Blutung von Nieren/Blase: Siehe Urin


Blutung: Schwangerschaft durch Überanstrengung und Traumata gefährdet. Drohenden Aborten mit hellroten Blutungen.             


[Dr. Subrata K. Banerjee]

Abortion: Tendency to abortion at any month during pregnancy - Bac. Vib-p.

Abortion threatened: Blum-o. Caul. Helon. Vib-o.

Early months: Kali-c. Caul. Apis, Viburnum

1st Month - Croc-s. Viburnum

2nd month - Cimic. Kali-c. 1M

                                   Cimic. Plb-met.: habitual abortion (between 70 and 90 days). “She feels a lack of room for foetus in the uterus; inability of uterus to expand; threatening abortion.”

                                   Sabin. Sec.

3rd month - Apis. Cimic. Croc-s. Kali-c. Sabin. Sec. Thuja

Black blood in 3rd month - Kreos.

4th Month - Apis.

5th to 7th month - Sep.

7th month - Sep. Ruta.

10th month: Sabin.

Later months - Op.

From debility: Alet. Helon.

            From trauma: Arn.

            Sulph.: Hitzewallungen/folgt gut vorangehende Mitteln

Threatening from strain: Cinnm.

Haemorrhagic condition: Ferr-met. Ferr-p. Ph-ac. Phos.

[C. Hering]

Ip.: very copious continued flooding, during pregnancy, the blood flowing with cutting pains around the navel. Great pressure and bearing-down. Chills and coldness of the body. A feeling of

heat rising into the head, great weakness and inclination to lie down. This is also the most important remedy in flooding after delivery.

[Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea]

Caul.: Womb Atony; Os Rigidity; Pains Migratory & Thrush In Oral Cavity: (a) Want of Tonicity of womb. (b) Needle like pains in cervix. (c) Habitual abortion from uterine debility.

Cinn-m.: Uterine haemorrhage caused by over lifting. Strain in loins of false step brings on a profuse flow of bright red blood. Abortion of unwanted pregnancy. [Q. (M.T.) 6- 8 drops, 8 hourly; 30C)

Goss.: Intermittent pain in ovaries. Morning sickness, retained placenta, rigid os and swollen labia. (30C)

Vib-o.: Prevents miscarriage. Mother Tincture – repeated history of miscarriage. < night/motion/sudden jarring/stuffy room (feels faint); > open air/pressure/lying down; < sudden jarring; Depressed;

desires solitude. Cramps begin in the back, bleeding profuse and gushing. Frequent and very early miscarriage, causing sterility. (Congestive state 30C, 1M)

Vib-p.: A uterine tonic. It is particularly valuable in preventing miscarriage, whether habitual or otherwise [Ref. Dr. J.H. Clarke]. Menstrual irregularities of sterile women with uterine displacement. (30C)

[J.T. Kent] Ip. uterus continuously oozing, but every little while the flow increases to a gush, and with every little gush, she thinks she is going to faint, or gasps, and the quantity of the

flow is not enough to account for such prostration, nausea, syncope, pallor.

Sabin.: Uterine Haemorrhage with bright red blood with clots, sharp pain from back to front (sacrum to pubis.) Haemorrhage after abortion or surgery.

Endometriosis with cramps and bleeding. Pelvic inflammatory disease - throbbing and burning sensation in whole uterus. Retained placenta with bright red blood.

Threatened: Blum-o. Caul. Helon. Vib-o.

Beschwerden nach Abort: Alet. Helon. Lil-t. Tril-p.

                                               [Elaine Lewis]


                                               Sabina - Is the first remedy you should think of, unless there’s some etiology that takes you away from it. Bright red blood with clots. Sharp pain from pubis to sacrum.

                                               Ip. : Miscarriage plus morning sickness. Always involves nausea and vomiting as a concomitant. Bright red blood with severe uterine spasms.

                                               Caul.: Inertia/atony/weakness of uterus with tendency to miscarry, with exhaustion and weakness.

