Asthma wird oft vergesellt von Allergie.

Allergie zu Asthmamedikamenten: Darmnosode Bacillus 10

Nahrung: Milchprodukten vermeiden


Behandlung: Symptomatisch mit Inhalierer; Kinder + Erwachsene: vorbeugend täglich Singulair (= Leukotrienenhemmer/= Montelukast sodium/nicht gebrauchen wann Asthma < Anstrengung; (Acon-f.: Asthma bei Anstrengung)

Nebenwirkungen: Kopf-/Bauchschmerz/Schnupfen u.a./bei Phenylketonurie kontraindiziert)/Gink-b;

[Herbert Albersmann]

In Österreich wird seit einigen Jahren Bienenstockluft zur Behandlung von Asthmatikern mit großem Erfolg einsetzt.

Hilfe: Sport mit vorangehendem langsamem Beschleunigen des Atems/Feueratem;

Rezepte. aus dem Papyrus Ebers


Asthma consists of severe paroxysms of difficult breathing usually followed by periods of complete relief, with recurrence of the attacks at more or less frequent

Intervals. There is wheezing, due to narrowing of bronchii and distension of airsacs of the lungs.

Air is trapped in the distended airsacs. The person cannot exhale properly.

It may be from spasmodic contraction of smaller bronchial tubes due to some deranged condition of the nerves plus congestion or inflammation in them.

It is often found in people who are very nervous.

Paroxysms are generally at night or early hours of the morning (3 - 5 h.) when BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS are LOW, waking with anxiety, with a sense of

weight and tightness across the chest, a feeling of suffocation.

Note: this is the time when pollen count is lowest and there is NO stress so low blood sugar is probably the cause.


- difficult respiration with wheeziness

- face pale, perspiring

- rapid irregular pulse

- patient only wants fresh air

- < touch/salt

- < carbonated water

Causes :

1. Allergies - asthma is identical with hayfever but asthma affects the bronchii

            hayfever effecxts the upper parts of the respiratory tract. 30 - 40% of people with hayfever develop bronchialasthma

2. Low Blood Sugar - all asthmatics have low blood sugar although this is not necessarily the cause. Asthmatics rarely have diabetes

3. Vitamin and mineral deficiency - Vitamin A keeps mucous membranes in lungs moist and therefore the cilia will

4. CoQ 10 can markedly decrease Histamine release from lung tissues, an immediate dosage with CoQ 10 helps an asthmatic attack.

            Asthmatics should not take Ibuprofen pain killers as it has been linked with BRONCHOSPASMS which maybe fatal.

            Aminoacid GLUTATHIONE has a particular protective effect to the lung tissue and can clear up 'garbage' cells in the lungs

            (Felmore Health publication no 26) Helps the body produce its own CORTISONE and anti-Histamine.

- Vitamin B

- (Calcium Pantothenate) and Vitamin C

- Fishoils in the diet or supplementation can suppress an asthma attac which is triggered of by exposure to ALLERGIC substances (pollen/catfur/housedust)



Psora: ????

Sycosis: Often # skin troubles Kali-c. Med. Nat-s. Thuja.

Syphillinie: always < at night

Tuberkulinie: always tired, easily get colds, debilitated, anaemic. transparent skin, long eyelashes, blue eyes

Always getting COLDS despite a desire to be in the open air, loves change and travel

DROS. Tub. Bov. at infrequent intervals, (note Dros. shows more spasms and paroxysms with coughing than Tub.), Sil.

Card-m.: Asthma von Bergarbeiter/Folgen von Arbeit in Porzellanherstellung/Bildhauen/Steinmetzen/Untergrundarbeit (Sil)




Asthmatische Bronchitis: Ars. + Ip. + Nat-s

Siehe: Allergie + Borreliose + Lungen + Anhang (Robert Medhurst/Dana Ullman) + Anhang (Repertorien) + Anhang 2 (Charles Bernaert) 


All-s.: Gluttonous, fleshy old man with deranged bowels by the least irregularity in diet, a chronic bronchial catarrh with profuse mucous expectoration has manifested

            itself in periodical asthma. The cough appears to come from the stomach. The breath foetid and patient will cough from smoking. Mucus rales are heard in the bronchi almost continuously.

Pain distensive/stinging, with paralytic weakness/increasing and decreasing gradually like Stann-met/Sulph. May complain of this kind of pain in the psoas and iliac muscles < least movement

though he can lift the limb with the hand.

