Aves System


Vergleich: Insekten mit Vögeln.


Straußenvögel (Struthionidae)

Casuarius casuarius = Helmkasuar/Weibchen hat mehrere Partner/Partner brüten die Eier aus und pflegen die Brut. Patriarchat.

Ocker [(= verwittertes. Brauneisenstein (= FeO.) + Ton + Kalk + Quarz) = Blut. des Emu/der Traumzeitwesen/= Symbol Wiedergeburt/Leben Todesgruppe. Tauschwährungsgruppe

Farbstoff. Grabbeigaben.)].


Struthio camelus = Strauß.

            Agrostis stolonifera = Weiße Straußgras/= Windähre Commelinidae.

            Straußeierschalen woraus Perlen gemacht werden

Threskiornis aethiopica = Ibis = An zu Merc. Thot (Hermes thrismegistos geweiht/Orakel/Reisen/Wissenschaft), lebt von Tiere in flache Gewässer.

            Positiv: Lebensfreude/lachen; Negativ: Neid, Redeschwall, Schleimhäute trocken/brennen/schwellen, Naseausfluss wässrig, Niesen/gähnen, Augen

            tränen + jucken/lichtempfindlich;



Acanthis cannabina = Bluthänfling 

Erithacus rubecula = European Robin, Robin

Luscinia megarhynchos = Nachtigall

Serinus canaria = Kanarienvogel

Passer domesticus

Troglodytes troglodytes. =Zaunkönig

Turdus merula = Amsel, Blackbird

Turdus philomelos = Singdrossel

 Steißhühner (Tinamidae)

 Nandus (Rheidae)

 Kiwis (Apterygidae)

Apteryx australis = Kiwi


Neukiefervögel (Neognathae)

Fasan (Phasianus colchicus)

Stockenten (Anas platyrhynchos)

Weißstorch (Ciconia ciconia)

Haubentaucher (Podiceps cristatus)

Austernfischer (Haematopus ostralegus)

Brandseeschwalbe (Sterna sandvicensis)

Ziegenmelker (Caprimulgus europaeus)

Rubinkehlkolibri (Archilochus colubris)

Türkentaube (Streptopelia decaocto)

Hellroter Ara (Ara macao)

Königstyrann (Tyrannus tyrannus)

Goldammer (Emberiza citrinella)

Wacholderdrossel (Turdus pilaris)

Papstfink (Passerina ciris)

Blauhäher (Cyanocitta cristata)

Balistar (Leucopsar rothschildi)

Kieferntangare (Piranga ludoviciana)


Hühnervögel (Galliformes)

Gallus gallus. = Huhn


Als Hühnergott wird ein Stein aus Flint mit einem natürlich entstandenen, durchgehenden Loch bezeichnet.


Ing. = active principle of gizzard = Kaumagen des Huhns.

            Ran-b. = Teufelsaugen/= Knolliger Hahnenfuß/= Bulbous buttercup

Ran-s. = Gifthahnenfuss/= morteaux vaches/= Celeryleaved crowtor

Sec. = Covered smut o. Smut of barley/= Wolfszahn/= Roggenbrandspuren/= Ergot de siègle/= Ignis sacer (Heiliges Feuer)/= Ergotismus/= Antoniusfeuer/= Purpurroter

            Hahnenpilz/= Gottesrache/= Ergot/= Krähenkorn/= Hahnensporn/= Hungerkorn/= Tollkorn/= Roter Keulenkopf

Windei = Ei ohne Schale

Tub-a. = Tuberkulinum aviare


 Großfußhühner (Megapodiidae)

 Hokkohühner (Cracidae)

 Perlhühner (Numididae)

 Zahnwachteln, Waldwachteln (Odontophoridae)

 Fasanenartige (Phasianidae)             

Coturnix coturnix. = Wachtel.

