Vergleich: Merc-aur. (= Goldamalgam)

Siehe: Mercurius + Anhängsel (JJ Kleber Elizabeth/Renkert/Rudolf Treichler) + Anhang 2 (Peter Morrell) + Schwermetallen + Astrologie und Metalle + Metalle in Anthroposofische Medizin

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ISBN 3-609-63490-1

Lanthanoide. + Actinoide gehören zu den Metalle


Thema: Angriff + Verteidigung

All metals are strong willed. All metals are left brain dominant (Ferr-met. and Plat-met. more sensitive amongst the metals in the psoric phase of complaints and mostly get left sided affections).


Wirkung auf Parenchymorgane haben Arsenite, Arsenate, Hypophosphite, Acetate, Sulfate.

Wirkung auf Hohlorgane haben freie Metalle, Oxide, Carbonate.

Wirkung auf Nervensubstanz haben Fluoride, Phosphate.

Oxide sind energiezuführende Stoffe - Halogenide haben mehr Wirkung auf Parenchym und Drüsen.


Struktur: beschrieben in Stadien der Entwicklung des menschlichen Lebens,

bis Reihe 10. (Kontrolle + Macht entwickeln),

ab 11 Desintegration und Abbau (Kontrolle + Macht verlieren);

die Perioden/Serien zeigen die Art der Struktur (Existenz/Identität/Beziehung). Die Stelle in der Periode. 4 zeigt die Vollständigkeit der Struktur;

Problem wird bei sich selbst empfunden [Ein- o. Angriff von außen (Attacke)]

1. Reieh/Periode.

2. Reihe/Periode: Es geht um die Vollständigkeit der jeweiligen Struktur mir fehlt was/geht was verloren/an Identität.

3. Reihe/Periode.: mir fehlt was/geht was verloren an Beziehung.

4. Reihe/Periode. mir fehlt was/geht was verloren an Sicherheit

5. Reihe/Periode.: mir fehlt was/geht was verloren an Selbstdarstellung.

6. Reihe/Periode.: mir fehlt was/geht was verloren an Verantwortung + Macht

Problem ist Vollständigkeit des ICH (was habe ich/was brauche ich/was verliere ich), Frage = wie weit wir entwickelt sind;

Mir fehlt etwas, verliere etwas, wenn das vollständig oder vorhanden ist habe ich keine Probleme; wie fähig, wie entwickelt bin ich; in einem Entwicklungsschritt festzustecken;

Metals Performance and defence.

Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper and Zinc are more concerned with defence than with performance.

Rhodium, Palladium, Silver, Cadmium and Indium are more concerned with performance than defence.

Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, Gold, Mercury and Thallium (heaviest metals) have strong issues about performance and defence.


Calcined metals = Oxides


[Massimo Mangialavori]

Die sieben kardinalen Metalle:

Aurum (der König mit starkem Verantwortungsbewusstsein),

Argentum (die Königin braucht andere, um sich darzustellen),

Ferrum (Soldat und der hilfsbereite, pflichtbewusste Kämpfer),

Mercurius (Aufbegehren gegen Autoritäten),

Cuprum (General und Chef der Armee, der mit Rückzug reagiert),

Stannum (Richter, der Gesetze schafft),

Mercurius (Narr und Gegenspieler des Königs)

Plumbum (Macht des Hohepriesters, der tiefsinnig ist, aber ohne Zufriedenheit)

sind mehr als Elemente. Jedes dieser Metalle ist verbunden mit einem machtvollen Archetypus, wie sie bereits in der Alchemie beschrieben sind. Metalle sind zielorientiert und haben ein starkes Konkurrenzdenken.

Die sieben Metalle symbolisieren die Beziehung zwischen jedem Einzelnen und dem Rest der Welt. Jede Persönlichkeit trägt eine individuelle Kombination dieser sieben Archetypen in sich.

Der charismatische und weltweit bekannte Homöopath Massimo Mangialavori verdeutlicht uns die Wirkung dieses alten, alchimistischen Wissens anhand eindrücklicher Fallbeispiele aus seiner Praxis. Treffend arbeitet er die Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede der Metalle sowie deren Salze heraus.