                                               Sep.: Tendency to miscarrry with history of miscarriages or abortions that weaken the uterus and history of hormonal problems or the birth control pill. Miscarriage plus morning sickness.

                                               Kali-c.: Severe backache with sharp, stabbing pain as a concomitant.

                                               Apis.: One of the main remedies for toxemia of pregnancy (protein in the urine, high blood pressure) along with Cicuta and China. Edema and swelling. Burning and stinging pains, < heat.



MP 1 + Ma 36


MP 1 + BI 40



Acal: lungs (bright red blood in the morning and dark clotted blood in the evening)/rectum; [William Boericke] < morning exacerbation. worthy of trial in all haemorrhages (< morning).

From the lungs, expectoration of bright red blood in the morning and dark clotted blood in the evening.

Acon: Mental excitement + fear of death/Cause: fright/anger/lying on the back, < lying on either/rising (becomes dizzy); blood coagulates easily; afraid to move about and feeling restless

and anxious; thirsty, skin dry. Mostly found in dark-haired subjects/plethoric and active.

Aloe.: [Hering] A bunch of external haemorrhoids, which caused bearing down in the rectum and itching and burning in the anus.

Arn: Cause: injury/concussion/bodily fatigue/physical exertion. Bruised or sore sensation in the parts from which the blood exudes. (Lungs/Uterus/Nose). Hot head and a cool body.

[A. Geukens] Be careful giving Arnica in an accident with internal hemorrhage, because when Arnica is not indicated, everything aggravates.

Bell: Blood coagulates almost as soon as discharged and feels hot to the parts from which it escapes. From the genital organs + forcing or bearing down pains: From chest or head + congestion/

throbbing of the carotids/injected eyes/flushed face. Wishes to be covered; cool air is unpleasant; cold shiverings frequently run through the body; photophobia; drinks little often;

hot skin, plethoric habit. < afternoon and evening/draft/rising. Cause: suppressed perspiration.

Calc: Constitution: leucophlegmatic/light hair. Menses apt to be too profuse/too often; much perspiration about the head and shoulders; limbs are usually drawn up/cold and damp;

desire for loosened clothing; > being rubbed; Desire for warmth/covering; a slight draft of cool air is chilling; (bleeding from the chest usually l.).

Blutung von Nieren/Blase.

Fic-r.: Blutung vom Darm/Magen/Nase

Sulph.: Fever after


Epistaxis: Abel. Ambros. Bry. Ham. Mill. 

----------- + point of nose cold - Calc-p.

----------- blood dark, clotted and very stringy: Croc-s. + cold sweat on the forehead, the disposition being variable, laughing alternating with sadness.

Herzbeschwerden + Blutung: Cact. + Dig.


Calcium Carbonicum/Cortex Quercus w 10 ml ampules to treat haemorrhages and work needs to be done on differential treatment (as alternative/complementary to Stibium met. prep. D 6).

Blutstillende properties of calcium were discovered on the end of the 18th Century. anti-allergic properties were noted by Wright 100 years later.

Apart from the "external" aspect of serum treatment, this no doubt also has a deeper reason. The allergy problem appears to have become genuinely topical around the turn of the century, with the term "anaphylaxis" first used by Charles Richet and Paul Portier in 1902. Clemens Pirquet introduced the term "allergy" in 1906, having interpreted serum sickness as an antigen-antibody reaction a year earlier.


[Myron H. Adams] 

It is rarely the case that any hemorrhage proves immediately fatal, except from injury or following pregnancy and confinement. Looking backward, I cannot recall a single case. The patient should be kept very quiet and as much of the mental excitement quieted as is possible.

Acon.: pulse full and strong with excitement of mind and fear of not recovering. Hemorrhage from the throat or lung in acute disease or from organic heart disease.

Ars.: Weak, exhausted, anaemic condition with pain, burning and cutting about the stomach and bowels. Thirst for small quantity of water with nausea and vomiting. In ulcer or cancer of stomach.

Arn.: Hemorrhage after injury, fall, blows or concussion. Feet and hands cold, head hot. Also in typhoid.