Meleagris gallopavo = Truthahn

            [Medicine Cards]


Turkey is actually thought to be the Give-Away Eagle or South Eagle of many native peoples. The philosophy of give- away was practiced by many tribes. Simply stated, it is the deep and abiding recognition of the sacrifices of both self and others.

People in modern-day society, who have many times more than they need, should study noble turkey who sacrifices itself so that we may live. In Turkey's death we have our life.

Honor Turkey.

Spectators unfamiliar with the cultural phenomenon of the pot latch or give-away ceremony are often mystified by it. A tribal member may gladly give away all he or she owns, and do without in order to help the People. In present-day urban life, we are taught to acquire and get ahead. The person with the most toys wins the game. In some cultures, no one can win the game unless the whole of the People's needs are met. A person who claims more than his or he share is looked upon as selfish or crazy or both.

The poor, the aged, and the feeble have honor. The person who gives away the most and carries the burdens of the People is one of the most respected.

Turkey was the medicine of many saints and mystics. Celebrate if you have Turkey medicine. Your virtues are many. You have transcended self. You act and react on the behalf of others. You aspire to help those who need help. This is not out of some sense of self-righteous moralism or religious guilt. Help and sustenance is given by Turkey out of the realization that all life is sacred. It is knowing that the Great Spirit resides within all people. It is an acknowledgement that what you do for others you do for yourself. Turkey medicine rests in true ego, in enlightenment. Doing unto others and feeding the people is the message of all true spiritual systems.

Depending of how Turkey is aspected in your cards, you are being given a gift. This gift could be spiritual, material, or even intellectual. The gift may be great or small, but it is never insignificant. Congratulations. You may have just won the lottery. Or the gift may be a beautiful sunset, or the smell of a fragrant flower. On the other hand, you may feel the "spirit of giving" growing within you, and wanting you to share with others.


There are several aspects to pulling the gobbler card in the reversed position. Are you gobbling up anything and everything out of a fear of lack? Are you holding on too tight and refusing to let go of a dime for charity? It could be that the Scrooge in you has grown accustomed to the miserly aspect of living. If not, you might look at the possibility that you are fearful of spending money at this time. Another aspect of "contrary gobbling" is the idea that the world "owes" you something and that you do not need to recycle the energy. "The buck stops here" may only mean that it stops in your bank account. On all levels of this contrary message, the keynote is that generosity of spirit is being neglected. This can be towards self or towards others. Remember, never give to receive. That is manipulation. Giving is without regret and with a joyful heart, or the "give-away" has most its true meaning.


Let go and give away the past. Share your gifts with generosity. Feel the freedom gained.

Source: Sams, Jamie and Carson, David

                        [Medicine Cards]

Grouse once flocked in abundance throughout North America, but now, even on the plains, where these birds were so plentiful, there is an absence of them. Many Plains Indian tribes dance the Grouse Dance to honor these birds. The movement of the dance follows a spiral, which is the ancient symbol of birth and rebirth, the ribbed tunnel of eternal return.

The Sacred Spiral is also one of the oldest know symbols for personal power.

Think of Grouse medicine, visualize a whirlpool or even a tornado, for the Sacred Spiral will take you to the Center. The spiral is a metaphor for personal vision and enlightenment. Many initiates on Vision Quests paint spirals on their bodies and believe that the Great Mystery will favor them with visions of power and purpose because of this symbol.

The whirling dervishes of certain Sufi orders are masters of the spiral dance and can transcend to higher states of awareness through the repetition of this sacred movement. It is said that dervishes can travel to the center of the spiral and return with any magical power they choose. In the dervish state, on enters the Great Silence and has direct communication with the Creator. By spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise, the dervish draws or repulses specific energies. Sufi dancing is a system which connects one with the Divine Source through ritual treatment of motion.