Ambra.: Cardiac asthma. Pneumogastric nerves and is rich in peculiar nervous symptoms. Easily agitated and embarrassed. The slightest thing affects the breathing and heart. Embarrassed in

company/cough < when people are present. Cannot tolerate the presence of others when urinating or during stool. Old people and children. 

Cough spasmodic from tickling in the throat with espectoration of yellowish or greyish-white mucus, tastiug saltish or sour in the morning. Also has a convulsive cough with short breathing and oppression felt in the chest and between the scapulae. The heart palpitates frequently when walking in the open air. Face pale and pressure on the chest „As if a lump lodged there“. Your pneumogastric is out of order and false signals are being given.

Amm-v.: enthält Cromoglicinsäure

Ant-t.: Children, asthma appears suddenly at night with a suffocating cough and palpitations and the sufferer feels the need to sit upright. < warm weather/being warm,

> motion/belching/lying on the r. side. Conventional/homoeopathic used for certain symptoms. A. fine rattling or crackling sounds in the chest; The chest also seems full of phlegm that the patient cannot cough up. Must sit up about 3 h., has great difficulty breathing, and feels suffocated. Young children/elderly.

Asthma from cold, humid weather, attack of asthma at 3 h., compels to sit up and seek open air, loud, rattling sound from the chest while coughing but no mucous comes out, soon the face turns pale and blue and gets covered with cold sweat. Important symptom an irresistible desire to sleep, even during respiratory distress.

[Willard Pierce]

Aral.: cannot lie down as breathing in that position is more difficult. Fears he will “suffocate, and is obliged to sit up day and night. The least exertion takes away the breath. Relief by bending

            forward, elbows on knees. The obstruction to breathing is during inspiration and the shoulders are raised in the effort to cause expansion of the chest. Expiration is comparatively free.

Ars.: feels exhausted, yet restLESS and anxious. < lying down, > sitting up at begin/<< 24 h. - 2 h.

1. Dry wheezing, 2. cough with frothy whitish fluid. Can be thirsty, taking frequently tiny sips. General chilliness/burning pains in the chest and heat in the

head. > warmth often. Periodic attacks of asthma + burning in chest, restless/anxious/extreme fatigue and cold sweats (with hayfever or emphysema).

< immediately on lying down/walking/exertion; > warmth/warm food.

An attack after consuming cold drinks or foods, breathless < 24 - 2 h., unable to lie down from fear of suffocation. Must sit bending forward, darting pain and burning through the upper 1/3 of r. lung, asthma + inexplicable prostration and fear. Asthmatic syndrome/Pneumonia/Cardiac failure.x

Ars-i.: Occasional forces sufferer to sit up to breathe, with exhaustion and burning in the chest. < dry, cold weather/exertion; > open air.

Quebracho = Aspidermia Lungen- + Herzproblemen/Cardiac asthma, respiratory paralysis, slows the heart action and even induces paralysis of the extremities

in anemia. Livid face and suffer greatly with dyspnoea and cyanosis. Emphysema may also complicate matters and even slight mitral murmurs be heard.

Aral.: „Wie Pfropfen in der Kehle“/Lungenproblemen + Frauenleiden. Cough < lying down.

Drenching sweat during sleep. SENsitive to draughts. Diarrhea, prolapse of rectum. Aching in rectum ext. upwards; < lying on side lain upon.

Ars.: Dyspnoea/wheezing. Constant constriction in chest, fears suffocation/burning in chest.

            Expectoration frothy. Cough < after midnight/lying down/after drinking/cold/wet weather/seashore; > heat/head elevated/warm drinks;

Arundo donax: Schnupfen wandert nach unten

Bac-10.: Allergie zu Asthmamedikamenten

Bell.: [Morton M. Eaton] Sensation as if dust were in the lungs; face and eyes red, and head hot; dry, spasmodic cough (at night); uneasy and beating in the chest.

Blat-o. Asthma + „fettleibig“/Simple, uncomplicated asthma in a corpulent person/all over the body „As if heat radiating“ from the ears, eyes, top of the head, palms of the

            hands and soles of the feet. Attacks at night about 21 - 22 h. and prevent from lying down; will begin to cough as soon as he tries to lie down. Cough troublesome/attended with a frothy expectoration. People with asthma are often allergic to cockroaches Keep your house as clean as possible to discourage cockroaches from hanging around. Did you know that the FDA allows manufacturers a certain percentage by weight of cockroach parts in chocolate.?