Bell.: Nosebleed, with throbbing and fullness about the head and face which is flushed. Patient sensitive to anything like noise or light. Inclined to stupor with sudden starting.

Bry.: Useful when the bleeding of the nose is rather passive, or if it occurs in threatened typhoid. Also for vicarious hemorrhage with suppression of menses.

Chin.: loss of blood has reduced the patient greatly, sight dim, with roaring in the ears, face pale and bloodless.

Ham.: Has been used in the form of tincture, especially in venous hemorrhage.

Ip.: Symptoms somewhat similar to China, with nausea perhaps vomiting and cutting pain about the stomach. Ipec. in uterine hemorrhages after labor or miscarriage, especially if the blood is bright red with persistent nausea.

Phos.: Every cut or wound bleeds persistently. Nosebleed or other hemorrhages which recur often and no visible cause for the same, with much difficulty to control, even slight ones.

Puls.: Hemorrhages at change of life, constantly chilly and weeping. Hemorrhages vicarious in young women with suppressed menses from getting the feet wet.


[Henry Newell Guernsey, M. D./Presented by Sylvain Cazalet]

Bleeding from internal parts:

Canth: Cutting and burning during micturition; urine flows in drops, or in a very scanty stream. Haematuria; uterine haemorrhage, blood DARK; haemorrhage from the lungs or nose.

Carb-v: DESperate case: COLlapse; weak pulse; anguish of heart; skin cold and bluish; patient wants to be fanned HARD.

Cham: threatened abortion caused by anger. Discharge of dark blood, frequent urination, restless and characteristic excitability with pain. IrritaBLE of a spiteful nature; speaks quickly and sharply. Blood dark and coagulated; desire for air; restless/distressed. < night/warmth/anger/during eructations/lying on painless side/during perspiration/during sleep/from coffee. > fasting/lying on painful side.

China: Faintness with ringing in the ears (is characteristic symptoms)/pulse will become irregular, flickering, and imperceptible; skin cold and clammy; fainting and unconsciousness.

< periodically/night/after drinking/talking/after sweat/on touching the parts softly/can't talk, wished others to explain.

                       DD.: Carb-v. wishes to be fanned hard, skin drye and blue/no ringing in the ears.

China: maybe fanned very softly. skin moist and clammy, ringing in the ears      

Croc: Blood is black and stringy forming long dark strings as it flows (earthworms)/in all haemorrhage be it from the uterus, lungs or the nose.

“As if a bounding or rolling in the abdomen”/”As if something alive”. < morning/fasting/during pregnancy/in a warm or closed room. > open air/after eating.

Ferr-met: RED face with a full pulse; Blood partly fluid and partly black and clotted. Flow may be from the lungs/stomach/nose/bowels/uterus (violent)/labour-like pains in the back and

            abdomen; great erethism of the circulation; flushes of heat. < night (after midnight)/change of position/fat food. Use of Kinin; WEAK though having so red a face and so full a pulse.

Hyos: Delirium; semi-consciousness; twitching and jerking of the muscles/bluish face. constant flow of blood (uterine); jerking and twitching of the muscles; face bluish; eyes congested.

Cause: jealousy/unhappy love/taking cold/mental affection. < evening. > stooping/leaning forward.

Ip: Uinterrupted discharge of bright red blood from the vagina, nose or lungs. 1. faintness and nausea; may be sharp cutting pain from the navel ext. the uterus;

2. cold skin/cold sweat/suffocating spells. 3. suppression of eruptions;

                       DD.: Chin:

Ip: no ringing in the ears/constant flow of bright red bld from nose or lungs, with the above gastric symptoms and faintness. Ip. more frequently indicated than any other remedy.

Kali-c: Days or weeks after parturition; bleeding after being overheated/after a vexation. Sometimes with agonizing pain in the back ext. to the gluteal muscles and down over the sacrum;

stitching pains in the abdomen. abdomen often tympanitic. > being covered up warmly/after eructations.