If you have Grouse Medicine, undertake a meditation on the various qualities of movement within your world. Begin by visualizing the sun as one member of a huge group of stars swirling in the massive pinwheel shape of the Milky Way. Then draw yourself out of this pinwheel of light and into the spiralling of your own DNA's double helix, an arrangement similar to a rope ladder coiled like a corkscrew. Analyze the way you move through your world. How do you picture yourself in the act of locomotion? What kind of reaction do you create with the energy you send into the universe? What words would you use to describe the way you move through both the material and spiritual worlds? In the final analysis, is your movement compatible with your greatest desires and goals?

Many spiritual disciplines ask that you cease all external movement in order to recognize the inner life. Grouse medicine, however, is an invitation to the dance. Grouse celebrates the Divine Source through its sacred spiral dance, and offers this dance to you as a gift. You can spend a lifetime learning Grouse's lesson on how to harmonize your dance with Mother Earth's cycles, and how to offer the dance as a creation of selfless beauty.


Drawing the Grouse medicine card in the reverse position signals a dissipation of energy and lack of control and discipline. It is symbolic of a lost connection to the Source, and signifies a lack of clear intent behind an outpouring of energy. You may feel like you are in a tailspin or going down the drain. Confront confusion either in yourself or in others who may be in the picture. Examine the way your energy may be causing friction, sparks, or a convolution of a situation that needs clarification. Work towards harnessing your energy and directing it towards clearly defined goals. Such is the nature of the Sacred Grouse Dance.

In using this sacred dance as a tool to right contrary Grouse, you may also find that it is a tool to center or ground you. In grounding, you are once again connecting to Mother Earth and balancing out the spinning in your head. If you have become so involved with an idea or problem that you are no longer seeing it clearly, you may feel dizzy or lacking in concentration. This is a sign that you have entered the thought- universe and are not connected to physical reality. You need grounding if this occurs. Dancing or walking will put you back in tough with Earth and your body. Grouse may then teach you how to notice the energy flows that put you in harmony and balance with body, mind, and spirit.


Find your rhythm. Honor the synchronicity. Spiral into your potential.

Source: Sams, Jamie and Carson, David

Polyporus versicolor = Elfenbankje/= Turkey trails Fungi.

Perdix perdix Athene rettete einen Jungen und verwandelte ihn in ein Rebhuhn.

Chamaecrista fasciculata (= Partridge Pea) thrives in areas that have recently burned/prevents erosion/grown for honey Bewegungsgruppe Fabales.x

Pavo cristatus. = Pfau/Federn haben Pfauenauge

Krishna./Gopal (Symbol: Pfauenfeder/Kuh).

Ina-i. = Tagpfauenaugen.


Gänsevögel (Anseriformes)

Oscillococcinum. hergestellt aus Herz + Leber von Cairina moschata wie Pyrog.

Azolla filiculoides (= mosquito. fern/= duckweed fern/= fairy. moss Mondzeitaltergruppe. Pteridophyta. Quelle: Aquariumhandel).


Anatidae = Ente

Gink-b. = Yin-Hsing/= Ya Chio (= „Entenfuß"/= „Elefantenohr")/= Yin kuo

Lem-m. = Kleine Wasserlinze/= Lenticule/= Duckweed/= Eendekroos

Panopea abrupta o. Panope generosa = Elefantenrüsselmuschel/= Königsmuschel/= Geoduck/= Aphrodisiacum. Mollusca.



Cygni. = Schwan/= keltische Göttin/= Götter-/= Todesbote.


Wehrvögel (Anhimidae)

 Spaltfußgänse (Anseranatidae)

 Entenvögel (Anatidae)


„Schreitvögel (Ciconiiformes)“ und „Ruderfüßer (Pelecaniformes)“

 Störche (Ciconiidae)

Ciconia ciconia. = Storch

Ciconia nigra = Schwarzstorch = die Seele. von gestorbene Moslim. (Marokko)

Cardamine pratensis = Harnblume/= Wiesenschaumkraut/= Storchenschnäbli/= Wasserkraut Brassicales.