Auch das Arzt-Patient-Verhältnis kommt zur Sprache, und Mangialavori erklärt auf humorvolle Weise, wie man unbewusste Patientenstrategien entlarvt und so zum passenden Metall findet.

Meine Erfahrung mit Ferrum-Patienten ist, dass sie eher Kämpfer sind, die nie aufgeben, immer im Krieg sind und in diesem Krieg bestehen und immer das Gefühl haben, ihr Leben sei ein Kampf. Bei Ferrum erwarte ich ernstere Depression und ernstere Krankheiten, mehr noch als dieses Krampfen, welches bei ihr auftrat. Meine Ferrum-Fälle reagieren so, wie viele der Metalle reagieren:

In Richtung ernster Depression und selbstzerstörerischer Krankheit.

[Farokh Master]

Metals account for about 2/3rd of all the elements and about 24% of the mass of the planet. Metals have useful properties including strength, ductility, and high melting point, thermal and electrical

conductivity and toughness. From the periodical table it can be seen that large number of elements are classified as being a metal and few of the common metals used in

homoeopathy are iron, arsenic, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, zinc and stannum.

I will be discussing the group 12 to 14 which has metals like Zn, Cd, Mercurius (= Hg), Ge, Sn and Pb. However I will describe the case not in detail but I will give you the zest of the mental

characteristic that has helped me in different type of cases from this group.

1. To begin with I will talk for Zincum. I had a young boy who comes with severe eczema all over his body; he was diagnosed to be allergic to many food substances. He has taken lot of treatment from skin specialist however his eczema does not respond.

He has also taken homoeopathic treatment from Delhi but there was no appreciable improvement.

The main problem that he faced was he had a very poor self confidence and he always felt that there is something really wrong with him, maybe he has done wrong things in his life, may be in his

previous birth he has committed some crime or may be in this birth he has hurt many people.

And that’s why god has given him this particular disease. Sometimes he literally visualizes the figures of the people whom he thinks he had hurt them and he constantly develops a fright because of that. He is quite suspicious in the sense that he will never eat from anybody’s house or he will avoid eating in restaurants because he always feels that something will be there in the food which can damage him. This was the main core of the case.

I took the rubrics delusion he is being poisoned; delusion sees images; sees phantom; delusion fright as if in a fright; delusion sees figures; delusion evil has done some evil; delusion crime he has

committed; delusion accused she is.

With these particular symptoms I gave him Zincum met 30C and he was much better in his eczema within few months.

Now here you should remember the group feeling, of this 12, 13 and 14, is that everyone is an enemy and a competitor and everyone is under suspicion and everybody is there to attackhim.

This is a common group feeling in this particular group, so remedies like zinc, caladium, mercury, germanium, stannum and Plumbum will have this kind of feeling whenever you see the case

at a deeper level.

2. A person with a non-healing diabetic ulcer, now here again the person had a high cholesterol and hypertension for which he was already on allopathic treatment but he developed a non-healing ulcer and doctor advised him to shift from oral hypoglycemic agent to injectable insulin because his diabetic was not under control and he was very comfortable doing this so he comes to me for homoeopathy.

He had a very long history to tell me but the crux of the situation was that he was in a joint business with his family members and he had strong fear that his brothers and his uncle will grab away that business from his hands and destroy him. He was the main person who built up the business and he was very intelligent and hardworking; he brought up the business from the scratch yet he was not so much appreciated because in joint family the profits were equally distributed and he was not basically involved manytimes in important decisions and as a result he always had a fear that his

relatives are conspiring things behind his back; they are trying to damage him; they are trying to harm him and he has to take lot of precautions because he feels that may be one day they may literally murder him or they may literally try to damage him.

Sometimes this becomes so worse that he develops severe fear of going into crowded places or developing fear of getting insane.