Bromine.: Asthma with a sensation of exhaustion and weakness in the chest with difficulty getting air into the lungs. < at or near the seashore/warmth/draft;

> motion/exercise. [Dr. M.L. Tyler] Gasping with spasmodic closure of glottis. Can’t breathe deeply enough, must sit up in bed. Air Passages”full of smoke”. Coldness in larynx. Asthma

of fair and fat children (Puls, where Puls fails). Asthma of sailors as soon as they go ashore.

Bry.: Can be useful in asthma, but prescribed upon the general condition of the patient than upon any peculiar type of asthmatic disturbance. The heavy, splitting headache,

            mouth dry with bitter taste, thirst for much water, the sharp stitches in the chest, the dry, painful cough, the difficult breathing, possible only with the assistance of the abdominal muscle,

the oppression of the chest with the fits of choking - all indications for Bry.

Calc-ar.: Nachts/Herzbeschwerden.

Calcium Carbonicum /Cortex Quercus w 1 ml ampules and globuli/used in inhalations to treat asthma, also in combination with Levico D 3.

Calc. Kind mit vergrößerte Mandeln. Ekzeme.

Calad. + Atembeschwerden (Atemgeräusche) # Hautbeschwerden

Carb-v.: Useful in the elderly (association with gas in the stomach)/cyanosis/coldness to the skin and extreme dyspnoea. < sitting/lying down, > eructation/walking.

            Weak or faint with a hollow sensation in the chest. Coughing jags can lead to gagging. COLD (hands and feet) and feels a need for moving air (a fan/open window).

Gas and digestive upset some relief sitting up and burping. < evening/talking/eating/lying.

Attack after eating salted meat or fish, breathlessness and spasmodic cough causing gagging and vomiting, cold SWEAT on the face and the body, desires fanning from a close distance.

Person seems collapsing or sinking from a severe attack of breathlessness.

Cast-e.: allergic to horses.

Caus.: Cough with rawness in chest/with pain in hip > drinking cold water. Expectoration scanty/must be swallowed.

                       Cannot lie down at night. Voice re-echoes. Own voice roars in ears and distresses. Intensely sympathetic child.

Cham.: [Morton M. Eaton] 1. being exposed to moving air or after becoming overexcited and angry, 2. dry, hard, irritating cough. Cough < 21 h. and may continue into the night. Oppression in the chest, “As if from incarcerated flatulence” in the epigastrium; hoarseness and cough from rattling of mucus in the trachea.

Chin.: [Morton M. Eaton] Suffocative fits in the evening in bed; appears as if dying; cough, with difficult expectoration of clear, tenacious mucus; < at night; > every other day.

Cina. + gähnen/versteifen

Cinis glechomatis w

Asthma bronchiale und sklerosierende Lungenerkrankungen Bei Überempfindlichkeit/Hyperreagibilität in den Atemwegen

(Bronchospasmus, Abbau vorherrschend).

Konstitution: Verhärtungstendenz, Abbau überwiegend.

Dosierung: Als Bestandteil eines Therapiekonzeptes in einer zeitlichen Abfolge: 2-3 x tgl. 1 Msp.

Cinis Equiseti D6 Trit., Cinis Tabaci D3, Cinis Urticae Ferro cultae D3 und Cinis Glechomatis D3.

Wirkung: Langsam.           Dauer: Monate.

Weitere Empfehlungen: Anwendung ggf. gemeinsam mit Inhalation von Bronchi Plantago Inject wa

DD. : Cinis Tabaci w (bronchialen Spasmen)/Cinis Urticae Ferro cultae (Mut machend bei ängstlichen

Patienten)/Cinis Glechomatis (Verhärtungstendenz der Lunge).

DD.: Bei progressiver Lungenfibrose mit Diffusionsstörung evtl. wirksamer: Cinis Equiseti D12-D20

Rezepturpräparat, z.B. Sonnen-Apotheke Waiblingen).

R.S.: attention to the importance of tannin from sage in the treatment of asthma. The "inner appetite" of the organism lacking.