Ibisse und Löffler (Threskiornithidae)

Platalea leucorodia = Lepelaar.x



 Reiher (Ardeidae)

 Fregattvögel (Fregatidae)

 Hammerkopf (Scopidae)

Scopus umbretta = Schattenvogel/= Hammerkopf



Schuhschnabel (Balaenicipitidae)

 Pelikane (Pelecanidae)

 Tölpel (Sulidae)

 Kormorane (Phalacrocoracidae)

 Schlangenhalsvögel (Anhingidae)

 Tropikvögel (Phaethontiformes)

 Tropikvögel (Phaethontidae)

 Pinguine (Sphenisciformes)

 Speniscus humboldti.

Pinguine (Spheniscidae)

 Seetaucher (Gaviiformes)

 Seetaucher (Gaviidae)

 Röhrennasen (Procellariiformes)

 Albatrosse (Diomedeidae)

Albatros = Nomade + Partner treu.



Sturmschwalben (Hydrobatidae)

 Sturmvögel (Procellariidae) spuckt als Verteidigung

 Tauchsturmvögel (Pelecanoididae)

 „Kranichvögel (Gruiformes)“

                                   Vaccinium macrocarp = Moorbeere/= Cranberry/= Preiselbeere Ericales.x

Grus grus = Kranich/= Glücksvogel

            Vaccinium. macrocarp = Moorbeere/= Cranberry/= Oxycoccus macrocarpus/= veenbes/= lepelheide



 Stelzenrallen (Mesitornithidae)

 Kraniche (Gruidae)

 Rallenkraniche (Aramidae)

 Trompetervögel (Psophiidae)

 Rallenvögel (Rallidae)

 Binsenrallen (Heliornithidae)

 Seriemas (Cariamidae)

 Trappen (Otididae)


 Kagus (Rhynochetidae)

 Sonnenrallen (Eurypygidae)

 Podicipediformes und Phoenicopteriformes

 Lappentaucher (Podicipedidae)

 Flamingos (Phoenicopteridae)

 Taubenvögel (Columbiformes)

Colum-p. = Waldtaube/= Ringeltaube.

Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae = Maori-Fruchttaube proved by Russell Jesse (heart complaints, hormonal dysregulation)

Paloma = Taube/Weiße Taube bewohnt von Seele der Martyrer Liebesgruppe.

            Aphrodite erhebt sich von Tauben und Sperlingen begleitet in die Luft.

            Aqui. = Garden columbine (= Harlekin)/= Culver wort (culver = Taube).

Cajanus cajan o. indicus = pigeon pea/= no-eye. pea Fabales.

            Fum. = Echter Erdrauch/= Fumeteria/= Fumatory/= Duivenkervel.

            Roter Rubin. (Al2O3::Cr) = Taubenblut.



 Flughühner (Pteroclididae)

 Tauben (Columbidae)

 Regenpfeiferartige (Charadriiformes)

Larus argentatus. = Silbermöwe.

Larus trasicostis = Black. tail gull/= Sea. cat.

Pagophila eburnean (= Ivory Gull/Elfenbeinmöve).


 Alkenvögel (Alcidae)

 Raubmöwen (Stercorariidae)

 Möwen (Laridae) incl. Seeschwalben (Sternidae) und Scherenschnäbel (Rhynchopidae)

 Brachschwalbenartige (Glareolidae)

 Reiherläufer (Dromadidae)

 Laufhühnchen (Turnicidae)


 Schnepfenvögel (Scolopacidae)

 Blatthühnchen (Jacanidae)

 Goldschnepfen (Rostratulidae)

 Steppenläufer (Pedionomidae)

 Höhenläufer (Thinocoridae)


 Regenpfeifer (Charadriidae)

 Säbelschnäbler (Recurvirostridae)

 Austernfischer (Haematopodidae)

 Ibisschnäbel (Ibidorhynchidae)

 Krokodilwächter (Pluvianus aegyptius)

 Triele (Burhinidae)

 Scheidenschnäbel (Chionididae)

 Magellanregenpfeifer (Pluvianellidae)

 Kuckucksvögel (Cuculiformes)

 Kuckucke (Cuculidae)

Cuculidae = Kuckucksartigen

Cuculus canorus = Kuckuck

Kuckuck = Pfandsiegel.