I took multiple rubrics for the case but the most important ones which led me to the remedy Mercury were - delusion enemy everyone is; delusion surrounded by enemy; delusion he is in hell; delusion

injury is about to receive; delusion murdered he will be; delusion he is persecuted; delusion he was pursued; fear of crowded places; fear of enemies; fear happen something will; and fear of insanity.

With this kind of mental symptoms I prescribed him Mercury in different potencies for a period of 3 months I could totally cure his diabetic ulcer and bring back his sugar levels to his original position and patient never had to use insulin.

3. An old Parsi gentleman whom I was treating for depression with chronic hypertension with early dementia.

He had a long story of his life; he was 69 years old. The most important part of his story was that he was all alone, his children were all living abroad, and his wife was also not having a good health and was constantly remaining sick so there was a nurse who used to take care of patient as well as wife. He had 2 servants quite faithful and nice; however in his depression he started having lot of

delusions and the most important delusion was that he used to tell the servant that they should lock up every room and they should put every costly thing that is in the house under locker or

safe because somebody is going to come and rob the house, also many times he said there is a big danger to this house and big danger to his life, however on detail questioning he could not expand

on this subject.

When he is not doing anything he would sit quiet and not talking with anyone. He also manytimes told his friends and other people near him that he has done lot of crime in the past and that’s why

God is now going to come and punish him.

The most important thing was he never allowed anybody to play any television or radio in the house because he felt that this aggravated his thoughts and fears a lot.

Many times while sitting he will go in deep sleep.

His second complaint was vertigo. Sometimes he makes some funny gestures when nobody is observing him.

He was on lot of allopathic treatment mood elevators, anti-hypertensive drugs, vitamins, and anti-depressive medicines. The most important symptoms that I could take in his case were -delusion-

he has committed a crime; delusion - impression danger to his life; delusion he will be murdered; delusion others are conspiring to murder him; delusion he was pursued by enemies or by friends

or by police; suspicious; and delusion he has sinned away his day of grace.

With this symptomatology and his dementia I gave him Plumbum metallicum and this was the remedy which helped him a lot for his depression.

In the next 6 months I could reduce depression most of his delusional symptoms disappeared, and his fears regarding the danger totally came under control.

Hence you will see that these three remedies – Zincum, Mercury and Plumbum basically have the same type of delusional state of mind; that is somebody is going to attack them or somebody is going

to destroy them; people are going to come and rob them or murder them; and as a result they will become extremely suspicious.


Studies in the scope of Stannum. [Dr Elizabeth Wright Hubbard] Presented by Sylvain Cazalet

Our materia medica gives a horde of symptoms for each of the well-proven remedies, on an empiric basis. This is practical if we can synthesize and remember the welter of detail. But our crying need in materia medica is to deepen it, to study the substances in themselves, in their relation to the cosmos and the natural sciences. Then a sense of the inevitability of the remedy picture grows in us. Instead of a feat of the memory, it becomes a growing power in the physician's soul. New implications and possibilities arise which painstaking research as well as vigorous thought can carry through from hypothesis to science.

That which H. made into homœopathy had its source in the ancient mysteries. He acknowledged his great debt to Paracelsus., and some of our best homœopaths have been deep students of alchemy, like the late Dr. Emil Schlegel of Germany. The Doctrine of Signatures and the Correspondences of Swedenborg hold much light for those of us into whom it can penetrate.


In the ancient wisdom the elements (metals) have a special place, being connected with the planets. Many of the metals we use and stress: Aur-met. Arg-met. Merc. Ferr-met. Cupr-met. - but some which theoretically should be as important do not come into their own in our knowledge and prescribing.

For instance, the subject of this paper, Stannum = tin. This is the Jupiter of the alchemists, one of the 7 most important metals, each being allied to one of the seven major planets (Aur-met. to the Sun, Arg-met. to the Moon, Plb-met. to Saturn, Stann-met. to Jupiter, Cupr-met. to Venus, Ferr-met. to Mars, and Merc. to Mercury). The more recently discovered planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc. are as yet unassigned as to metallic correspondences.