Cinis utricae ferro cultae w Tollkühn/Großenwahn

      Cinis Urticae Ferro cultae w

Asthma bronchiale und sklerosierende Lungenerkrankungen

Bronchospasmus und vorherrschender Abbau bei zwanghaften Patienten mit ängstlicher Verselbstständigung von Vorstellungen, meist im mittleren Lebensalter.

Dosierung: 2-3x tgl. 1 Msp. Trit. D3.

Wirkung: Langsam.  Dauer: Langdauernd.

Weitere Empfehlungen: Oft wirksamer 3x tgl. 10 Tr. D12 (Sonnen-Apotheke Waiblingen).

Zwangsstörung mit ausgeprägten Denk- und Handlungszwängen Bei zwanghafter Persönlichkeitsstruktur und neurasthenischer Konstitution.

Dosierung: 3x tgl. 1 Msp. D3.

Wirkung: Frühestens nach 4 Wo., oft erst noch später.  Dauer: 3 Mo.

Bemerkungen: Wirkt in Einzelfällen.

Coca. alt/Sportler

Conv. Herz-/Kreislaufbeschwerden

Cor-r.: Continuous paroxysmal cough which begins like Meph, with gasping for breath. Face purple.

1. vomiting of stringy mucus, 2. pronounced exhaustion. Extreme condition and alarming picture. The eruptions markedly red. Red flat ulcers often appear on the glans and inner surface of the prepuce with secretion of yellow ichor. Feet are cold when uncovered, and too hot when covered.

Crot-t.: Coughs as soon as he touches the pillow and must get up. Sensitive to deep breathing. Asthma with cough; cannot expand the chest. Drawing pain from l. of back into chest.

Cupr-met.: ACUTE. Cough with gurgling sound/> drinking cold water. Suffocative attacks < 3 h. Spasm and constriction of chest. Spasmodic asthma # spasmodic

vomiting. Angina with asthmatic symptoms and cramps. Nerves, muscles, blood, and digestive tract. Convulsions run through its symptomatology/muscles draw up in knots. Terrible dyspnoea; cannot bear anything near mouth for fear of spasms of the glottis. Constriction of the lower chest. Cough dry with fits of suffocation like whooping cough. Bronchial rales are heard, „As if from mucus“. SPASmodic asthma. Attacks apt to increase from 1 - 3 h./< bending backward.

Spasmodic attacks sudden (from emotional disturbances or fright), with facial cyanosis. Hiccoughs often before asthma attacks. < motion/menses/touch/pressure, > drinking cold water.

Ferr-ac.: [Dr. Prabhakar Shetty] Asthma < sitting still/lying down;        

Grind. Beschwerden i.B. zum Schlaf/Liegen

Guai. Magenbeschwerden

Ict-f.: asthmatische Beschwerden durch Staub/> stool; a red, butterfly-type rash across the bridge of the nose (Lupus); severe tension and bloating in the abdomen, often described as 'hysterical tympanitis.'

Ip.: Symptoms of Ip. (persistent nausea/horrid nausea/stomach feels „As if hanging down“; face pale/tongue clean; shortness of breath; violent dyspnoea, with

            wheezing and great weight and anxiety about the precordia; loose rattle in chest, without expectoration = Mosch-ähnlich, „As if full of phlegm“. Spasmodic asthma with wheezing, loose cough, a feeling of tightness in the chest, nausea, anxiety, perspiration and restlessness. < from motion/warm, humid air; > open air/rest/pressure. Child will stiffen out, turn red or blue and finally gag and vomit. < lying down/moist warm wind;

Attack (winter), preceded by severe nausea and vomiting. Soon there is violent constriction in the throat and the chest, wheezing and dry cough leading to suffocation, persistent nausea which is not relieved even after vomiting and thirstlessness. [E.B. Nash] first stage of both asthma and whooping cough, before the stage when the mucus is present.

Just. (als Allergin von Klosterfrau erhältlich) in allergische Reaktionen

Kali-bi.: 3 - 4 h., „As if there were no air in the chest“. Must sit up to breathe, and bending forward while sitting brings some relief. The patient coughs up stringy yellow mucus.

Kali-c.            <: 1 - 5 h. (alle Kaliums); May be indicated by the appearance of wheezing asthmatic attacks frequently occurring just after midnight or around 3 h.

< from walking/cold air/change of weather; > leaning forward/warm weather/motion.