Arum-i. = Cuckoopint/= Aronstab.

Arum-m. = Gefleckte Aronstab/= Gonet/= Common arum/= Cuckoopint/= Fieberwurz

Cardamine pratensis = Harnblume/= Wiesenschaumkraut/= Storchenschnäbli/= Wasserkraut Brassicales.

Oxal-a. w = Sauerklee/= Himmelslust/= Pain de coucou/= Wood sorrel/= sleeping beauty/= Trifolium acetosum/= Oxytriphyllon/= Oxys/= Hain-Sauerklee/= Hasenklee/= Buchampfer/=

Kuckucksklee/= surelle/= oseille (de bûcheron o. de Pâques)/= alleluja/= shamrock.

Psithyrus = Kuckuckshummel Arthropoda.

            Raabeeltern: Maulwurf/Kuckuck


 Hoatzine (Opisthocomiformes)

 Hoatzine (Opisthocomidae)

 Turakos (Musophagiformes)

 Turakos (Musophagidae)

 „Schwalmartige (Caprimulgiformes)“ und Seglervögel (Apodiformes)

Nidus. edulis Apus apus = Mauersegler/= Material gemischt mit Speichel/= Cave Swiftlet´s nests/= Mauerseglernest/= Nest von Salanganen/= Sarang Burung/= Aerodramus

 Fettschwalme (Steatornithidae)

 Eulenschwalme (Podargidae)

 Tagschläfer (Nyctibiidae)

 Nachtschwalben (Caprimulgidae)

 Höhlenschwalme (Aegothelidae)

 Baumsegler (Hemiprocnidae)

 Segler (Apodidae)

 Kolibris (Trochilidae)

Trochilidae = Kolibrie.

Calypte anna. (Calyp.) = Hummingbird/= Anna-Kolibri

Colibri amazilia. = Kolibri.

Hutzlopochtli (Azteken) = Kolibri/Krieg./ermordete Geschwister.

Hippoc-k. a horse's head/dragon's scales/free-roving eyes/changeable colors of a chameleon/tail of a monkey/a kangaroo’s pouch/armor of an insect/wings of a hummingbird.


Greifvögel. (Falconiformes)“

 Falkenartige (Falconidae)

Falceo-ch. = Falke

Falkenauge. [= Krokydolith + Si/= Quarz = dunkelblau/schillert bei Bewegung/durch Verwitterung entsteht Tigerauge (= blue asbestos)].


 Neuweltgeier (Cathartidae)


            Cund. = Kondorpflanze.


 Fischadler (Pandionidae)

 Habichtartige (Accipitridae)

Accipiter gentilis. = Habicht

Strombus raninus. = Hawkwing conch Molluscae.

Aquila. chrysaetos.

Aquila pomarina = Schreiadler Erstgeborene stößt Zweitgeborene. aus dem Nest.

Haliae-lc. = Bald Eagle

Schwarze Adler = alchemistisch Symbol


Buteo jamaicensis = Rotschwanzbussard = An zu Plat. Beutetieren: Mäusen/Vögeln/Reptilien/Insekten. Erstickungsangst, Erregung Wissbegierig, Freiheit

            liebend/+ Schuldgefühlen gegenüber Angehörigen, nervös. Frost + Zähneklappern, verlangt Einsamkeit/erkennt bekannte Straßen + Menschen nicht, Wahn viel Geld zu besitzen/

kaufen zu müssen, unruhiger Schlaf, Gehör AKUT/BESCHÄFTIGT mit Essen, > Außen.