Some of the metals are a combination of forces: as Zinc-met. of Plb-met. + Stann-met., Magn. of Ferr-met. + Cupr-met.

In the alchemic view these metals influence or represent different planes of the human economy : Aur-met. the Ego. Cupr-met. and Ferr-met. the astral (emotional), Stann-met. and Merc. the etheric (vital), Plb-met. and Arg-met. the realm between the etheric and the physical.

Note that each plane save that of the Ego, has two chief metallic influencers. The one increases the forces, and the other diminishes them. If you will check this abstruse sounding statement by our knowledge of homœopathic medicaments and their workings, and even by orthodox physiology, you will be surprised at how they all fit in. For instance, copper (astral) is connected with Venus and is the element which frees the astral that has too strong a hold.

In plain terms, when emotionality is excessive we have hysteria, cramps, etc. which are of the essence of our homœopathic Cupr-met. Ferr-met., the other astral aspect (Mars) strengthens the astral grip. In other words the anæmic, flabby Ferr-met. patient needs more of the defining, rigid, astral influence. Again Stann-met. (etheric) connected with Jupiter, is the forming force-ideals realized

in the physical, so to speak- whereas. Merc. connected with Mercury, represents the dissolving forces of healing. For the etheric plane is the plane where healing takes place. We know, homœopathically, how Merc. will resolve the clogged antrum, the hard swollen gland, etc. (the glandular is etheric).

We also know how Stann-met. will build up and strengthen vital (etheric) weakness. To follow, Plb-met. related to Saturn, frees the etheric from the physical, thereby tending toward the isolation of the physical, which means death. We know how slow, devitalized, chronic, emaciated and near dissolution is the Plb-met. patient. Arg-met. corresponding to the Moon, permeates the physical with the etheric, thereby vitalizing, warming and fluidifying the solid.

In the Ego realm (corresponding to the Sun and warmth) Aur-met. brings the Ego in, strengthens the spirit. We know the warm powerful Aur-met. personality with its despairs in the higher realms of the Ego, and with its action on bones (bones belong to the Ego sphere). Although I have not found it in the literatur I feel that the other metal acting on the Ego must be Platinum', the false Ego, as it were, when the Ego is too strong and needs releasing, just the opposite of gold (Aur-met.) where it needs fortifying.

Most of you are probably wondering why busy physicians should indulge in such esoteric meandering, and itch to prescribe for me Sulph. DMM, on the key-note of abnormal interests in "Who made God" ! But I have found curious value in straying beyond the customary purlieus of thought. At least it sets us thinking in that stark, simple, focussed way, which may be the beginning of wisdom.

All this by way of preamble to the consideration of the scope of Stannum. I shall spare the infinite detail which you know or can easily read. In personality, connected with Jupiter: calm, fair, phlegmatic, slow but sure, capable of amatory dalliance, only occasionally wielding the thunder bolts in the form of colic. It is sad mentally (tubercular patients who are not euphoric); prone to weep, < by tears (opposite of Puls. which is its complement); uneasy, discouraged and indifferent because of weakness. Think of the element tin: beautiful but not enduring, too malleable, too ductile, too brittle; somehow soft all through, easy to dent and ply. It used to be called diabolus metallorum because it could not, as we say now, "take it". This leads us to the greatest characteristic of Stann-met.: weakness, weakness especially in the chest, as if empty; weakness in the voice, cannot talk or read aloud, loss of timbre. Stann-met. slumps in a chair, can't sit up for weakness.


Metalle = sulfurisch.

As with precious stones, the metals tend to be formed within the earth's crust under intense heat and pressure, in areas of metamorphic activity involving recrystallisation and restructuring, sublimation and concentration of otherwise thinly dispersed elements. These processes might in themselves suggest analogous processes in the body and in disease for which they may be useful, for example small intestine, kidneys, bone marrow, liver and spleen all involve activities of this type. Cancer/AIDS/Leukaemia/MS/degenerative conditions. This means organs containing filtering, sieving and re-shaping processes and diseases of a similar type.

