Panthera tigris = Tigerurin Quelle.


Vergleich: Argiope bruennichi = Seidenbandspinne/= Tigerspinne./= Wespenspinne Quelle:

            Cypraea tigris. = Gehäuse der Tigerschnecke Mollusca.

            Falkenauge. [= Krokydolith + Si/= Quarz = dunkelblau/schillert bei Bewegung/durch Verwitterung entsteht Tigerauge (= blue asbestos.)]           

            Sapium o. carumbium insigne = Excoecaria insignis/= Saft/= Tigers´s Milk Spruce/= Chinese tallow tree Malphigiales

            Hydrc. = Centella asiatic urban/= Wassernabel/= Tigerkraut

            Lil-t. = Tigerlilie/= Po-he

            Tigereisen. = Hämatit. + Jaspis. + Tigerauge.

            Tiger´s urine. (Divya) = Panthera tigris tigris (= Königstiger) Quelle.

[Karasee Pillay]

Signature: Panther. Medicines that induce parasympathetic relaxation (eat, sleep, dream, relax), so that one relaxes like a big cat. Valerian, catnip, hops, crampbark.

Siehe: Mammalia + Raubtiere. Mammalia Anhängsel + Felidae (= Katzenartigen)



    sehr auffällig: keine Körper-Symptome aufgetreten


    Paranoide Haltung: ihr wisst etwas von mir, ich habe einen bestimmten Ruf

    aggressive Stimmung, Anspannung, Angreifen, vs weich, liebevoll, geschmeidig, wie angegossen, rein "zutschen" (rein gezogen werden)

    Ying und Yang, starke Polarität, in einem ICE in der Pampa, oder im Tunnel festsitzen

    Kosmisch, Universum, schwarzes Loch

    Zusammenziehen und Ausdehnen

    Pelze, Fellmützen, Fellschuhe


[Ghanshyam Kalathia, Carole Sanders]

Tigers are highly muscular and a single blow can kill a full grown wolf. Panthers are the highest jumping of mammals, it makes a lightning fast jump of up to 10 meters

long and more than 3 meters high. They have extremely sensitive paws; if their paws are injured they can die due to not being able to run and hunt. Tigers are solitary

and territorial.


Top of the food chain; power, strength

Tigers are the largest cats, even bigger than lions. They have excellent muscular body and enormous physical power so they can kill even the biggest prey by just one pounce. This quality is

similar to all big cats but tigers and lions are really in charge; they have no need to struggle to retain their position. They are very successful, similarly to column 10 and 11th

stadium of the periodic table.

Lac-leon. belongs to the 10th column, with similar delusions as in Pall-met. and Plat-met: ‘He is king.’; ‘He is superior to others.’ He has power and strength, so people must give him respect.  He also has a huge ego, so the smallest remark or contradiction is intolerable. While Panthera tigris also has a huge ego, strength and power, and the need

to be on top, his need to control everything is similar to the 11th column, like Aur-met. and Arg-n. As seen earlier, Lac leoninum feels he needs to be treated as the emperor, staying on his throne, while Panthera tigris feels he needs to be out controlling things.

To be on top you need to have control over everything

Unlike lions, tigers are solitary big cats, so they have to do everything by themselves rather relying on anyone else. Although they have a big personality, they do everything

on their own. They check the smallest detail and do not leave anything uncompleted. Superficially, this quality looks like suspiciousness or mistrustfulness but, in reality,

this is perfection. They must not take the chance of making a mistake, they need to be aware of the smallest thing and be constantly alert, ready for any kind of situation at

any moment. Panthera tigris people are active, agile and dynamic.

Lac leoninum people, on the other hand, are good at delegating, which makes them look lazy.

Ambush, surprise attack. Tigers remain concealed and attacks by springing up suddenly, surprising the prey. They do not roar or make any sound when they charge, so death approaches silently. Although ambush attack is common in all cats, it is more pronounced in tigers and leopards. In patients, we hear expressions such as “suddenly attacked from nowhere"; "a surprise attack"; “suddenly from out of the blue", etc.

Other symptoms:

  Tigers are considered as the highest jumping mammals.