Sekretäre (Sagittariidae)

 Eulen (Strigiformes)

 Eigentliche Eulen (Strigidae)

 Schleiereulen (Tytonidae)

Strigiformes = Eule überbringt den Tod/Schwarze Magie/kann unhörbar fliegen Verbunden mit Querc/Ginster/Wiesenkönigin

Athena noctua. = Steinkauz

Tyto alba. hergestellt aus Brustmuskel (Flugmuskel) der Schleiereule

Lac owleum. = Bürzelsekret/= Eulenmilch

Tijl Uilespiegel = Form von Perseus/„Uilskuiken“ = Dummkopf

 Papageien (Psittaciformes)


 Kakadus (Cacatuidae)

 Eigentliche Papageien (Psittacidae)

Psittaciformes = Papagei Liebesgruppe.

            Asc-s. = Parkietplant.


 Mausvögel (Coliiformes)

 Mausvögel (Coliidae)

 Sperlingsvögel (Passeriformes)

 Maorischlüpfer (Acanthisittidae)

 Schreivögel (Suboscines, Tyranni)

 Breitrachen (Eurylaimidae)

 Pittas (Pittidae)

 Töpfervögel (Furnariidae)

 Ameisenvögel (Thamnophilidae)

 Ameisendrosseln (Formicariidae)

 Ameisenpittas (Grallariidae)

 Mückenfresser (Conopophagidae)

 Bürzelstelzer (Rhinocryptidae)

 Bandvögel (Melanoparaeiidae)

 Tyrannen (Tyrannidae)

 Flammenköpfe (Oxyruncidae)

 Schmuckvögel (Cotingidae)

 Schnurrvögel (Pipridae)

 Tityras (Tityridae)

 Incertae sedis (Piprites, Calyptura)

 Singvögel (Oscines, Passeri)


 Leierschwänze (Menuridae)

 Dickichtvögel (Atrichornithidae)

 Laubenvögel (Ptilonorhynchidae)

 Baumrutscher (Climacteridae)

 Australische Sänger (Maluridae)

 Honigfresser (Meliphagidae)

 Lackvögel (Dasyornithidae)

 Panthervögel (Pardalotidae)

 Südseegrasmücken (Acanthizidae)


 Laufflöter (Orthonychidae)

 Furchenvögel (Cnemophilidae)

 Beerenpicker (Melanocharitidae)


 Lappenvögel (Callaeidae)

 Gelbbandhonigfresser (Notiomystidae)


 Schnäpperwürger (Platysteiridae)


 Brillenwürger (Prionopidae)

 Buschwürger (Malaconotidae)

 Flachschnäbel (Machaerirhynchidae)

 Vireos (Vireonidae)

 Würgerkrähen (Cracticidae)

 Warzenköpfe (Pityriasidae)

 Schwalbenstare (Artamidae)

 Ioras (Aegithinidae)

 Stachelbürzler (Campephagidae)


 Dickköpfe (Pachycephalidae)

 Würger (Laniidae)

 Vireos (Vireonidae)

 Pirole (Oriolidae)

 Drongos (Dicruridae)

 Fächerschwänze (Rhipiduridae)

 Monarchen (Monarchidae)

 Rabenvögel (Corvidae)

Corvidae = Raaben = Boote. Trickster.x

                        Raabe“ = Galgenvogel = Person, der unter Missachtung der Gesetzen vom Unglück anderer einen materiellen Vorteil nimmt.

                        Athene. in Raabegestalt

Apollo. gekleidet in Raabe Federn Orakel.

                       Bringt Unglück.

                        Raabeeltern: Maulwurf./Kuckuck.x

Graph. = Bleistift/= Rabensilber.

Ust. = Maisbrandspuren/= Corn ergot/= mexican truffle/= corn smut/= Huitlacoche/= "ravens excrement".

Krähe = Kraft, die im Krieg Heer begleitet/Feind verwirrt/= keltische Göttin

            Aqui. = Garden columbine (= Harlekin)/= Culver wort (culver = Taube)/= Jack-In-Trousers/= Mary’s Bells/= Granny’s Bonnet/= European Crow-foot.