Metalle spielen im Anthroposofisches Naturheilverfahren eine große Rolle/gerne als vegetabilisierte Metalle eingesetzt (hergestellt: eine Pflanze wird 3 Jahre lang Rhythmus einem metallhaltigen Boden ausgesetzt, danach kompostiert, bis sie von dem Metall durchdrungen ist und zwecks Medikamentengewinnung geerntet wird. Jede Arzneisubstanz soll nun zu Ihren Wesensgliedern eine unterschiedliche Affinität haben. Zum Beispiel sollen sich pflanzliche Stoffe für Ihren astralen Bereich, tierische für Ihr ätherisches Wesen, Mineralien und Metalle für das “Ich” eignen.


China: Die fünf Elementenlehre basiert auf fünf angenommenen Grundelementen (xíng), vielleicht besser zu übersetzen als Wandlungsphasen o. Aktionsqualitäten. Metall bzw. Gold Reife, Kontraktion, Kondensation, Ablösung, Sinken/Geschmack scharf


Alum-met                               Zurückziehen                                                                        Gruppe/Familie

Ant-met                                  Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Verlieren                                            Erde

Arg-met                                  Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Handhaben/Standhalten/selbstbewusst + etwas rigide



Ars-met                                  Arbeit                                                                                   Verlieren

Aur-met                                  Handhaben/Standhalten/selbstbewusst + etwas rigide            Macht                                                Sonne

Bar-met                                  Bestimmung/Ziel                                                                  Macht

Beryl                                      Bestimmung/Ziel                                                                  Ego/Ich

Bism-met                                Macht                                                                                   Verlieren

Cadm-met                                                                Kunst/Kreativität                                                                                                   Wiederholen/Streitereien

Calc-met                                 Bestimmung/Ziel                                                                  Arbeit

Cer-met                                  Macht                                                                                   Erforschen

Chr-met                                  Arbeit                                                                                   (Sich) beweisen

Cob-met                                 Arbeit                                                                                   Letzter Anlauf

Cupr-met                                Handhaben/Standhalten/selbstbewusst + etwas rigide            Arbeit                                                Venus

Ferr-met                                 Arbeit                                                                                   Durchsetzen/-stehen                         Mars

Gal-met                                  Arbeit                                                                                   Zurückziehen

Germ-met                               Arbeit                                                                                   Eliminieren

Hafn-met                                Macht                                                                                   Gründen

Ind-met                                  Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Zurückziehen

Irid-met                                  Macht                                                                                   Letzter Anlauf

Lantaniden                             Erforschen

Lith-met                                 Ego/Ich                                                                                 Anfang

Mag-met                                 Bestimmung/Ziel                                                                  Gruppe/Familie

Mang-met                               Arbeit                                                                                   Entwickeln

Merc-v = Hydragiumn   Macht                                                                                   Wiederholen/Streitereien                   Merkur

Moly-met                               Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  (Sich) beweisen

Nat-met                                  Anfang                                                                                 Gruppe/Familie

Nicc-met                                Arbeit                                                                                   Erfolg

Niob-met                                Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Vorbereiten

Osm-met                                Macht                                                                                   Durchsetzen/-stehen

Pall-met                                  Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Erfolg

Plat-met                                  Macht                                                                                   Erfolg

Plb-met                                   Macht                                                                                   Eliminieren keine typischen metallischen Eigenschaften/reflektiert Licht

                                               schlecht/leitet kaum Wärme und Elektrizität und es hat eine geringe Elastizität                               Saturn

Polon-met                               Macht                                                                                   Erinnern

Rad-met                                 Zerstörung/Magie                                                                 Bestimmung/Ziel

Rhen-met                               Macht                                                                                   Entwickeln

Rhodi-met                              Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Letzter Anlauf

Rub-met                                 Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Anfang

Ruth-met                                Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Durchsetzen/-stehen

Scand-met                              Arbeit                                                                                   Erforschen

Sel-met                                   Arbeit                                                                                   Erinnern

Sil-met                                    Gruppe/Familie                                                                    Erfolg

Stann-met                               Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Eliminieren                                        Jupiter