  Must make huge leaps because they are unable to run as fast as other cats

  Does not like to be seen and just waits stealthy till the victim comes very close.

  Very sensitive to injuries of paws and feet; injuries can result in death. (Lac puma)

  Loves swimming and loves water


Provings: Yogesh Vasandi, Rajesh Barve, Divya Chhabra


[Medicine Cards]

Tiger - Power and Passion

Tigers are symbols of focus, patience, inner sight, clairvoyance and healing. Tiger's orange gold coloring represents vitality and regeneration. Courage, power, energy, strength, will-power, devotion, passion and sensuality are all characteristics of the tiger. Its cycle of power is nocturnal, the full moon and the new moon. Tigers are magnificent animals that hold an air of independence and confidence. Being solitary animals, males and females come together only during the mating season. The tiger is an excellent mothers.

The cubs stay with her into their second year, partly because they are born blind. To compensate for this their inner sight is fully operational. This is symbolic for those with

this medicine. Children born into this medicine are natural clairvoyants and prophets.

Mysticism and mythology surround the tiger. The Chinese believe that the tigers head often carries the chinese "mark of wang," or king, on its forehead. This is can be seen within the patterns of its fur, one vertical line with three horizontal ones passing through it. Because of this Tiger is one of the 12 signs of Chinese astrology.


Unlike other big cats, tigers are excellent swimmers tying them to the energies and mystical qualities of the element of water. Water is associated with emotion and intuition. Muscular, powerful and agile the tiger can travel great distances in search of food. The distance they cover depends on how much prey there is to eat. The less prey the further their territory extends. Walking on their toes with the back part of the foot raised tigers stalk their prey or lie and wait and then spring unexpectedly on them. Tigers are nocturnal hunters and hold the teachings of focus, patience and surprise.

Tigers are also known for their healing properties. Their body parts are sought for use in traditional Chinese medicine and exotic herbal remedies. Their orange gold coloring symbolizes vitality and regeneration. Those with this medicine heal quickly. The tiger’s sight, smell and hearing is excellent. They have round pupils and yellow irises, except for the blue eyes of the white tiger. Due to a retinal adaptation that reflects light back to the retina, the night vision of the tiger is six times better than that of humans. Tiger teaches us how to see into the world of the extraordinary.

Those with this medicine have a strong sensitivity to touch and make excellent body workers. Creating sacred space where others cannot enter, spending time alone in order to gather the energy required to move tirelessly throughout life is advantageous for those with this totem. When tiger appears get ready for adventure, challenge and change. The power, passion and vitality of tiger will activate the same components within you. When tiger comes into your life, expect new adventures that will awaken power and passion in your life. Expect it to begin within 6-8 weeks and last for at least 11/2 year.

[chinesisches Sternzeichen Tiger]

Der mutige Tiger hat meistens ein selbstsicheres Auftreten als Einzelgänger. Seine Führungsqualitäten stellt er in fast allen Lebenssituationen unter Beweis, doch genauso gut kann er zum Rebellen werden. Wenn ihm Situationen nicht behagen, reagiert er häufig mit grollender Unzufriedenheit oder auch mit einem respektlosen Verhalten, mit dem andere nur schwer umzugehen wissen.

Ihr gut ausgeprägtes Organisationstalent verleiht den Tigern die Fähigkeit, auch das größte Chaos in Ordnung zu verwandeln, und sie wissen meist auch in den schwierigsten Situationen, wie sie sich behelfen können.

Tigergeborene verfügen über eine große Sprachbegabung und Wortgewandtheit. Das ist ihre Waffe, wenn es gilt, sich durchzusetzen oder in von ihnen angestrebte Positionen zu gelangen.

Die im Zeichen des Tigers Geborenen sind vitale Menschen, die oft über eine dominante Persönlichkeit verfügen. In vielen Lebenssituationen beanspruchen sie eher Unterstützung und Unterordnung als selbständige Mitarbeit anderer. Und so kann der Umgang mit den agilen Tigern bisweilen etwas anstrengend sein. Tiger sind Idealisten, die genauso leidenschaftlich wie auch nachsichtig und fürsorglich sein können.


China: Mut, Tapferkeit, Exorzismus; Weißer Tiger steht für Westen und Herbst



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