Ran-s. = Gifthahnenfuss/= morteaux vaches/= Celeryleaved crowtor.

Sec. = Covered smut o Smut of barley/= Wolfszahn/= Roggenbrandspuren/= Ergot de siègle/= Ignis sacer (Heiliges Feuer)/= Ergotismus/= Antoniusfeuer/= Purpurroter

Hahnenpilz/= Gottesrache/= Ergot/= Krähenkorn/= Hahnensporn/= Hungerkorn/= Tollkorn/= Roter Keulenkopf

Pica pica. = Elster = pest bird/in germanischen Mythologie Götterbote (Todesgöttin Hel)/„diebische“ Elster = Hexentier.

Asien: Glücksbringer/nordamerikanischen Indianern = mit Mensch befreundet.

            This magpie (= Elster) or squirrel tendency to absorb and collect, record and store in detail for very long periods might be seen as a feature of the Calc mentality.

Garrulus glandarius = Eichelhäher/= pest. bird.

Perisoreus infaustus = Unglückshäher (Lappen = Glücksvogel).


Graph. = Bleistift/= Rabensilber.

Ust. = Maisbrandspuren/= Corn ergot/= mexican truffle/= corn smut/= Huitlacoche/= "ravens excrement".

Krähe = Kraft, die im Krieg Heer begleitet/Feind verwirrt/= keltische Göttin

 Drosselhäher (Corcoracidae)

 Paradiesvögel (Paradisaeidae)

 Schnäpper (Petroicidae)

 Felshüpfer (Picathartidae)


 Rallenflöter (Eupetidae)

 Seidenschwänze (Bombycillidae)


 Seidenwürger (Hypocoliidae)

 Palmschwätzer (Dulidae)

 Mohoidae †

 Olivflanken-Dickkopf (Hylocitreidae)


 Meisen (Paridae)

 Beutelmeisen (Remizidae)

 Bartmeisen (Panuridae)


 Lerchen (Alaudidae)

 Bülbüls (Pycnonotidae)

 Schwalben (Hirundinidae)

Hirundinae = Schwalben/= Störche Glücksbringer fürs Haus

                       Chel. = Schöllkraut/= Eclaire/= Celandine/= Augenkraut/= Swallowwart/= Wart wort/= stinkende gouwe/= Ogenklaar (= Eyebright/'Schelkruid' means Scale-wort means as if 'scales

                                   falling from one's eyes')/= Apfelkraut/= Augenwurz/= Blutkraut/= Gelbkraut/= Giftblome/= Goldwurz/= Yellow Poppy/= Herrgottsgabe/= Hexenmilch/= Krätzenkraut/=

                                   Maikraut/= Rotlaufgras/= Teufelskraut/= Opium of the Gall-bladder

Hirundo urbica = Rauchschwalbe baut Nest. mit Speichel. + Lehm + Pflanzenteilen

                        Asclepiaceae = Silkweed/= Swallowwart

                        Centaurea. (= Kornblume) von Cheiron (= Meister aller Heiler) gebraucht nach ungewollte Verletzung durch Schwalbe.

                       Chel. gebraucht von Schwalbe um Jungvögel sehend zu machen.

                       Nid. = Schwalbennest/= Material gemischt mit Speichel.

                       Papilio machaon. = (Old world) Swallowtail/= Old World Papil/= Schwalbenschwanz

Tyl-i. = Brechschwalbenwurz/= Indian Lobelia.

Viol-o. = Wohlriechendes Veilchen/= Märzveilchen/= Osterveilchen/= Schwalbenveilchen.

Vince. = Schwalbenwurz.


