Angst Repertory Anhang 3


[Gibson Douglas]

Fear of the Dark is essentially fear of the unknown. It is frequently inculcated in sensitive children by a nurse or some other person who ought to know better.

To the imaginative child this world of blank darkness becomes peopled with all manner of horrific and malignant denizens, from whom the only escape is into light

and the company of friendly folk.

Calc.: child desires company, extremely jumpy and easily startled; noises heard in the dark acquire all sorts of sinister connotations.

Cann-i.: subjects with all their perceptions, sensations and emotions magnified to the 10th degree quite naturally exhibit a horror of darkness.

Camph.: shows anxiety and restlessness almost to the point of frenzy are terrified and particularly scared of everything nearby in the dark.

Lyc.: likes to know just where they are and what is going on here; they shrink from what is new, unaccustomed and unknown. Hence they too fear the dark with all its vagueness and uncertain possibilities.

Med.: plethora of fears, tendency to start at the slightest sound, a sense of unreality, hypersensitivity to touch, has also acute fear of the dark.

Phos.: over excitable, highly imaginative could be expected to fear the dark.

Puls.: dependent on the company of other people is naturally afraid when alone in a dark room.

Stram.: the poisonous rank-smelling week Thorn-apple, deserves mention in this connection. Intense fear in the dark and a desire for a dim light in the bedroom at night. Oddly enough there is also a dread of glistening objects. Liability to stumble if moving in the dark or even if attempting to walk with the eyes closed.


[Dr Ranjodh Sandhu]

Fear of Being Alone: Arg-n. Ars; Crot-c. Hyos. Kali-c. Lyc. Phos. Ars-s-f. Camph. Clem. Con. Elaps. Gels. Kali-p. Lyss. Puls. Sep. Stram.

Fear of Animals: BELL. CHIN. Stram. Tub. Abel. Bufo. Cust. Hos.

Fear of others approaching him: ARN. ambr. bell. cupr. cupr-ar. ign. lyc. stram. thuj. acet-ac. anac. bar-c. cadm-s. cann-i. caust. con. iod. nux-v. op. petr. phos. sep. stry. tarent.

Fear of being Bitten: hyos. lyss.

Fear in a Crowd: ACON. arg-n. aur-met. kali-ar. lyc. nat-m. nux-v. puls. aloe. arn. ars. bar-c. bell. caust. ferr-met. hep. kali-p. led. nat-ar. petr. phos. plat-met. sel. sulph. tab.

Fear of Public Places (Agoraphobia): GELS. arg-n. calc. kali-p. acon. bar-c. crot-h. ferr-met. glon. hydr. hydr-ac. levo. nux-v. puls. visc.

 Fear of Dark: CANN-I. STRAM. acon. calc. camph. cann-s. carb-an. carb-v. caust. cupr. lyc. med. phos. puls. stront-c. aeth. am-m. ars. bapt. bell. brom. calc-a. calc-p. gels. grin. kali-bi. nat-m. nux-m. rhus-t. sanic. sil. valer. zinc-met.

Fear of Death: ACON. ARS. CALC. CIMIC. GELS. LAC-C. NIT-AC. PHOS. PLAT-met. agn. apis. arg-n. ars-s-f. bell. bry. cact. calc-ar. cann-i. caust. cocc. coff. crot-t. cupr-met. cycl. dig. ferr-p. fl-ac. graph. hell. hep. kali-c. kali-i. kali-n. lach. lil-t. lyc. merc. mosch. nat-m. nux-v. op. ph-ac. psor. rhus-t. sec. spong. verat.

Fear of Impending Disease: BELL. KALI-C. MERC. PHOS. alum. arg-n. arn. bor. calc. calc-ar. lac-c. lec. lil-t. nit-ac. nux-v. ph-ac. plat-met. puls. sel. sep. spong.

Fear of Dogs: BELL. CHIN. caust. hyos. lyss. stram. tub. calc.

Fear of Evil: CALC. CHIN-S. KALI-I. PSOR. arg-n. ars. aur-m. carb-v. caust. chin. coff. iod. kali-ar. lach. laur. lil-t. lyss. mag-s. nat-c. nat-m. onos. pall. phos. sep.

stann-met. staph.

Fear of Failure: lac-c. arg-n. arn. cob-n. gels. iod. naja. nat-m. phos. sil. sulph.

Fear of Falling: bor. cupr. gels. lac-c. lil-t. nux-v. stram. acon. alum. arg-n. ars. calc. chin. coff. cur. hyper, kali-c. kali-s. lyss. onos. sani. sil. tab. zinc-met.

Fear of Ghosts: acon. ars. carb-v. caust. hyos. kali-br. lyc. manc. phos. plat. puls. sulph.

Fear something will happen: CAUST. NUX-V. PHOS. TUB. ars. calc. carb-v. iod. kali ar. kali-br. lac-c. lil-t. nat-m. nat-p. onos. pall. ph-ac. plat-met.

Fear of Killing: ars. chin. nux-v. rhus-t. absin. alumn. am-m. der. sulph. thea.

Fear of Misfortune: CHIN-S. MED. NUX-V. PSOR. anac. calc. caust. clem. graph. hell. merc. nat-c. puls.

Fear of Being Murdered: cimic. plat-met. absin. op. phos. rhus-t. staph. stram.

Fear of Narrow Places: LYC. PULS. arg-n. lac-d. acon. aran. cocc. nux-v. plb-met. staph. stram. succ. sulph. tab. valer.

Fear of Noise: ant-c. asar. aur-met. bell. bor. caust. cham. cocc. lyc. nat-s. phos. ther.

Fear of People: HYOS. LYC. NAT-C. RHUS-T. acon. anac. anh. arist-cl. aur-met. bar-c. carb-v. caust. con. iod. kali-ar. kali-c. led. nat-ar. nat-m. plat-met. puls.

Fear of Being Poisoned: bell. hyos. Kali-bi. kali-br. lach. rhus-t. verat.

Fear of Robbers: ARS. arg-n. con. ign. lach. merc. nat-m. phos. zinc-met.

Fear of Solitude: ars. ars-s-f. asaf. bell. bism. cadm-s. clem. elaps. kali-c. lyc. plb-met. ran-b. sep. tab.

Fear of Suffocation: ACON. ars. bry. dig. grin. kali-i. lob. phos. spig. spong. staph. stram.

Fear of Thunderstorm: PHOS. bor. bry. gels. nat-c. nat-m. nit-ac. rhod. sep.



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