Lach.: Attacks usually occur on falling asleep or when wrapped too tightly around the throat. > coughing up phlegm. < during and after sleep/hot drinks/during

            menopause; > open air and cold drinks.

Lob-i.: Asthma + gastric symptoms and weak at the pit of the stomach. Ailments never clear up. Asthma with often brought on by exercise and preceded with a

            feeling of prickling over the skin, with nausea and profuse salivation. < exertion/warm food/exposure to cold; > rapid walking. Eruptions (hands). Constant dyspnoea < slightest exertion and increased to an asthmatic paroxysm by even the slightest esposure to cold. „As if weak“ and pressure in the epigastrium rising to the heart. „As if heart would Stopp“. Cough is spasmodic + sneezing, belching and gastric pains. Nausea is continuous and + constant flow of saliva. Will assure his attendants that death is near. The weakness takes his courage and disturbs him quite as much as the dyspnoea.


Med.: <: 1 - 5 h./Frühling/Feuchtigkeit/Kälte/Luftzug/Orangensaft/Rennen; >: Hinlegen (Bauchlage);

Manche Kinder werfen sich zu Beginn eines Hustenanfalles auf das Bett und vergraben den Kopf im Kissen, nehmen die Knie-Brust-Lage ein.

Erbrechen kann den Anfall lindern. Giemender Husten, der aus dem oberen Brustbereich stammt, Halsnähe

Meph.: Drunkards/consumptives. Chokes while eating and coughs upon the slightest provocation. DIStressing (whooping cough). Spasmodic/very violent, often to

            the point of partial suffocation. < night/at dawn. Feels as though he had inhaled the fumes of sulphur and shows unspeakable uneasiness during the asthmatic attacks. INclination to sleep. Can endure COLD; washing in ice water is pleasant.

Nat-m.: < asthma when exposed to mold and dampness; attacks about 4 - 5 h; sits up and holds the chest with the hands while coughing. Wheezing and breathing

            difficulties are < exertion. Usually loose bowels after each attack.

Nat-s.: attacks are brought on by exposure to mold and dampness. May hold the chest while coughing, because it feels so weak. Difficulties < exertion/very early

            morning. Asthma that often has a familial basis, and may be associated with a rheumatic complaint and occurs during wet weather. + a loose cough producing thick white or greenish mucus. Diarrhoea often arises during or after each attack. < damp weather/lying on l. side; > for open air/lying on the back.

Nux-v.: (W.A. Dewey) asthmatic attacks are brought on by gastric disturbances. Some relief by belching and the patient must loosen the clothing.

Passi.: [Dr. E.M. Hale] spasmodic asthma allays asthmatic paroxysms and prevents their full development. 

Psor.: not higher than C 30 in asthma.

Zing.: (W.A. Dewey) asthma of gastric origin. The attacks come on toward morning and the patient must sit up. No anxiety.


[Joe de livera]

The Wet. dose

Reported are experiences almost immediate relief as they discovered that they had slept deeply during the night without any problems with their breathing which many had been denied for years when they were compelled to wake up to gasp for breath.

Ars.: as Dry Pellets (= Globuli) can help in the case of chronic patients to be used on a SOS basis when they would otherwise be compelled to seek assistance with Nebulization in a clinic. 4 - 6 pellets

under the tongue. Usually this remedy will clear up the Asthma attack within a few minutes. Don’t use on a daily basis.

Blat-o.: C 6 as Wet dose.

Nat-s. < Feuchtigkeit

Nux-m.: Hysterical asthma. QUEER states of exultation resembling hysteria, the mesmeric state, double personality, etc. Drowsy/chilly/thirstless are the tripod of peculiarities. Chest feels „As if in a

            vice“/„As if there was a load on his chest“. Stitches in the chest with spitting of blood. Cough may be dry with suspended respirations after a chill in the water or after getting wet/saliva seems thick like cotton. Cough with or without expectoration when becoming warm in bed or when warmed up from work. Inhaling difficult. Tendency to faint. Odd sensations: „As if drunk“, „As if floating in the air“; objects about him appear too large. Drowsy. escessive lasting flatulency and constipation + < typical drowsiness.