Stront                                     Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Bestimmung/Ziel

Tant-met                                 Macht                                                                                   Vorbereiten

Tell-met                                  Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Erinnern

Thal-met                                 Macht                                                                                   Zurückziehen

Thor-met                                Zerstörung/Magie                                                                 Erforschen                 

Titan-met                                Arbeit                                                                                   Gründen

Uran-met                                Zerstörung/Magie                                                                 Erforschen

Vanad-met                             Arbeit                                                                                   Vorbereiten

Tung-met                                Macht                                                                                   (Sich) beweisen

Yttr-met.                                Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Erforschen

Zinc-met                                 Arbeit                                                                                   Wiederholen/Streitereien

Zirc-met                                 Kunst/Kreativität                                                                  Gründen


„Der Mensch ist gewissermaßen ein siebengliedriges Metall”

Alchemie. eine Rose mit 7 Ringen von Blütenblättern weist auf die 7 Metalle und ihre Entsprechungen in Form der Planeten hin.

Alptraumartige Angst

Paracelsus drückt es aus mit den Worten: „Metalle haben große Übereinstimmung mit dem menschlichen Körper. Denn Kräfte, die im Metall verborgen ruhen, sind auch im Menschen. Wenn Gleiches zum Gleichen kommt und mit Verstand gebraucht wird, so wird der Natur geholfen”.

Zugeordnet wird Gold die Sonne (Herz)/Silber der Mond/Eisen der Mars/Kupfer die Venus/Zink der Merkur/Zinn der Jupiter/Blei der Saturn.


Ein spezielles Transformations-Verfahren zur Gewinnung von Wirksubstanzen entwickelte R.S. für die «vegetabilisierte» (= «verpflanzlichte») Metalle. Siehe: Mitteln.


Agri. = Odermennig, ein gelbblühendes Rosengewächs, auch als Leberklette bezeichnet. Taucht vor allem in Rezepten zur Ausleitung auf (Schwermetallen bei Bergarbeitern).

Slag. enthält viele Metalloxiden/= Gruppe mit unterschiedliche Zusammensetzung

Cinnb. gefunden mit Pyrit/Realgar in Vulkanen/heiß = Rot + Gelb-/Blauton/= Urform des Hg auf Erde/= einziger gefärbte Merkurverbindung ohne Metalleigenschaften. nicht giftig/Merc verliert Flüssigqualität + S. verliert Verdunstungsvermögen.


[Massimo Mangialavori]

Als Hahnemann Aurum, Argentum und Plumbum untersuchte, galt sein Interesse in gewisser Hinsicht genau diesen Inhalten. Wenn wir über Gold, Silber, Blei, Quecksilber, Zinn, Eisen oder Kupfer sprechen, dann sprechen wir in gewisser Weise über die Beziehung zwischen uns und dem Rest der Welt. Aus dieser Perspektive gesehen sind die sieben Metalle sehr starke, überzeugende Archetypen. Diese Archetypen sind Teil des Lebens eines jeden Menschen. Seiner Persönlichkeit entsprechend kann jeder von uns einen der sieben Archetypen (oder mögliche Kombinationen) mehr oder weniger stark in sich entwickeln.

Gemäß dieser Theorie trägt jede Persönlichkeit eine individuelle Mischung oder Kombination dieser sieben Elemente in sich. Dies ist der Grund, warum früher bestimmte Heiler ausschließlich mit diesen sieben Metallen arbeiteten und mit nichts Anderem (oder sie verwendeten sieben Arzneimittel, die diese sieben Elemente widerspiegelten).

All diese Zusammenhänge finden wir auch in der Symbolsprache unserer Märchen wieder.

Unser Bild des Königs wird durch das Gold verkörpert.

Der Königin entspricht das Silber.

Eisen ist gewöhnlich durch den Soldaten (oder die Armee) vertreten - der über die Macht des Königs wacht.

Kupfer gehört zum General der Armee - er ist der Chef.

Blei repräsentiert die Macht des Hohepriesters oder es wird als spirituelles Zeichen im Namen der Macht missbraucht.