Remedy to prevent abortion about the 2nd month with stitching/pain in the back hindering walking, wants lie down anywhere (street/floor). later pain may extend over the sacrum to the gluteal muscles.

Lach: For flooding (climacterium/after childbirth) with chills at night and hot flushes by day, or floodings at any time when thus characterized; after parturition, with pains in the r. ovarian

            region relieved by flow of blood from the vagina; in all typhus or typhoid conditions, where there is a flow of dark blood from the nose, from the lungs, or from the bowels with a sediment like charred straw. Sediment may have a crushed appearance, or look like distinct spears of charred straw. Diarrhœa following milk-leg sometimes + hemorrhage of this sort.

Lyc: Haemorrhages from the nose, lungs, or uterus when~there is a great deal of flatulence, borborygmus, and a sensation of fullness up to the throat, after taking a small quantity of water or

nourishment; frequent flushes of heat; palpitation of the heart; cutting pains from right to left in the abdomen; symptoms < 16 h. - 20 h. Desire for air; to have the windows open; to be fanned. Often used in the worst cases of pulmonic haemorrhage.

Merc: Haemorrhages in elderly females some time after the critical period has passed; light hair; scorbutic condition of the system. Cold, damp thighs and legs at night; perspiration

                       sour and mouldy, except of the feet which is scentless; skin and muscles lax; thirst, even though the mouth be full of saliva; mood serious (amorous). < night; when blowing

                       the nose. With the above conditions epistaxis, haemoptysis, haematemesis, haemorrhage from the bowels or uterus.

Nit-ac: Many respects similar to Merc. Bleeding from the arteries and capillaries; bleeding from the uterus with pain in the back, running down through the hips into the legs with a

                       sensation of pressure, “As if the uterus itself would escape from the vulva”.

Nux-v: Haemorrhages and an irritable condition of the rectum (frequent and ineffectual desire for stool with the sensation as if portion of faeces were in the rectum, this latter sensation

                       remaining after stool); usually in dark-haired subjects. Cause: rich food/coffee/intoxicating drinks; constipation. < cold air/2 - 3 h. > warm place/lying on the side/in loose

                        garments/passing wind per anum.

Phos: Tall, slim, dark-haired subjects; women who menstruate too often/too much/too long. Small wounds bleed persistently and profusely; bleeding erectile tumors.

Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen; slim, dry stools, expelled with difficulty; flushes of heat. < lying on l. side/on the back/warm food or drinks.

> lying on the r. side/cold food and drinks/being rubbed/after sleep.

Plat: Haemorrhages, blood partially fluid and partially hard, black clots; also coming out in quantities, and having a dark, tarry appearance; “As if body was growing, larger in every

                       direction”; dark-haired, spasmodic and nervous subjects.

Puls: Intermittent haemorrhage, blood generally dark; in subjects of mild and tearful temperaments; can lie best on right side; < close, warm room; desires open doors and windows;

no thirst; scanty urine; blood flows and stops, again flows and stops.

Sabin: Blood flows freely in fluid and in clots. From the uterus, often a pain from the sacrum to the pubis or vice versa; for violent after-pains of the above nature, with the above characteristic

bleeding (miscarriages about 3rd month); blood from the nose pale; blood from the vagina pale, or red, dark, or mixed with light red; soreness in the hypogastric region. < close, warm room. > in the open air.

                       DD.: Puls: different bleeding

                       Puls: < warmth

                       Sabin: < warmth/pain is different           

Sec: Flow passive and may be dark or red, mostly red; subjects = naturally feeble and cachetic; tingling in the limbs and prostration; desires air; aversion to being covered; cool skin

                       without desire for covering. > lying with limbs extended.

                       DD.: Calc: > with the limbs drawn up

                            Sec: > lying with limbs extended

Sep: With abdominal plethora or congestion; pain in the r. groin; “As if weight in anus”; painful sensation of emptiness in the pit of the stomach. > drawing up the limbs.

Abort from 5th to the 7th month (in uterine congestion); hands and feet cold; hot flashes (+ little, fine, darting pains up the neck of the uterus).