Nux-v.: Asthma often arises from gastric disturbances, frequently nauseous, flatulent, irritable and constipated and a yellow-coated tongue. Symptoms are < after midnight/early

            morning/cold/exertion. > belching/damp, wet weather/lying on the back/changing sides/sitting up. Tense, constricted feeling in the chest during asthma attacks + pressure in the stomach. < often in the morning. INdulgence in stimulants/alcohol/sweets/spicy food can bring on or < an episode. < physical effort/mental exertion; >: warmth/sleep; IRritable and impatient, with a general feeling of chilliness. Attack after digestive upset, prolonged breathlessness from midnight till morning, shallow, oppressive breathing with dry cough, with asthma, there is bursting headache and gripping pain in the stomach, frequent, ineffectual desire for stool.

Pect.: 1. coryza and burning in throat and chest, 2. humid/quick, labored breathing/constriction of chest (r.), 3.  Attack ends with copious expectoration of tough, frothy mucus. < at night.

Pitu-gl.: bei Ungleichgewicht des endokrinen Systems (Pitu/Pineal/Schilddrüse/Thymus/Nebenniere/Pankreas/Ovar/Hoden)

Podo.: Bronchial asthma with diarrhoea with liver involved. It produces an indescribably sick feeling all over, with a persistent dry, rough sensation in the pharynx and aesophagus

            ext. along the r. eustachian tube. UnCOMfortable stomach + respiratory difficulties.

Psor.: Asthma > Hinlegen und weites Ausbreiten der Arme

Pulm-v.: Persistent, humid asthma, which began as a chronic catarrh, with symptoms of oedema of the lungs. Strong/sonorous/bubbling rales, rattling, whistling, heard over the whole chest and

even some distance away, perceptible to palpitation; accelerated, short breathing amounting to suffocation even, without heaviness of the chest, frequently with cough and inable to espectorate. Shortness of breath becomes asthmatic if the patient makes the least bodily exertion.

Puls.: 1. to warm (stuffy room)/after rich food, 2. Wheezing; Coughing brings up yellow-colored mucus, with gagging and choking. Tightness in the chest < evening/night; >: cool fresh air.

Changeable and emotional mood, wanting a lot of attention and comforting. (Pulsatilla is often useful in children’s illnesses.)

Sabal.: Catarrhal cardiac asthma. Sympathy = anger. He is not a whining patient but full of fears and apprehensions, fears to fall asleep lest something should happen, starts up when dozing and fights

            to keep awake. Associated with weakness and irregularity in man’s urinary apparatus. Tenesmus in the neck of the bladder with heavy aching pains and a sensation of coldness in the external genitals. Incontinence of urine.

Samb.: Schlaf/bläuliche Haut/SCHWEIß; Dyponoea, suffocating cough 24 h. < during sleep/after eating fruit; > sitting up/motion.

            Paroxysmal suffocative cough about midnight with crying and dyspnoea. Snuffles of infants, nose dry and obstructed. Child awakes nearly suffocating, sits up and turns blue. Cannot expire.

Seneg.: Schnupfen wandert nach unten + Augenbeschwerden

Senn.: viel Schleim + schwer abzuhusten/< jede Form von Kälte/< Anstrengung

Boswellia carterii = Olibanum MÜDE # ENERGIE

Sil.: Chronic headache begins in the neck and ext. to the head. < draught of air/by uncovering; > pressure/wrapping up the head warmly. Sil devoid of vital heat/even exercise will not warm him up.

The very finger tips may be described as feeling dry at night „As if made of paper“. Cough EASY to provoke: a cold drink/momentary use of the voice, if a paroxysm is immanent, being sufficient. Severe vomiting of mucus is not uncommon. Short of breath, cannot hasten his steps, or perform any light manual labour without puffing.

Asthma + abscess in the lung.

Sin-n.: In pituitous [with much mucus] asthma. Throat hot and swollen, < l. Tongue dry with a dirty, whitish coating and a crack in the middle. Hot, light red mucous membranes, which feel dry and

scalded. Asthma complicated with hayfever with scanty acrid discharge from the nose escoriating beginning on the alae nasi, is a guiding symptom. Sweat on the upper lip. Cough < the evening (disappears upon retiring).

Spong.: Hard or “barking” cough during an asthma attack is a strong indication for this remedy. Breathing can be labored, with a sawing sound, and not much mucus is produced.

> sitting up/tilting the head back/leaning forward. Warm drinks may be helpful. Problems start sleeping.