Zinn steht in Beziehung zum Richter, der weise ist und gute Gesetze erschafft. Der Richter kann die Weisheit von König und Königin nutzen, um den Menschen zu einem besseren Leben zu verhelfen.

Merkur ist im Märchen ein merkwürdiger Geselle! Quecksilber kann alles sein! Meistens ist Merkur der Narr, der Räuber oder der Arzt. Er ist jemand, der viel weiß, dem man aber nie so ganz trauen kann. In der Römerzeit war Merkur das Symbol der Heilkunst. Er war der Gott der Kommunikation, der Diebe und der Reisenden - es ist die Art von Tuberculinum, der rund um die Welt reist und alle Informationen zusammenträgt! Die Merkur-Kraft ist gewöhnlich der Gegenspieler der königlichen Macht. In gewisser Weise ist Merkur der Judas - es geht hier um eine Art von Verrat – er ist jemand, der gegen das System agiert. In diesem Sinne verkörpert er ein dynamisches Element,

das eine Krise säen kann, sodass das gesamte System zerstört wird und etwas Neues entsteht. Er ist der Revolutionär.

Gold ist das Metall, das nicht rostet – darum ist es so kostbar.

Quecksilber ist das einzige Element, das Gold zerstören kann; es besitzt diese reale Macht ebenso wie die symbolische (und ist somit wirklich recht syphilitisch).

Wenn wir in der Homöopathie mit der Betrachtung der Archetypen beginnen, können wir erkennen, auf welche Art diese Mittel (und ihre Salze) wirken.

Wir müssen uns der Nummer „5“ annähern, um ein anständiger Mensch zu werden. Um ein Weiser zu werden, müssen wir zur Nummer „7“ gehen - dort ist der Ausgangspunkt für das Streben nach Weisheit.

So zeigen sich uns hier, repräsentiert durch die sieben archetypischen Metalle, die Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten, die uns an jedem Tag unseres Lebens offen stehen.

Bei allen sieben Metallen sehen wir das Problem des Fallens und des Schwindels. Dies wird gewöhnlich für ein reines Aurum-Problem gehalten, aber die Erfahrung zeigt, dass es ebenso bei

Argentum, Plumbum, Ferrum und Cuprum auftreten kann.


sun -                gold -             Au -                 heart/spine -                           golds, yellows -                                             sunflower seeds, oranges, eggs, grapes

moon -            silver -             Ag -                 brain/fluids -                          white, cream, greens -                                   melons/cucumbers/yogurt/cheese/milk

mercury -             hydrargyrum - Hg -                nervous system/lungs -             silver, grey, yellow -                                             cereals

venus -            cuprum -          Cu -                 kidneys/digestion -                 blues, pinks, pastel shades -                                    fruits, potato, chocolate, sweets, berries

mars -              iron -               Fe -                  blood/muscles/circulation -             reds/browns -                                                peppers, tomatoes, onion, garlic, curry, meats, black pudding

jupiter -           tin -                 Sn -                 liver/gall bladder -                     oranges -                                                        nuts, seeds, lemons, apples

saturn -           lead -               Pb -                 skeleton/skin/hair/nails -         black, dark colours, purple, violet, indigo coffee, carob, aubergenes, olives


Ferrum: A person who has excess Iron is hard, strong, active and assertive - an 'Iron Man'. Will fight or argue/make decisions quickly/speak abruptly and forthrightly/move quickly/always busy, moving on to new things/think on the hoof, rarely reflecting on what they do/activity centred, spending most of their time fully occupied/like sports of all kinds. (Business people: accused of being hard/selfish/aggressive). Some incline to violence or criminality. Iron is softened, domesticated and improved with silver, copper or gold. The iron type needs to be less assertive and more kind, needs to be mellowed and made more passive and receptive to others' needs. Nux-v./Coff/Sulph/Ferr-met.