Sulph: Heat in any part before as well as during the hemorrhage (lungs/nose/uterus/rectum). < warm in bed/exposed to any heat/as of fire.

Trill-p.: general hemorrhagic medicine/excellent bleeding from the nose; blood bright red or dark and clotted. The mother tincture applied to the affected part will arrest the bleeding from nose, teeth etc.


Fibrous tumours and uterine hæmorrhages: Epihysterinum. Ergot. Thlas. Frax. Hydr. and its alkaloids.



Erig-c.: blood expelled in the shape of dark coagula; it is likewise recommended for passive venous hemorrhage generally.

Ham.: passive venous hemorrhage, although it has likewise been found an efficient remedy in active arterial hemorrhage.

Senec-a.: vicarious hemorrhage when occurring in the place of the menses.

Tril-p.: tincture or infusion, is an excellent remedy for pulmonary as well as uterine hemorrhage.

Verat-v.: uncomplicated, but severe pulmonary hyperemia.

Scilla maritime: hemorrhage from neglected catarrh; the blood bubbles up with a pricking sensation at the place whence the hemorrhage proceeds. 

[Dr. Petrie Hoyle]

Profuse menses

   Calc.: Blond hair, fair thin skin, complexion is shell pink, pale blue eyes. Oft flabby fat before or at puberty. Later on they are disposed to lay on fat too easily. Take cold easily.

As young girls, are flesh and grow too fast, and whilst in the nursery they were accustomed to burst out in profuse sweats (about head and neck, wetting the pillows at night).

Moreover, if any child has a large head and protruding abdomen it will most likely develop the true Calc. constitution (now take these infants or small children to a homoeopath).

At puberty this type develops great acidity of the digestive tract, sour mouth, sour eructations, even to sour vomiting, sour smelling stools, and perhaps a sour odour of the body.

This constitutional type will generally run into abnormally profuse menses: too early/too profuse/too long lasting, with fingers, hands, toes and feet "going dead" (waxy- white);

feet were very damp and always icy cold. Sometimes these cases have only 5 - 8 days clear intervals between periods. A leucorrhoea may accompany this profuse flow.

Little or no pain at periods is the general rule. The least excitement causes flow to start again. Often there is burning and itching of vaginal orifice before and after menses, this irritation

is oftenest met with at the beginning of the menstrual epoch. The breasts become hot and tender and swell before menses. Much sweat about genitals.

   Ip.: A different picture, and yet both are broadly diagnosed by orthodoxy as Menorrhagia. Here the menses is also too early and too profuse. The blood is bright red, sometimes clotted,

but there is also colic and its grand keynote is great and persistent nausea, without which symptom Ip. will not cure. Found to be peevish and irritable, not her usual self,

breathing is heavy, rather forced and oppressed during the flow, with stitches from navel to womb. Vomit will be glairy mucous and in quantities, all of which does not afford relief from the nauseated feeling. If she has accompanying diarrhoea, it is nearly always grassy-green, “As if fermented” and there often is colic. Often the body surface will be covered with cold sweat.

   Bell.: Menses often painful. Some value in cases too early and too profuse, the flow being of gushing bright red blood, which, the patient will insist, always feels very hot to her.

May be the result of a successfully dried-up (not cured) leucorrhoea. Read my Leucorrhoea articles. The Belladonna cases will have some cramps in back and strangely enough nearly always cramps in the arms. These patients say that their bearing-down sensations are worse when lying down and are relieved when they are standing or sitting upright. Arteries throb perceptibly. There will be a sensation of a rush of blood to the face and head; throbbing headaches generally; pressing down sensation as if contents of abdomen would issue from vulva (vagina) with abdomen very tender and distended, and all pains are made much worse by the least jar, even of the bed. Some cases have fever and all are of the congestive type.

            Cham.: Emotions must be marked. Nervous/excitable/over sensitive to pain. Driven to despair by her pains; snappish, cannot return a civil answer, all of which we will put down to nerves ajar and not to bad disposition. Menses: early/very profuse, with pain BADly endured. The emotion is out of proportion to the actual pain. Flow generally black and very clotted.