Squil.: Splenic asthma. The cardiac action = Dig-ÄHNLICH. Asthma as a complication of a

splenic affection. 1. rattling, 2. cough (loose in the morning but severe and dry in the evening); < at night with splenic cough. Pain runs from the splenic region into throat. Stitches under the free ribs l. Rattling precedes the cough. Tears on coughing and bladder control uncertain (sneezing).

Sterculia.: Gives power to endure prolonged physical exertion without taking food and without feeling fatigued. It promotes appetite and digestion.

Sulph.: associated with skin disease/suppression of skin diseases, it occurs from a recurrent cough and produces an expectoration of thick offensive sputum. < bathing/overheating, > standing/dry,

            warm weather. Oppression and burning sensation in chest. Difficult respiration, wants windows open.  Dyspnoea in the middle of night > sitting up. Pulse more rapid in morning than in the evening. Complaints return.

Syc.: < Kälte/< Nässe/= Darmnosode

Tyl-i.: asthmatica = Brechschwalbenwurz/= Indian Lobelia

Valer.: Nervous, spasmodic asthma. A changeABLE disposition and symptoms switch back and forth and alterate. Continuously on the move, now here, now somewhere else, no settled location.

Illusions of taste and smell. „„As if a thread in the throat“. Taste fatty with nausea in the throat and an almost constant pressing pain in the lower part of the chest, the armpit, or the stomach, „As if something were there forcing itself upward. Intellectual faculties predominate, but the intensity and variety of the purely nervous symptoms which attack patients calling for this remedy, make them very difficult people to reassure. Marked irritability is marked. Choking in the throat pit on falling asleep wakens „As if suffocating“. Inspirations grow less deep and more rapid till they cease; then your patient catches her breath by a sobbing effort in spell.

Venus.: Humid asthma + quick, laboured breathing. Cannot lie flat nor on l. side, while there appears to be a constriction of the chest (r.). 1. 2 or 3 days by sneezing, excessive coryza, burning

            sensation in the throat and chest and a feeling of fullness in the head, 2. weakness and irregularity. 3. The attack ends with a copious expectoration of tough/stringy/frothy mucus.

The cough with stitching chest. < after 18 h./all symptoms < at night.

Vermic.: Knochen- + Lungenbeschwerden

Vib-o.: asthma of childhood/asthmatic phase of hayfever. Interkurrent. Sulph?

Zing.: Dyspnoea, < towards morning; „„As if scratching in throat“. Cough


[Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar]

Asthma kann auf viele Weisen auftreten und ist sehr individuell. Solidago: Asthma zusammen mit Schmerzen bei nächtlichem Urinieren. Tela aranes: Asthma in Kombination mit Schlaflosigkeit;

Visc.: Asthma vereint mit Gelenkschmerzen und Ablagerung von Harnsäure.



Dingchuan = English Name Stop Asthma

Location: .5 cun lateral to GV 14 (C7).

Lung issues - asthma, wheezing.

Local point for neck, shoulder +/o. upper back pain.

[Dr. David Wember]

Ictod: ”Asthma attack triggered by dust and > stool; a red, butterfly-type rash across the bridge of the nose, severe tension and bloating in the abdomen, often described as ‘hysterical tympanitis.’

Cast-e.: “several cases of asthma, related to horses have been cured by it.

[W.A. Dewey]

Kali-bi.: < 4 h.; > raising stringy mucus/from sitting up/bending forward;

Stram.: nervous asthma, where the voice suddenly gives out and takes on a higher pitch. Great sense of suffocation with tight feeling across chest; face becomes blue.

[Dr. C. M. F. Von Boenninghausen]

Evening attacks, Pulsatilla.  Morning attacks, Puls or Ars.

Symptoms principally in the throat: Spongia.

If principally in the chest: Phosphorus.

Spasmodic Asthma:  Ipecac.


Unverträglich: Benzoicum acidumderivaten,


Antidotiert von: Nach aktuellen Erhebungen leiden 5,2% der Männer und 6,1% der Frauen in Deutschland unter Asthma bronchiale. 15 Millionen Verordnungen - meist mit kortisonhaltigen Medikamenten - haben Ärzte 2010 diesen Patienten verschrieben. Wie eine aktuelle Studie zeigt, ließe sich die Asthmakontrolle jedoch mit Hilfe von Cineol-Präparaten für die Patienten freundlich verbessern.


Allerlei: Weiße Blutkörperchen bilden Leukotrienen./sie werden vermehrt in Lungen ausgelöst durch Staub/Bazillen/Milben usw.

