cough and evening huskiness of the voice.

Staph.: residual pain and nervousness after teeth extraction. Also one of the best constitutional tonics for the early paranoid psychosis characterized by hypersensitivity, easy offence over trifles, indignation about things done by others, inward sufferings from pride, envy, or chagrin. The patient harbors imagined slights as an obsession

Pic-ac.: extreme mental and physical prostration. Always tired, so much so that he must lie down and sleep most of the time. Heaviness and numbness of the limbs and

a persistent weakness of the back. Spinal exhaustion following acute disease


Echi.: eclectic blood tonic. Staphylococcus infections, viral herpes of the lips, canker sores, and so-called blood poisoning.

Zinc-met.: older individual oversensitive and prostrated. Slow cerebration. The mind seems weak and sluggish. He repeats questions before answering, waits a moment, looks blank, then his face lights up and he answers.

[Farokh Master]

Foll.: Delayed convalescence after any acute illnesses.

[Astrid Süßmuth]

Rekonvaleszenz von Kinder: Hell. D 20



[Dr. Margaret Tyler]

"When the reflexes are abolished Zincum comes in”. Might well be considered for the paralysis following cerebral thrombosis.

Ambra.: geriatric tonic. Indicated for the prematurely old with feebleness and trembling. The patient exhibits confusion with vanishing of ideas. He jumps from one subject

to another. He asks question after question, never waiting for an answer. The presence of another person seems to aggravate all symptoms. The mind runs on unpleasant fancies, diabolical faces and sights.

Physically the patient has asthmatic breathing and a nervous spasmodic cough. General nervous hypersensitiveness is a keynote symptom.

Phos.: delicate and sensitive adolescent. Apathetic, responds slowly and move sluggishly. He seems weary of life and has gloomy forebodings. He has weak and "all gone" sensations in all parts of the body. Craves salt and iced drinks. He elicits fears of being alone, of the dark, of thunder, that something will happen. Indifferent to friends and loved ones. He has vivid imaginations.

Ph-ac.: similar to Phos. in some respects, but these patients complain of crushing weight on vertex, occiput, and nape of neck. A painless diarrhœa is common. The nervous system is in a state of debility without erethism. There are profuse night sweats. This remedy is a great tonic to young people who are over-grown. To be considered for the chronic and long lasting effects of grief.

Calc-p.: tonic of pregnancy and prophylactic to toxemias and anæmias. This remedy seems to regulate calcium-phosphorus metabolism and is a catalyst for the assimilation

of iron.

[Paul Herscu]

We can add Vipera to our differential of remedies for injuries that do not heal. For example, I gave Vipera to a young woman who suffered a bad puncture wound that became infected and was quite painful, worse hanging down. Vipera also comes to mind when an injury cannot heal because of damaged blood vessels which limit circulation to the part in question. I once treated an older diabetic patient who had two toes amputated. The wound would not heal and the man went into a delirious state from the pain, the shock, the diabetes, and the pain killers. All this was quickly reversed with Vipera and his foot went on to heal nicely.

[H.C. Allen]

Eucal.: Convalencing from malarial fevers, chronic malarial affections, quinine cachexia.

[E.A. Farrington]

Psorinum – Sometimes, after acute or violent diseases, we find the patient greatly prostrated, depressed in mind, weak in body, low-spirited, hopeless of recovery,

and yet there are no organic changes remaining. He has weakening night-sweats.





Calc-p. # Kali-p.


Prunus spinosa ferm c Ferro D 3 Glob 20 g WALA 3 x 10 Globuli täglich für vier Wochen
Ferrum rosatum / Graphites 3 x 10 Globuli täglich für vier Wochen


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