The colic is declared to have the sensation as of pressure from below upwards; which peculiarity helps to select it quickly. Complain of many little shivers # some heat. Child has one

cheek red and the other very pale. The emotional side must predominate, the patient declaring or think, "I cannot bear this any longer", an expression so often heard.

   Ham.: Bruised soreness with passive dark profuse flow. The excessive flow dark and is more of a venous (vein) bleeding than arterial. Passive bleedings appearing between normal

times of periods; always with complaints of extreme soreness and bruised sensation in lower abdomen (Arn.), with bearing down pain in the back. Ovaries, womb and vagina feel tender

and sore.

   Plat.: It is the remarkable mental symptoms which guide us to its use. Menses too early, too profuse, dark, clotted, and + some bearing down or, as some describe it, of painful weight

with great sensations of chilliness. The pains increase and decrease gradually. Governing the selection of this remedy, there must be extreme hypersensitiveness of the genital area, of nearly all possible types, degrees and conditions, and there are thoughts which are quite foreign to the patient if she is in a normal state of health. These irregular thoughts obtrude themselves

against the patients desire. In calm moments she hates them.

Its menstrual symptoms are mixed up with many sex reflexes. Rare cases are worth saying, and only homoeopathy can save them. Without our special medical aid some of these unfortunate suffers are doomed to "mental homes", or certainly to unending "restraint". Among the mental distressing symptoms cured by Platina, we find characteristic delusions, sex irritations,

hysteria (remember that the word hysteria is taken from the Greek word for womb), the exalted pride, the haughtiness, the belittling of everyone around her, all of which are foreign to the woman when she is well. Sometimes home objects seem unfamiliar to her. The sufferer becomes melancholic, she may have a desire to kill someone, but not herself. There is no suicide motive in the make-up of the Platina patient. To sum up, Platina cures profuse bleedings with self exaltation and great genital irritation. This sentence rounds out the drug picture.

The sufferers amenable to Platina need all possible help to save them from themselves. A given case need not have all the symptoms mentioned before employing it. I have not found Platina mentioned in any orthodox books on medicine which I have at hand.

   Chin.: The long-continued haemorrhagic floodings are dark, sometimes with clots. Flos profuse, so much so that the patient becomes bloodless with faintings, loss of sight, and ringing

in the ears, with general coldness of the body. Here is another very strange guiding symptoms for sure cures. "The patient wants to be fanned." Thousands of people in extremis have murmured the prayer: "Fan me, Fan me." Trust a "peculiar" homoeopathic symptom. Although the patient is icy cold he wants to be fanned. His or her face is ghastly pale, pinched, shrunken, eyes are sunken in head, and there are dark blue circles surrounding the eyes. It is a grave picture.


[Matthew Wood]

In order to control tissue that is prolapsed or collapsed and leaking fluids we need a reliable astringent. Sumach is the best medicine for stopping the outflow of fluids via the kidneys, skin, colon, lungs, and other channels of elimination.



[W.A. Dewey]





Aesc-h. Aloe. Dolichos. Fic-r. Ham.

 [J.H. Clarke]

Aesc-h.: hemorrhoids, blind or bleeding, where bleeding gives relief. Aching in lumbar area, stiffness of back, almost impossible to walk.

[Dr. Bernhard Baehr]

Nux-v.: excited by the use of strong, heating beverages- wine, brandy, heating beer, and coffee; or by mental labor, deep studies, sedentary life, hard faeces, worms, by the pressure of an impregnated uterus, swelling of the abdominal organs, organic defects of the rectum, or of adjoining parts.

Complains of large-sized haemorrhoidal tumors, with burning, stinging pains; if they experience “As if the rectum were constricted/the passage for the transmission of faeces were too narrow + jerking, dull stitches in the small of the back and the ischiatic bones; if the least movement of the body causes a pain in the small of the back, “As from a bruise” causing to

exclaim, to walk and stand bent over; if after or between the evacuations pure blood is discharged, attended with urging to stool;



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