 Schwanzmeisen (Aegithalidae)


 Rohrsängerartige (Acrocephalidae)


 Rohrspotter (Donacobiidae)


 Halmsängerartige (Cisticolidae)

 incertae sedis: Sphenoeacus

 Timalien (Timaliidae)

 Grasmückenartige (Sylviidae)

 Brillenvögel (Zosteropidae)

 Proteavögel (Promeropidae)

 Feenvögel (Irenidae)

 Goldhähnchen (Regulidae)

 Hyliotas (Hyliotidae)

 Zaunkönige (Troglodytidae)

 Mückenfänger (Polioptilidae)

 Kleiber (Sittidae)

Sitta europaea = Kleiber Klebergruppe.

 Mauerläufer (Tichodromidae)

 Baumläufer (Certhiidae)

 Spottdrosseln (Mimidae)

 Stare (Sturnidae)

 Trugbaumläufer (Rhabdornithidae)

 Madenhacker (Buphagidae)

 Drosseln (Turdidae)



 Fliegenschnäpper (Muscicapidae)

 Wasseramseln (Cinclidae)

 Blattvögel (Chloropseidae)

 Mistelfresser (Dicaeidae)

 Nektarvögel (Nectariniidae)

 Sperlinge (Passeridae)

 Webervögel (Ploceidae)

 Prachtfinken (Estrildidae)

 Witwenvögel (Viduidae)

 Trugwaldsänger (Peucedramidae)

 Braunellen (Prunellidae)

 Stelzen und Pieper (Motacillidae)

 Rosenschwanz (Urocynchramidae)

 Finken (Fringillidae)

 Waldsänger (Parulidae)

 Stärlinge (Icteridae)

 Bananaquit (Coerebidae)

 Ammern (Emberizidae)

 Tangaren (Thraupidae)


 Kardinäle (Cardinalidae)

 Trogone (Trogoniformes)

 Trogone (Trogonidae)


 Wiedehopfe (Upupidae)

 Baumhopfe (Phoeniculidae)

 Nashornvögel (Bucerotidae)

 Hornraben (Bucorvidae)

            Spechtvögel (Piciformes)

Pica pica.

Faulvögel (Bucconidae)

 Glanzvögel (Galbulidae)

 Asiatische Bartvögel (Megalaimidae)

 Afrikanische Bartvögel (Lybiidae)

 Amerikanische Bartvögel (Capitonidae)

 Tukane (Ramphastidae)

 Honiganzeiger (Indicatoridae)

 Spechte (Picidae)

Picinae = Spechten

Dict. = Specht-/= Eschenwurz /= Räucherwerk.


 „Rackenvögel (Coraciiformes)“

 Erdracken (Brachypteraciidae)

 Racken (Coraciidae)

 Kurole (Leptosomatidae)

 Eisvögel (Alcedinidae)

                       Alcedo atthis

 Todis (Todidae)

 Sägeracken, Motmots (Momotidae)

 Bienenfresser (Meropidae)

Merops. apiaster

Meeresvögel (Grabbeigaben)

 * Ordnung Gänsevögel (Anseriformes)

 o Entenvögel (Anatidae)


 * Ordnung Ruderfüßer (Pelecaniformes)

 o Tölpel (Sulidae)

 o Fregattvögel (Fregatidae)

 * Ordnung Röhrennasen (Procellariiformes)

 o Albatrosse (Diomedeidae)

 o Sturmschwalben (Hydrobatidae)

 o Sturmvögel (Procellariidae)

 o Tauchsturmvögel (Pelecanoididae)

 * Ordnung Seetaucher (Gaviiformes)

 o Seetaucher (Gaviidae)

 * Ordnung Pinguine (Sphenisciformes)

 o Pinguine. (Spheniscidae)

 * Ordnung Regenpfeiferartige (Charadriiformes)

 o Austernfischer (Haematopodida)

 o Wassertreter (Phalaropus)

 o Raubmöwen (Stercorariidae)

 o Möwen (Laridae)


 o Seeschwalben (Sternidae)

 o Alkenvögel (Alcidae)

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