Cuprum: excess of Copper = mild and artistic/goes with the flow/creates harmony/will never upset others needlessly/prominent in artists of all kinds/like sweet things, sloppy films. Like silver people they are inspired/poetic/romantic. This type has the needs of others just as clearly in mind as their own/kind/deep/generous/warm-hearted/like comforts/food/a romantic life/love to socialise and mix with others/strong family ties/presence and companionship of friends and family are very important to them/need to develop more confidence/more structure/more strength/more grit. Copper can be strengthened either with iron or lead. Puls is a key remedy.

Plumbum: dark and heavy/rather sombre or gloomy/depressed/maybe a control-freak ('don't touch that, it's mine!', etc.)/like coffee, dark clothes, winter, night-time and gloomy or highly structured music/tend to be rather conservative and loves structure and strict time guidelines/can be uptight and intolerant (interference). They are often too wrapped up in themselves to bother much about others. They tend to be very serious, to think too much and to dwell in the past. Rather conservative and set in their ways/dislike change and upset of any kind. Interested in politics. The lead type needs to loosen up a bit and develop more spontaneous joy. It is chiefly mellowed and improved by gold, copper, tin or silver. DD.: Calc./Pb-met/Lumm./Lyc.

Stann-met: Theorizers (ability to clearly see patterns in events and data/build up theories to explain the world/natural philosophers)/like to speculate (gamble)/like travel and long journeys abroad/suspicious/sense of humour/need to develop more action and less thought, to live less in themselves and more in the outer world/the inquisitiveness, expansiveness and growth tendency of jupiter makes tin people so obsessed with patterns and information/tend to be excessive and obsessive in the things they do/also stems from their great natural enthusiasm. Tin can be livened up with iron, made more artistic with silver or copper and deepened with lead. Chel. and other liver remedies.

Merc: chatterbox/ceaseless talking/gossiping (harmless o. bitchy)/makes a good messenger, diplomat or go-between/can be two-faced and cannot keep a secret! Love books/letters/newspapers/magazines/journals/correspondence/reading/writing/telephones/crosswords/language.

Merc. Tub. Cann-i. Stram.

Arg-met: emotions/refined senses. Maybe clairvoyant/oversensitive; can’t tolerate any roughness. Like copper they have a fine artistic sense and prefer family and friends most. The lunar silver type is the most caring and compassionate of all the metals; they like people and want to mother them and care for them. In this sense they are the archetypal feminine type. People with excess silver may find life rather painful and constantly on an emotional roller-coaster, as they react to negative and positive things so intensely and with powerful emotion.

Need to some lead or iron to harden and protect them from the harsh realities of life, by reducing the intensity of their emotional response. DD.: Arg-met. Puls. Ign.

Aur-met: king, proud/refined/naturally superior/vain, arrogant and somewhat haughty/warm-hearted and kind. Past the vanity, they are kind givers who love to throw parties/splash out on big shows. Music lovers (opera)/loyal friends (big schemes) will always help others in need/succeed very easily and are gifted as natural winners/come first/get the gold medals/strive to win/win without trying/can be proud, aloof, smiling, aim to succeed, become famous; bosses, directors, music lovers, etc. Aur-met. Plat-met.


Was als Metall gebraucht wurde/wird



Bronze = Metall der Bronzezeit in Vorderasien

Carbon. = Kohlenstofffaserverstärkter Kunststoff (KFK), auch carbonfaserverstärkter Kunststoff (CFK), oder englisch carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), oder verkürzend Carbon, oder Karbon, ist ein Verbundwerkstoff, bei dem Kohlenstofffasern in Kunststoff eingebettet sind. Der Kunststoff besteht meist aus Epoxidharz. Es sind aber auch andere Duromere oder Thermoplaste möglich.

Cupr-met. neben Bronze und Steinwerkzeugen

Jade. in China zur Herstellung von Werkzeug/Waffen gebraucht


Nephrit. = kidneystone/= Beilstein/zur Herstellung von Waffen und Werkzeugen gebraucht/aus Tremolit und Aktinolith,

Osbidian. = Metall der Maya

Silex. = Metall der Steinzeit/= „Stahl der Antiken“



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