R.S.: Tannins, arising from astral impulses (obvious from the fact that much tannin is formed around animal-plant galls), act on the astral body. R.S.: importance of the tannin from sage in the treatment of asthma.

According to him, the "inner appetite" of the organism is lacking in the case of asthma. "The whole organism is something of a subtle organ of taste.

Only later this tasting function is localized ... in the area of the palate and tongue .... In subconscious spheres, then, the human being savours and produces the inner experience of appetite throughout the whole of the organism .... There is such a thing as lack of appetite on the part of the organism..(the asthmatic) has no desire whatever to take the ingested food substances particularly in the direction of those parts which enter into the whole of the circulation. Now it is a good thing to know how one can get at an organism ... which has no appetite, which means that the proper connection between etheric organism and astral organism has been broken, for that is what it means to lose the appetite. In a case like this it is always good to

give the organism the right dose of the tannic acid obtainable from sage leaves, for instance or from oak leaves. This is a substance of particular importance to the astral body, stimulating it to extend its activity to the etheric body." It is interesting in this context that a species of sage growing in Crete, Salvia pomifera, frequently produces cherry-sized galls at the end of its shoots, very sweet and edible when young.

In the formation of galls, etheric plant nature and astral animal nature combine particularly closely.)


Phytologie: Wasser mit Zitronensaft trinken

Inhalieren von Rauch von verbranntem Heu

Inhalieren von Rauch von verbranntem Pferdehuf = Keratinum equi

Cromoglicinsäure (Allergie/Asthma vorbeugend)

[René Gräber]

Treatment of asthma with lipid extract of New Zealand green-lipped mussel: a randomised clinical trial. Emelyanov et al. Hospital Therapeutic Clinic, Pavlov Medical University,

St-Petersburg. Russia.

Asthma ist eine chronische Entzündung der Schleimhäute der Atemwege, die teilweise durch Leukotriene und andere Lipidmediatoren verursacht wird. Experimentelle Studien haben gezeigt, dass ein Lipidextrakt der Grünlippmuschel effektiv Lipoxygenase und Cyclooxygenase blockiert. Diese Enzyme sind verantwortlich für die Produktion von entzündungsfördernden Prostaglandinen etc.

Das Ziel der Studie war, eine Reihe von Parametern zu bestimmen, wie Symptome, maximale Ausatmungsgeschwindigkeit und den Wasserstoff-Peroxid-Gehalt der ausgeatmeten Luft als Gradmesser für die Atemwegsentzündung. Die Studie war eine randomisierte, doppelblinde, Plazebo-kontrollierte Studie mit 46 Patienten mit allergischem Asthma, das nicht mit Steroiden vorbehandelt war. Diese Patienten erhielten 2 Kapseln Lyprinol oder Plazebo zweimal täglich über den Zeitraum von 8 Wochen. Jede Kapsel Lyprinol enthielt 50 mg mit Omega-3-Fettsäuren PUFAs und 100 mg Olivenöl. Die Plazebo-Kapseln dagegen enthielten "nur" 150 mg Olivenöl.

Als Ergebnis zeigten sich in der Verum-Gruppe eine signifikante Abnahme von Lungenpfeifen während des Tages, eine Abnahme von Wasserstoff-Peroxid in der ausgeatmeten Luft und ein Anstieg der maximalen Ausatmungsgeschwindigkeit am Morgen. Die Unterschiede zur Plazebo-Gruppe waren statistisch signifikant. Von daher schlossen die Autoren, dass der Lipidextrakt der Grünlippmuschel eine Reihe von vorteilhaften Eigenschaften bei Patienten besitzt, die an atopischen Asthma leiden.



Asthma bronchiale Nos.


Euph-pi.x = cats hair/= Pill-bearing Spurge/= Asthma weed

Stram. = Gemeiner Stechapfel/= Saunuss/= Thorn apple/= Jimson weed/= Asthmakraut/= Stinkweed/= loco weed/= angel's trumpet/= devil's snare/= crazy tea/= malpitte/= zombie cucumber


Asthma nosode Heel



Atmung: Asthma, asthmatische Atmung

Blase: Wasser lassen unwillkürlich

Gemüt: Angst (mit chronischem Ekzem)/Furcht (in Menschenmenge)

Haut: Hautausschläge - Ekzem - chronisch + Angst





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